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Beta Branch Patch 0.24 - Boarding
« on: July 09, 2019, 04:48:34 PM »
Patch 0.24

Date: July 9th, 2019

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):
Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.


"We added boarding! In order to board another ship, you must first damage it and then launch fighter squadrons that transport your boarders. Boarders will then fight on the other ship until the enemy crew is beaten."
  • In order to board a ship or station, its hull must be below 30%
  • Boarding is done with boarders and crew shuttles
    • Crew shuttles transport up to 10 boarders can fly to the target in multiple waves!
  • Squadrons with crew shuttles can now be issued a "Board" order, which transports Boarders to the target
  • When boarding, the attacking boarders will fight the (entire) defending crew of the other ship, until one of the two is gone completely
  • The defending crew fights in this order:
    • Defense Systems
    • Security & defending Boarders
    • Normal Crew
    • Officers
    • Captain
    • Captain and higher ranked officers will put up a final fight before the attack is over
  • During the attack, the craft is damaged severely
  • When boarders win, the attacked craft is transferred to the boarding faction
  • Added Defense Weapons (System Upgrade), which can be installed to help defend the ship when boarded
    • When beaten during an attack, Defense Weapons are only deactivated until the next attack, not destroyed
  • Boarding a station destroys its production (or other) facilities. They must be rebuilt to work
  • Cargo of boarded ships/stations is not marked as stolen
Cloning & Academy

"Hiring tons and tons of crew can be very tiresome. In order to improve this front, we're now adding the possibility to clone and train crew on your ships and stations!"
  • Added Cloning Pods Block (starting at Xanion)
  • Added Academy Block (starting at Xanion)
  • Crewmen can now be cloned on the ship
    • Cloning costs a small fraction of the crewman's salary
    • Cloned crewmen are untrained
    • Cloning requires at least one other crewman on the ship in order to work
  • Cloning a crew man takes 15 minutes, more Cloning Pods Blocks increase the amount of parallel cloning capacity
  • Crewmen can now be trained on the ship to be specialists
    • Training costs a small fraction of the crewman's salary
    • While crewmen are trained, they're not part of the working crew
  • Training a crewman takes a fixed time (30 - 60 mins, depending on job), more Academy Blocks increase the amount of parallel training capacity
War Zones

"Destroying freighters now has an impact on the economy of a sector."
  • Sectors where a lot of ships get destroyed are tagged as a hazard zone (if there are witnesses)
    • Hazard zones will return to peaceful after some time of no ships being destroyed
    • Traders and other civil ships avoid war zones
Xsotan Behavior

"The Xsotan never really felt like a threat, and we don't really like that. We increased their damage, but to compensate for that, they will move on to another sector when not provoked for a few minutes."
  • Increased damage of Xsotan ships by 100%
  • Xsotan jump out of the sector after at least 2 minutes of not being provoked
  • Increased volume of sector defender ships by 50%
  • Increased damage of sector defender ships by 100%
  • Xsotan attacks happen less often in the outer regions of the galaxy
Turret Energy Requirements

"We're reworking the way energy weapons work. Sometimes energy weapons were basically unusable due to the cooling mechanic. We're reworking energy weapons to have a battery now instead."
  • Reworked energy consumption of turrets
  • Energy turrets now have a battery that has to be recharged, instead of costing more and more energy to work
  • Battery of turrets is recharged using the ship's energy
  • Damage of turrets with low battery is reduced
  • Energy turrets can now use "Power Unit" trading good to increase battery charge in turret factory
  • Added Defense Weapons Upgrade
  • Fighter Squads now have distinct categories for easier handling (esp. for AI)
  • Boarder and security can only level up by fighting
  • Refine AI can now collect refined resources without depositing ores in the same run first
  • Improved robustness of refine AI
  • Security and Boarders now have a workforce of 1, independent of their level, for better clarity
  • Adjusted hire costs of Boarders to 2000
  • Adjusted salary of Boarders to 1500
  • Military outpost only has crew available that is related to fighting
  • Rebalanced damage of Bolters and Pulse cannons so their cooling no longer reduces their damage
  • Increased damage of Pulse Cannons by 50%
  • Pirate-infested sectors are scaled down in outer & beginner areas
    • They are at full strength again at 370 sectors distance to the galaxy core
Scripting API
  • Added a Sector:getEntitiesByScriptValue() function
  • Added Sector and Entity callbacks onBoardersLand, onBoardingFight, onBoardersDefeated, onBoardingSuccessful
  • "Weak Ship" ship problem isn't shown in beginner areas where there are no persecutors
  • Removed "not yet implemented" tooltip text for Boarding
  • Reworked CrewUI to be more compact and show a lot more information
  • Warnings and Errors are now also displayed in the "Chat" channel of the chat window
  • Empty squads are greyed out in the controls on the left
  • Updated Game Credits

"As always, bug reports marked with [UBR] are user bug reports. Thanks everybody for reporting and helping us, and keep it up!"
  • Fixed an issue with the window that shows the most important, latest changes
  • [UBR] Fixed wrong Sector constructor call in searchandrescue.lua
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue in crew hiring UI where numbers could overflow
  • Fixed an issue where clicking order buttons in strategy mode interfered with the selection
  • Fixed an issue in strategy mode where the stop order didn't clear the visible line of the last order
  • Fixed a crash in scrapyard script related to a mod example
  • Fixed a crash when upgrade generator lua file gets messed up by mods
  • Fixed a rare crash when shutting down server
  • Fixed a crash when mods mess up mining lasers
  • Fixed an issue where ships without captain would jump when ordered via map commands
  • Fixed an issue where gyros with different orientations could be merged
  • Fixed a rendering bug where Xanion and Avorion overlays weren't rendered correctly for some blocks
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