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on: October 14, 2018, 01:31:41 AM
Hello! If you can add anything or give feedback or make corrections to any of this information, that would be great. I'll put it on the avorion wiki when it gets finalized. I've been trying to find a list like this for a while, and since I couldn't I want to help make one! Appreciate the help.


Idle - Ship sits in place and does nothing in any circumstance, other than when given new orders.

Passive - Ship sits in place. I am told it attacks ships that attack it, is this true?

Guard this position - I assume this has the ship attack enemy ships within a certain range around it. Does anyone have details on this or know if that is true, and if so how far the range is, and if weapon range effects that? Does the ship move itself to get an attack vector, and if it does, does it move back to the original spot?

Patrol sector - It moves around the entire sector and will attack any enemies that spawn.

Escort me - Used to have ships come to you from anywhere in the sector. They will follow you. Also, if you have them set to escort and you warp to another sector they will hyperspace jump with you as long as its within their hyperspace range. Will they attack ships that come near you (like a mobile "guard this position)? I've seen them attack other ships under this order, but I am not sure. Also, when using this to have them hyperspace jump with you, do you have to wait for their drive to cool down? Also in F9 strategic view, if you select a ship and then right click it on another ship, is that the same as telling it to escort?

Attack enemies - Moves to intercept enemies that come into the sector, and attacks them. Does it return to the original position? *

Patrol Sector: Basically like Attack Enemies, but the ship moves throughout the sector. Anything else?

Mine - if equipped with mining lasers (coaxial won't work at this time, I believe), the ship will move throughout the sector, finding all resource asteroids and mine them. I have heard larger ships have trouble doing this, does anyone know about that? Also If you tell a ship to mine and it has weapons on it, it uses the weapons to mine (along with or instead of the mining lasers). *

Salvage - if equipped with mining lasers (coaxial won't work at this time, I believe), the ship will move throughout the sector, finding all wreckage and salvaging them. Also If you tell a ship to salvage and it has weapons on it, it uses the weapons to salvage (along with or instead of the salvaging lasers). *

* Using Attack Enemies, Mine, and Salvage with Fighters: In addition to using turrets, if you have fighters on board your ship, they will assist with the orders. However, I believe if you have attack fighters as well as mining/salvage fighters on one ship, they'll all be sent out to mine (so you will be shooting/salvaging/mining instead of just one of them). Someone else told me that this isn't true, and it only happens if you have a SQUAD with mixed fighters. Any tips on that?

Also, with using fighters AND turrets, the ship will go off attacking/mining/salvaging if it has turrets on it, if it has NO turrets on it at all (including Point defense?) It will stay still in its original position? And if it has just fighters, is there a range to the fighters?


Is it possible, at this time, and for example, to have a station in a sector have Attack fighters, and salvage fighters, and attack turrets. Then to set it to a specific order and have it send out salvage ships to salvage, attack fighters to attack, and use its weapons when a ship is in range? Just curious if you can mix mining/salvaging with attacking.
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on: March 31, 2020, 06:40:16 PM
Hello DagmarthePirate

Great work on this   ;)
Yes, I can confirm the mining question you posed above.

Two circumstances:
#1  If you have large mining vessels AND you are in the sector yourself, these large mining vessels can get hung up or stalled out.  I have received feedback from other players as well.  They have reported the same.

#2  If you are NOT in the sector miners do NOT get hung up/stalled.  Apparently size of ships do not matter in this case.

To a third point - (not asked above)
#3  My fleet miners have NEVER been attacked when I was not in sector.   That is, your mining vessels WILL NOT be attacked in all cases when you are not there.  Your fleet miners are only under threat of attack if you are also present - in the same sector.