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One or two ideas
« on: July 12, 2019, 05:10:09 AM »
Hi, folks.

I’ve been playing Avorion for a good while now, predominantly in sandbox mode, but still playing. I have put together a few suggestions\problems\laptop-shakingly-annoying peevs (LSAP) that I thought I’d inflict upon the world. Some of which may have already been mentioned in any Avorion instructions or suggested in other forums, but I’m too lazy to look.

My laptop is a stock Asus GL53D Predator with win 10. Avorion version is whatever the latest patch says.

Some of these ideas may all ready be part of the game and I just haven’t noticed\found-how-to use\access them.

I apologise for the length of this post, but once the wine spritzer kicked in I watched a rerun of The Rookie, and then fell asleep.

Thoughts and comments welcome.


1.   Ejected fighters recovering their former squadron positions – So I had a squadron of Tesla fighters. But then I found a new, far superior, Tesla model and ejected the lesser ones into System A's wasteland and proceeded to replace them. I then left my friends in System A, only to return days later to find the system under attack. I launched my insanely expensive Tesla fighters to mop up the bad guys, but when I recalled them, my launch bays were suddenly filled by the lesser Teslas I had ejected days before. Try as I might, I could not get their vagabond asses out the door. I ejected and ejected them, but they kept returning before the superior Teslas. I even tried to outrun them with the hope my fancy Teslas would out-pace and dock before the older models, but, alas. I did some fancy gymnastics to shoo away a few of them, but I still left the system with a good number of older Teslas in my bays, and my fancy models left twiddling their thumbs in System A.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Maybe the ability to sell older fighters?

2.   Scrap ship models, no mass – Often, when my fighters are shredding wrecks, the wreck will spin at crazy propeller speeds. Even huge wrecks do this.


1.   I think having the ability for a cargo vessel you have just rescued from pirate attack, ask for assistance would be a good idea. Normally they just hang there, a fretful eye on my turrets. But what if you could transfer minimal crew and mods to a cargo vessel of any relational standing so it could limp home. Imagine what this could do for helping relations with factions you are having difficulties shaking hands with. The cargo vessel could also ask you to then deliver cargo of a dubious nature for a desperate mission. Imagine the situations derived from delivering mysterious cargos to unknown reaches of the galaxy?

Or you could just open the cargo and take what you want.

2.   A single button to recover all fighters would be excellent. - Frantically stabbing keys when trying to emergency recall fighter squadrons as I’m getting pummelled to the kerb is not a good experience. Individual launch commands, sure, but an ‘all hands get your arrogant butts back on the ship, now!’ button would be appreciated.

3.   Map font – Not all of us have 20-20 vision, and it would be helpful if the size or style of the coordinates font could be changed to help with this. I personally find the current font too small, and it tends to meld into the mush of intersection points and lines of a busy map. Not having to put my nose to the screen and squint through a spritzer induced haze for coordinates would be a real plus.

4.   Scrap\cargo collection - I believe the option to collect only certain types of scrap and\or cargo, or not collect them in any form at all would be appreciated by people other than me. Whilst scrap is a valuable resource in the standard game, in sandbox it’s just an annoyance.

5.   Selecting enemies (LSAP) - *Player in the middle of intense battle. Player pushes button for next enemy – SMALL XSOTAN BREEDER!!!*  Noooooo!  This drives me insane! Pressing for next enemy must show the next nearest enemy threat, not a space rock from the Jetsons! Rocks, enemy fighters or damn torpedoes. PDCs’ automatically deal with most of these, so they should be excluded from primary next enemy selection. Please fix this.

6.   Friendly fire penalties (LSAP) – I searched and claimed asteroids for days to sell to a clan I wanted to befriend, only to have it all destroyed by a single torpedo. I finally butted tankards with the clan chief, and was hip deep in helping them rid their system of pirate scum. When one of my new friends destroyers suddenly switched direction and blundered into the path of one of my antimatter torps, badly hurting the friendly ship. Instant abhorrence and everyone opens up on me. I lost many expensive fighters before I could limp away (see No 7 below). The same can be said for stray shots from spray-and-prey projectile weapons and fighters that hit allied units and cost you dear. Please reduce the penalties for instances of accidental blue-on-blue. Maybe pay reparations for the cost of damage and lost crew, or greater taxes for trade and travel, but not instant hatred.

7.   Fighter emergency hard landing. – There are times when you need to get out of a sticky situation, quick smart! So let’s have the ability to combat land fighters ASAP. Yes, they can receive a damage penalty for this, or be destroyed outright. But the experienced pilot can be saved and your ship won’t be down to its last block when you jump out.

8.   Allies clustering around enemies – So the enemy jumps in. You’re quite far from the battle, but eager to assist, you launch an antimatter crowd pleaser. As you watch it approach the selected target, your allies heavy ships suddenly decide to perform a interventionist group hug around the enemy. They’re packed so close, you just know the torp is going to cost your rep dearly.

Traditionally, heavy ships are stand-off platforms that batter from a distance. So let’s have heavies take advantage of their weapons ranges and keep a reasonable distance from enemy combatants to avoid instances of friendly fire.

9.   Goto command -  A command to ‘goto’ a selected structure or station, Freelancer style, would be greatly appreciated. Sitting with my finger on the throttle only to misjudge and then wayyyyy over shoot my location. Or even worse, ram the station at plad speed. Either way can become real tedious, real quick.

10.   An individual targeting turret base for non-individual targeting weapons. – I’m a real fan of the auto-targeting turrets. Yet, many’s the time I’ve found the perfect turret only for it to be non-auto-targeting. Maybe have a turret base that can adapt one to the other so we have the best of both worlds. Have a penalty for this, sure – lower power, decreased fire rate or tracking speed, but it would still be of benefit.

11.   Increased fighter scrap collection range (LSAP) – This, again, drives me nuts. I’m in the middle of a literal gold mine, and I set the kids to scampering about collecting the goodies, only for them to ignore everything beyond 2.2 km. I then have to move my bus and target a wreck before they again take interest. Can this collection range be increased to something like 5>6 km?

12.   Automated sector scout with gate capability and report back – I believe the ability to send small probes or scouts off to explore through gates unattended and report back, would be of great benefit. The time I’ve wasted trawling through useless sectors.

13.   My fighters damaging my ship when collecting scrap – As mentioned, I often set my kids to shredding enemy hulks for the sweet, sweet goodness inside. But on occasion, they get a little to frisky around their mother ship and 80>100 of those pesky tesla beams can really lower shields and cost her some paint. Let’s have our fighters avoid their home ship with weapons fire.

14.   Fighters that can keep up – I’ve finally gotten my battle bus so she’s tough and can pick up her petticoats when needed. So when I dart 15km across a sector to the next shiny object, even my best fighters take an age to reach me. Not good when chasing down the very rare, but highly entertaining, enemy corvette that rabbits. As your picking your teeth over the steaming carcas, Thumpers stump-jumpin' cousins drop in and you realise your fighters are 90km distant. And no, I cannot just reload them and go, as even the best of them dawdle on the doorstep like a drunken neighbour with a can in his hand. Faster fighters please!

15.   Fighter location and distance – This may already exist. I know how to find my fighters direction, but not their distance. As I often abandon them to seek shiny things or chase enemies, I’d like to not only locate them, but know their distance. Do I go to them or them to me? Maybe have a warning that your fighters are such-and-such distance from you as you speed away.

16.   Jump away with fighters still loose – For various reasons, I've occasionally jumped away with valuable fighters still free. I only realise they are missing after I’ve performed further jumps, and then cannot locate them again. Any chance of a warning that states ‘You have fighters undocked’ before performing jumps?

17.   Free-look lock – This may already exist, but the ability to lock free-look mode would be great. There are times when you want to chase a spiralling enemy with turret fire, and don't want to keep hold of the free-look button. I hate it when I inadvertently release the free-look and my bus starts a lumbering turn to face the new direction, and all auto-turrets stop firing as they can't track properly as Bertha wallows about.

18.   Station collision rep change – There have been times when I've *cough!* inadvertently rammed a station, or at least contacted with significant force, and sent it rotating away with not so much as a ‘What the hell was that?’ complaint from the station. I think having to pay a penalty for significant contact would be good, and real.

19.   Pirate whole sector invasion – Having pirate factions perform a complete system annexation would be great. Just think of a friendly clan calling for assistance from all allies as their sector is deluged by bad guys intent on claiming it for their own faction. Oh, the battles! And how it would affect your stance in that part of the galaxy as one of your secure areas falls to the enemy.

20.   Task: sector clearance – Maybe be employed by a friendly sector to completely remove any unwanted presence from a given sector. Maybe set nukes to clear breeders or a pirate faction that's becoming a wee bit too familiar.

21.   Transparent ship in close movements – My bus is kind of wide at the hips, and, on occasion (That damn free-look mode having no lock!), her ponderous bulk blocks the forward view as she hippos a 180’ turn. Maybe have the ship model ‘ghost out’ ( a lot more than present) so we can still see what’s going on forward during such moves?

22.   Loot indication – The indicator strip that flashes on the screen for every item of loot recovered is annoying and huge! (Oooh! An empty book of matches. Let's take up a third of the screen.)  Can we have the ability to customise it so it only lists specifics such as legendaries? And if I retrieve another Avorion twin anti-fighter turret, I swear I’ll swing for someone.

23.   Loot comparison – The ability to directly compare loot with other loot, Borderlands style. The current format of everything crammed in one widow is not good, and needs to be changed as turret selection is a real hassle.

24.   Loot data panel.  – The current floating data panel that flashes next to an item as you browse it bothers me a lot. The floating panel often blocks the next object and makes selecting trash and favourites very tedious. Can we have a fixed data panel on the left or right of the screen, or at least the option of choosing which we want.

25.   Selecting trash and favourite items. (LSAP) – Those tiny selection icons make this teeth-grindingly tedious and very frustrating (do you want to install it permanently?). Especially with that floating data panel snapping in and out. Please reconsider this.

26.   Remove favoured items from the sales list – Many’s the time I’ve been selling my excess stuff in bulk at an equipment dealer, often hundreds of items at a time. Only to realise I’ve inadvertently sold something marked as a favourite item. Seriously, what’s the point as marking it as favoured if it can be sold without a warning that you wanted to keep it!

27.   Sell mods and weapons in separate windows. – When selling things, I think the pages and pages of items is very tedious and slooooow. I’d prefer a scrolling list with check boxes. One list for weapons and one for mods.

28.   Galactic map zoom – I always feel that we should be able to further zoom into the galactic map. And possibly have a basic graphic with the positions of the various stations to aid navigation.

29.   Object of value arrows (Double LSAP)– These arrows are good for direction, but a real nuisance when you finally retrieve the object or asteroid and the white arrow insists on pointing to it afterwards. It makes separating what you have discovered from the undiscovered very tedious. Let’s turn the white direction arrow OFF after we have discovered the thing it indicates.

30.   Captains yacht for exploring – Yeah, we have the drone. But what about a smaller, faster vessel we can jump in to explore and claim asteroids without having to grind Bertha’s hull down to the rivets.

31.   Reticule we can see – How about a cross hair we can see when the screen is a psychedelic mess of explosions and gun fire, and Bertha's moo-moo blocks the forward view as she does a back flip. Even with the hit points turned off, the small white cross we have currently, for me, just melds into the background as soon as the action starts. Especially if the background is a star or bright nebulae.  Give us some options, please!

32.   Wreckage locator – For use in  poor visibility. Nuff’ said.

33.   Foreboding sectors – Sectors that are just hells black and crammed with asteroids and a few nasty surprises. Really limited visibility and you’d need to feel your way with weapons fire. And there’d be regions of natural jump drive inhibition, so you can’t just jet away from it what lurks in the deep. But there’d be good booty to be had, too.

34.   The ability to target one red faction, but not another during a fight – So there’s this faction that hates me, but I’m trying to shake hands with them as they have this rare szechuan sauce at their McDonalds. So I’ve sold NewBuddies a few steroids…eh! Asteroids. And I’m slowly gaining a better rep. Then one day, I’m spanking a few pirates in a sector close to NewBuddies sector, and I’m almost done, when new red ships appear. I’m too busy to ID them, and then ‘Dude, your relations to NewBuddies is now, like, total crap!’. Why? Because NewBuddies attacked me and my fighters responded in kind. Would it be possible to instruct my fighters, turrets and torps to avoid firing on selected factions when needed? Even if they fire on me.

35.   Change view, missile, fighter, turret – I think it’d be neat to enter a missile, fighter or turret and see\control the action from its perspective. Yes, I know about the fighter view.

36.   The ability to ram – What he said. The ability to construct a ship to ram other ships or stations, Reaver style. Like in Serenity.

37.   Task: Station busters – Be given the task to find parts to construct a station busting long cannon. Sins of a solar empire? Never heard of it.

38.   Stealth ships – Another post in these forums suggests a stealth block. Thumbs up for this. Exponential stealth blocks and power requirements as ship size increases. Collisions disable stealth. Alls' we'd then need are the missions to use it.

39.   Finding and using better alien tech – Xsotan tech fragments be damned! Let’s find some actual Shadow or Vorlon tech and bolt that on.

40.   Real nuclear explosions – All the torpedo explosions are samey-samey and very underwhelming. Let’s experience some real, hull rattling, system disabling mini-supernovas from 20km away.

41.   Go anywhere on the map in sandbox – Everyone uses /teleport in sandbox anyway. So why not make it an actual feature.

42.   Tougher enemies – More and tougher bosses, whose skill ramps with your own and rewards to make it worthwhile.

43.   Bounty hunters  Bounty hunters that are tasked to destroy you. That track and follow you all over the galactic map. Once tasked to kill you, they will lie in wait, set traps or ambushes and openly attack you in your safe harbours, so you’re constantly on your toes.

So as you can see, just a few points for now, I'll post the main list when I write it. Thanks for your time and attention, and please feel free to tell me your thoughts on this list and where I went wrong.


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Re: One or two ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2019, 03:24:53 AM »
I read to item 10 and I have to agree with all of what I read. I might continue reading tomorrow.
I might have the solution to your problem in item 5. From what I remember, pressing 'R' will locate the nearest enemy. I think you're pressing something like 'Tab' or the other which doesn't do that. Although, I wish 'R' wouldn't select torpedoes since they're so common that the 'R' button will only select one from the barrage of torpedoes instead of the dozens of ships sending them.

Oh, I almost forgot! since you use the creative mode, you might find this command very handy:
/run Entity():addScript("lib/entitydbg.lua")
After running, you can click on the new icon to the far left of the upper-right corner. Click on it to gain countless cool commands. Maybe you'll find a use for something like generating a turret factory? So many of them are useful!
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Re: One or two ideas
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2019, 07:15:52 AM »
Excellent! Thank you. I've never had much luck with turret factories. but I'll give it  a go.



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Re: One or two ideas
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2019, 12:39:03 AM »
The /run Entity():addScript("lib/entitydbg.lua") thing works an absolute treat.


Now, as my ship is maxed out on available upgrade slots, I don't suppose you know a cheat to add more do you?

Cheers again.

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Re: One or two ideas
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2019, 02:26:14 AM »
Haha, that's just great--good to hear! I actually do not know of a cheat command for adding modules. You can always add Computer Cores  to your ships to give them higher processing scores (if that's what it's called) so that you might have an extra module, in case you didn't know.


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Re: One or two ideas
« Reply #5 on: July 24, 2019, 09:36:33 PM »
The things is, the module slots all show as full with none free to upgrade to. I've added so many extra computer cores on the hope a new space will free up, that Bertha looks like she's about to drop octuplets! (Her friends say she's not big,  just a little glandular.)  So I guess I've hit the limit of upgrade slots for her portly frame.


A hundred turret Bertha would have been a sight to behold.


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Re: One or two ideas
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2019, 01:05:52 AM »
I like most of the suggestions in this thread, but I really want these 5:
5 - No selecting missiles and fighters in combat
17 - Toggle Free Look
21 - Ability to make my ship transparent
26 - Don't show favorited items in sales list
31 - A reticle that's visible during combat

These really are massively required to help make the game better.