Author Topic: [0.20.3 beta] AND Live branch Design window performance drop  (Read 281 times)


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Simple bug report, i know people have posted it and it's been looked into, but i am STILL having the same issue post update. I run the game on high-medium settings at a stable 60 FPS, this includes in idle space, and in combat, but as soon as i open the design window and go into my workshop designs i get MASSIVE performance drops. It seems that i lose roughly 7 FPS PER loaded design in the window, so loading a full 5 rows of the workshop design window drops me from 60 FPS to 11, and loading anything past that drops me down to a staggering 3 FPS.

I'm not running the most spectacular rig, but i do meet the required performance, in that i have 9GB RAM, an NVidia 770, and a quad core i7 at 2.7ghz. I'm not sure what exactly is causing the performance drop, as when monitoring my PC's resource consumption, Avorion never exceeds 3GB of RAM usage, only ever tops out at 36% CPU usage, and 45% GPU usage.

All i know is that the second i open the workshop design menu and load up to 7 designs, my performance drops to rock bottom, and as soon as the design window is closed again, it returns to a stable 60FPS.

-run game smoothly
-load into universe
-stable 60FPS and minimal resource consumption
-open design window
-60FPS -> 55FPS
-open workshop designs and load full 5x5 sheet
-55FPS -> 11FPS
-RAM usage only at 2.5GB
-scroll down to load an additional 2 lines of desings
-11FPS -> 3FPS
-RAM usage at 3GB
-close design window
-3FPS -> 60FPS
-RAM from 3GB -> 1.3GB