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on: April 16, 2019, 10:56:51 PM
Here's an idea: A module that, once slotted, will show indicators to point out the direction of free Modules just waiting for a ship to come by and scoop them up.

Granted, if I'm the one who popped loose a module - either by knocking it off an enemy directly or by popping it off a Wreckage - I usually notice it. However, if there is - for example - a faction war going on in a sector, I can't possibly keep up with all the fighting going on. A sector is a rather big area. And if fighting is going on several places at once, I can't be everywhere. So if factions pop loose Modules off each other on the opposite end of the sector while I'm, say, salvage Wreckages elsewhere, I'm sure to not notice. Worse, if this happened far enough away, it could easily be so far away that the spinning "wings" on the Module will be too small for me to see at that distance.

Also, ideally, such a Module Detection Module would also beep a message at me to let me know that a Module was popped off.

Seriously, I would use such a Module, even with how few Module slots my ships tend to have and even how undecided I can be with the trade-offs in choosing between slotting different Modules.

Okay, I'll admit: I would slot a Module Detection Module in and out of one of my less important slots and only use it when I'm salvaging a sector, particularly when there's a faction war in the sector. And then I would swap it back out with something more important. I would never permanently install such a Module. But I would definitely use it when I think I need it!