Author Topic: [Request] Detailed/ in-Depth guide about the ins and outs of Custom Turrets  (Read 1423 times)


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ill admit this is something ive been looking for/hoping to find more about since they were introduced in the Experimental/Beta branch.
essentially a detailed explanation of, well ,how the interface works- making turrets, Co-Ax mounts, mounting ect

i have a number of questions/issues that go back some time-(including recollections of it letting me apply a single weapon to an infinite number of turrets at some point wayyy back-unsure if it was a bug or Creative behaviour) one of the Biggest is that im having minor issues with apparent clunk-is there a quicker way to Assign turret designs to a slot without opening up the editor, the design list, selecting it and closing the turret editor EVERY time (it tends to average 5-15 seconds per turret base (especially if you're not using the same design everywhere),and ive found precious little ingame info....


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Yeah. It's really cumbersome, even for single ships. And dont even start on fleets.
And I wonder what would happen if you mistakenly apply a turret design onto a ship :-\...

Also, the turret turns into a generic turret plan even when a turret is already attached, removing the original turret plan: sometimes you only want to make it vary a little, or make the generic design bigger, or even just change the shot color, for funsies.

Suggestion: Customisable fighter shot color ::).
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