Author Topic: [Host] Firing many cannons/torprdoes at targets with alot of HP causes stutters  (Read 286 times)


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Hi guys,

Im hosting a non-dedicated server for myself and 2 friends. We've hit a point in the game where we're at a faction war area and when i attack stations my client has micro freezes and acts like it is on the verge of crashing. The freezes occur mainly when my projectiles impact a station or other large object.

 I  at first thought it was fighters/too many ships in the sector causing this but after a few runs of having well over 50 ships between our fleet and all the warring AI factions as well as 800+ fighters of our own as a test for a few hours; it ran fine but as soon as i shoot a station my client freezes up. The other players say they're fine for thecmost part save for when the ai faction fleets warp in.


i9 9900K @4.8ghz
RTX 2080ti on latest nvidia driver
32gb 3600mhz ram
Game is installed on a Samsung 850 pro
And network is on gigabit lan

Furthermore is there any tips i can do to further increase optimization or is going dedicated the best bet? I'd still consider myself a beginner when it comes to server hosting. Oh and I can get some logs when i get home.

Thanks in advance,
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