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on: August 05, 2019, 12:21:27 AM
All the ideas and annoying things I have encountered in the last few days of playing again. The game is mostly fun, but there are some things that are just .. meh or outright annoying. Well, this is it...

EDIT: added a new list for 0.30 as a new reply to this topic with new insight, feedback and suggestions!

# avorion 0.24

## bugs
- using empty tokens on alliance ship from alliance inventory doesn't do anything, using it from player inventory works, but gives you a token in your player inventory and then the ship still says it doesn't have a token
- wipe out pirates mission -> logout, restart server -> accept again, twice the same spot -> only one group of enemies, but twice the reward

## suggestions
- often you want to become friendly with a faction but, then one of your ships, or your automatic weapons kill one of them and the rep is back to abhorrent -> add a "at war" state -> don't attack "non-pirates" even if they are abhorrent towards you -> toggle-able in the relations window?
- build-in auto-research -> there is a mod, but it seems to be broken
- repair fighters should be able to target their main ship?
- command ship while inside -> as if switching to non-pilot seat
- independent turrets are bad at aiming -> should wait little longer before shooting, often not on target yet
- freighter got stuck refining, because resource depot was attacked by pirates? ~"no resource depot"
- fighters just flying around the ship instead of returning... ? -> apparently the hangar doors were too small (somehow they got out, but couldn't get back in) -> show warning? / fix it
- server command "/difficulty <somestring>" always sets it to veteran??
- missions don't give reputation?
- apply turret designs to multiple turret bases... -> well, it's tedious
- idiot AI flies with high speed against you and explodes -> -100k rep... wth?
- often while right clicking on the map nothing happens (lag?) and you have to click multiple times
   also when issuing orders
   really annoying
   make it async? UI should not be dependent on remote calls
- object detector still shows "objects found" even after an asteroid is claimed -> remove it when claimed or stashes are opened!
- order ships through gates/wormholes, via the map (-> apparently there is a mod for the gates? haven't tried it yet..)
- what to do with fighters that you don't need anymore? -> that's a lot of resources to just throw away -> recycle/sell?
- sort/filter sell list
- scrollbar in research list (and a few other inventory-like UIs)
- "tabbed" inventory for different item types? -> instead of having to scroll through everything
- higher interaction ranges for larger ships -> with "secret stashes" for example
- enemy /ship /entity list (think freelancer) -> see closest enemies, their stats (or rather a simple indicator about their strength?), containers... etc
- crew of destroyed ship was paid (which was still in "reconstruct list") // TODO add screenshot
- deep scanner and similar tools only work while in that ship, that makes fleet management tedious... -> should always be active, no matter whether that ship has a player inside
- keep detected sectors on the map! a bit fainter, still keep the animation... -> they are not dynamic, so why would they vanish?
- fighters getting targeted by guided missiles... -> guided missiles are op against fighters
- xanion salvage fighters destroying avorion ships, same as any combat fighters -> only send matching salvage squad! (turrets somehow manage to do this just fine -> xanion turrets don't attack avo blocks)
- salvager doesn't use turrets (doesn't fly close enough) if they have fighters
- salvager vs small parts ->
   aoe for salvage lasers.. ?
   pull salvage together?
   aim at the largest blocks? and leave the crap?
- idea: crowd control for ships -> slow/catch ships/disable engines, maybe make the force turrets useful?
- if one ship has a transporter and you're transferring cargo/fighters-> should be able to transfer cargo at the maximum range of both ships
- friendly hyperspace blocker.. uhm? -> blocking miner/salvager/trader.. until you manually fly them out of there. wth
- reconstructed ship doesn't have all its turret designs placed properly.. (some are working, some don't)
- "auto-fire" mode for turrets should not target fighters if there are other enemies around (if necessary a different mode for that?) -> I have anti-fighter guns for that, which are set to "defensive"
- auto-scale turret designs with their base? -> "modifying whole ship", turret base is large enough, but the design has to be manually set to a larger size
- "no loot reservation" mode!
   alone in an area, and often it's either "reserved for player <me>" or "reserved for <my alliance>" while in an alliance ship?
- xsotan breeders targeted by "next enemy" hotkey
- why are there no small coaxial weapons? they would fit nicely on a small agile ship and increase the weapon diversity
- miners/salvagers getting stuck (for no reason) -> trying to mine something behind itself, or just standing there with no obvious problem
- ship which has long and small range salvage turrets -> stays at range for large ones but out of range for the small ones...
- coaxial mining/salvage weapons + AI... = useless
- brotherhood railguns are op -> won't find anything better for a very long time
- not enough large enemy ships (especially xsotan, some other factions seem to have some battleships...)
- insane differences between damage of ships -> most have only 30k-200k and then some rare battleships have up to 3.5kk and unless you scan every ship there's no easy way to detect those -> some kind of warning mechanism for ships that can one-hit you?
- long, thin ships are annoying to hit and often can't even fly

### building
- choose engine color!
- split a block at a chosen point

### trading
- filter equipment dock "sell" window -> scrolling through 1000s of items is no fun
- trading computer -> knowing the route is useless if you don't know how much is needed at the target location (or available)

### missions ideas
- more missions should be available simultaneously -> there is just one type of combat mission and often you have to search for those
- destroy pirate base
- kill pirate leader
- attack enemy faction

EDIT:  removed some items that are now obsolete with 0.26. Nice update!
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on: August 30, 2019, 02:42:04 AM
Love the whole list!  Some I think they may have worked on already with the Beta (faction rep penalty, bit), but could still use some work.  For example, even though they've added an "At war" state for the factions, it'd be nice to still be able to order your ship(s) to not fire at them unless fired upon, otherwise sometimes they'll go after merchant vessels.


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on: December 13, 2019, 07:20:45 PM
# Avorion 0.30 (beta)

Love all the new updates!

Sometimes I'm wondering what this game tries to be:
It's clearly not about small fighter-like ships, but some mechanics make you think it is.
I, personally, would like if there were more RTS-like command structures although I usually like to have just one ship, but that's not really a viable strategy here, one needs at least separate salavagers and miners additionally to a command/combat ship. Commanding fleets is clearly not fun and even commanding single ships (what I'm doing mostly at the moment) is often tedious.

Now on to some feedback for the newest update.... (I tried to keep it short, please bear with me ;d Thanks for reading anyway. :) )

## Missions
Haven't really done a lot of the new missions, but my thoughts anyway:
- emergency call (bug?)
   shows 4 locations, all are empty
   only 2 are updated in mission log (marked as visited)
   even jumping there multiple times and flying around didn't help
   used tab to target any objects and all were empty, except for one which had a wreck (which turned out to be the target)
   the mission update said "Mission updated: Search and Rescue" instead of "emergency call"?
   I then jumped to another system found a repairable wreck, repaired it and returned the mission at my new ship ?! :)
- urgent delivery
   sector is just empty? didn't try yet to come there with requested items but that's weird. I'd expect someone waiting there
- free slaves
   tried it a few times, but can't see any real benefit for doing this mission. (it probably gives reputation? if that's all why can you do it for factions that are already at "excellent reputation")
   one time I recovered the slaves and the mission was aborted because "... lost track of our family members". wait what?? I have them with me! here take them... !

mark bulletins as read -> there might be ~10 stations with bulletins in a sector and if you look for something interesting it's hard to remember which one you have already checked (especially annoying if all of them are "free slaves", which is a bit common)

## building
- save ship designs WITH turret designs applied
   so that one can publish them on the workshop and everyone who subscribes automatically gets the right turrets
   and doesn't have to look for them themselves

## orders
Giving orders is no fun if your subordinates are either incapable of executing them or just plain disobedient.

if you could order your ship to "follow you, but do <whatever>" in certain situations would help
      - a "healer" that follows you and attacks enemies, but uses repair turrets to heal you if necessary
      - a "salvager" that follows you and salvages wrecks if he encounters them (and you're not on a scrapyard...)
   without you constantly having to remind them

salvagers/miners leave way too early from systems, even if there is still something to do when chaining commands
or just stop their orders
   when I jump to the system in a drone, he just stops whatever he's doing, or finishes a wreck and then jumps out to the next target sector ??
   when I tell it to come to my system and salvage it might just salvage one wreck and then stop
   giving it the same order again it will start again
   but then stops again after one or two wrecks.... even if there's still about ~5 untouched salvageable ships around
"persistent orders"
   this problem does not seem to be as apparent/or existent with "persistent orders" (that is, orders that are giving not via the map)
      maybe if there is no follow-up/chained order treat it the same as a persistent order?
      and maybe transform a "persistent order" to a "map order" if one tries to chain it? (to avoid the error message "can't chain something after a ...."
EDIT: I currently somewhat avoid this by chaining the salvage/mining order twice, this helps a bit
salvager sometimes gets stuck (just stand there and does nothing) status: "salvaging" or "collecting loot"
   miner seems to be fine though
   it seems to help if all the turrets are on the same spot/side of the ship
salvager takes long breaks between salvaging operations
   does nothing/waits
   then might start again or just stays there forever
EDIT: I already had all salvage turrets in one place, but removing other turrets (like defense turrets) from the other side of the ship does seem to help (but might just be wishful thinking)

chaining commands doesn't work while the ship is "in warp"/loading for some reason? why... client should not be server dependable -> sync later if issues occur (or abort)

would be nice if one could give their ship commands while piloting
   now I just jump into a drone and do it
   but drone gets destroyed.. which is just annoying -> might be better if AI wouldn't  target drones if "real" ships are nearby? (why would they... )
   and after being destroyed getting moved to the ship aborts its order... -> it's just annoying
and that all is just because combat piloting is almost as boring as mining. you just sit still and hope the enemy does the same while you hold your mouse button and wait until they die
   and that's fine really, but... anything that is so simple I'd like to automate :)

   or just make every weapon automatic
   the "independent targeting" property is weird anyway
      no one wants the 50% damage reduction in exchange for a badly targeting AI gunner (if only he could aim better than I can -> at least take the enemy (or my own) speed into account and aim properly...)

ships should defend themselves
   even if no order was given
ships would be much more combat effective if they didn't move as much
   I guess it's supposed to be a "feature" ("evasive maneuvers")
   but in fact all it does is annoy the gunners so that they can't aim properly and thus vastly reducing the damage output of the ship while not really evading anything

ships, that are on "attack enemies" order,  should collect loot after killing enemies, only takes a second... just fly a bit closer to that wreck you just created
   or maybe after all ships in the vicinity were killed

should use salvaging weapons to attack un-shielded enemies

still can't command ships through gates or wormholes
   at least if they're set to "escort" they should just follow you through them
   for wormholes a simple "use wormhole" command would be enough
   for gates, one could just allow them to "right click on the target sector" and try to use a gate if jump drive can't reach it?
"chain discovery"
   as in using the map to command a ship to new sectors to explore them (and chaining that like.. say 20 times with a ship that has almost no warp drive cool down)
   is not something one should do right now as it kills the server
   or at least introduces severe lag (even on a high end system like my own)

## other

own (AI controlled) ships in the same sector should have some UI element that shows their HP/shield, just like with party members
   otherwise you constantly have to turn around and check all of their health bars

all ships, but especially larger ones are a bit too drifty... even with lots of thrusters and inertia dampeners (but just my opinion I guess)
   (EDIT: after a bit of thinking I realized this is due to how inertia dampeners behave, they completely shut down once you use any kind of movement instead of still reducing drift while not hindering movement towards the target direction.)

claimed asteroids
   should have some kind of marker in the info popup on the map, just like your ships and stations

building mode: repairing
   I'd love an option: "just restore all destroyed blocks" -> to save on resources but still be able to do all the things that are not possible if you have destroyed blocks
   you could try to manually restore them, but it is tedious and not always possible because they are invisible (hidden behind other blocks)
   -> a visibility option might help "show only destroyed blocks"
loot collection
   even with an upgrade when salvaging they are mostly out of range
      increase range of the upgrade
      and/or scale base loot collection range with size of the ship
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on: March 27, 2020, 01:00:18 AM
- choose engine color!
- split a block at a chosen point
Did these ever happen? (I saw people with different color engines but I'm guessing it's just the materials they built them with.)


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on: March 27, 2020, 01:00:05 PM
- choose engine color!
- split a block at a chosen point
Did these ever happen? (I saw people with different color engines but I'm guessing it's just the materials they built them with.)

You’re right, the color of the glowy engine is the color of the material. The rest of the engine is colored what you choose.

Blocks can’t be split, unfortunately. I imagine this working by selecting the block and adjusting its dimensions without being able to move its position.