Author Topic: Ganjavinchi's Avorion Suggestion Thread  (Read 387 times)


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on: March 27, 2019, 05:24:52 PM
This will be one post about all my suggestions to keep things tidy in the forum.
1. Directional Engine [Block]

Allow engines to be rotated to ascend, descend, left, right, forward and backward, all axis', just like the directional thruster. Then, allow each of those "directional engines" to boost.

the boost would apply to the single direction

the purpose of this would be to make a more mobile ship at the cost of much more energy use. instead of having to considering the energy reserves for boosting in one direction, you're now able to consistently and continously boost.

you'll get used to that level of maneuverable, causing you to run out of power more often or making you adjust your energy tab more often
2.Modify All Blocks / Modify All Selected Blocks [Buttons]

Modify All Parts [Button]
Like the modify ship button, this button would modify every specific block to another block. Or every specific block to another color.

short example:


Let's say you have two or three hundred outer armor pieces that coat your entire ship.

You want to edit all that armor from trinium to xanion, you don't want to change every single piece yourself. Using both the block selector and the x axis copier, you might be able to change them all in 5 minutes... IF your PC can handle a ship that has 300 pieces of armor covering everything else. My PC bogs down to about 10 fps after 20 minutes in build mode.

The progenitor class star destroyer has 50k blocks, a few hundred of almost everything, symmetrically placed from the inside out, to make a ship that is fully customizable depending on what you want it to be for.

This button would save me a lot of time if I could press it, change all 300 pieces [of a single TYPE OF BLOCK] from trinium to xanion or whatever

Modify All Selected Blocks [Button

like the Modify Entire Ship button except it modifies all the blocks you have selected
3. Rotation Locked Turret Base [Block]

I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to use a custom turret skin on a turret rotation lock block

I haven't been able to find out if it is possible. I don't think so.

If not, this block would make it possible to put a custom turret design down on this block and not allow it to rotate around.

More useful for railguns
4. Time Stamps in chat [Utility]
I have a lot of resources in limbo because I forget when I started processing them and then go exploring and have to spend 10 minutes going back to pick them up wherever they were. Time stamps on the messages would be great for staying updated. on top of my empire like a hawk


[1:20:24pm] Lord Elron: hey guys what's up
[1:21:36pm] Gimli: Good Day Gandalf
[1:20:40pm] Aragorn: Why are you still yelling that Legolas? That was 12 years ago
5. Limited Ship Autosave option[Utility]

My RAM spikes to 8GB and my game takes almost a minute to stop being 1 fps. it's a real big issue, when I open 'saved designs' it's extremely noticable but even without it open just having the ships folder get larger and larger with no limit is a big issue. It almost was 2.5gb when I finally opened it and figured out it was causing my pc to bottleneck on loading all those hundreds of autosaves
6. Mouse locked to Avorion.exe client[Utility]
When I play with the game in window mode,
   because my PC sucks and I need to go into window mode to build on my ship without my game
my mouse isn't locked in and when I try to turn sharply my mouse drags off the client and into the background.
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on: April 03, 2019, 02:42:35 AM
For number 5: have you discovered the button to enable and disable autosaving? I turned that off because the game will save your absolutely current ship design--which is why you return to the game with the same ship, of course. Try disabling autosaves and make use of ctrl+z and ctrl+y and you could soon realize that you only need your saves for your final versions, like me.

Number 2 is a must-have to me!

Number 1 presents an ability too powerful, in my opinion. Such engines would enable extreme mobility for even large ships that can afford the energy requirements. It would also take away one of the already few features of a small ship. Thrusters are fine.

Number 4 is convenient, although not necessary.

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on: April 03, 2019, 11:11:48 PM
I dislike 1. Big ships are already overpowered enough.
See this thread for ideas.

2 to 5 are nice, 3 is a must have for me.

About 6: performance is normally better in fullscree, not in window mode, try a lower resolution mabye...
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