Author Topic: Salvage Laser Damage Distribution Rework  (Read 158 times)

Anthony AyeDog

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on: August 14, 2019, 04:33:36 AM
Instead of the hit block being affected, could it be changed that damage is distributed across all blocks on the entity?

This could solve there being teeny-tiny parts that are near impossible to hit (that IndepTarg lasers frequently get caught up on), and make salvaging faster overall.

Wrecks could still be broken into pieces, and the damage could still be stronger on the hit block (60% damage to hit block, 40% distributed to all other blocks?)

Is this something that would be feasible?

I use Salvage Fighters for most of my harvesting, as they tend to independently find and get more blocks at once and their combined DPS tends to outclass most crafted lasers. However, they won't pick out "tiny" blocks, and my IndTarg lasers have a hard time hitting said blocks. I always go for 100% salvaging because even those small pieces have a chance to drop Upgrades and Turrets (and I've gotten good drops from said blocks, with enough expended determination to hit them).