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on: November 08, 2019, 01:23:24 AM
The build mode UI in 0.28 is great.
There is only one thing that I regret.
The view's Hide Specific Blocks option is not available in turret builds.
I know there is a different function in turret build mode.
However, in 0.28 you can select from the UI panel.
This is not working, but it is confusing.
Panels and options that are not available in turret builds should be grayed out.

Since the customization turret was implemented, there have been some errors that I have been wondering about.
This may be an error, but it is not reproducible.
It's an accident.
Effect of the number of barrels (Double, Triple, Quad) in the turret prefix.
In the case of customized turret with a lot of barrel in vanilla.
A double turret can shoot only one bullet from three barrels.
Some triple turrets only fire one shot from three barrels.
However, there are very few differences.
One double turret shoots two bullets from three barrels.
One triple turret has three bullets from three barrels.
Turret of the same kind and prefix.
But there is a difference.
This is all vanilla.
It is also 0.28. 1.
I don't have enough information for the bug report.

Spoiler: show

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on: November 17, 2019, 01:33:20 PM
Custom turret and turret prefixes do not match.
I understand why I was confused for such a long time.
The parameter of the invisible "simultaneousShooting" was not correctly understood.
It didn't solve the question. That's a new question.
The problem of turret prefixes is very minor (I understand very well.)
It's because it works.
You can't see a shot of [simultaneousShooting] on a simple barrel of the Vanilla Turret (It's simple, beautiful, and I love it.).
However, with a custom turret, you can see a shot of [simultaneousShooting].
A double, triple, or quad-barrel turret that is not [simultaneousShooting] to the player is the same as a single barrel.
It's a single turret by name only.
This prefix is meaningless. Do you need this?
I think only the [simultaneousShooting] turret needs a prefix.
There is Improved SFX in the small update section of the roadmap.
You need to add a prefix for [shotsPerFiring] and [simultaneousShooting] which matches the barrel and the prefix corresponds to the customization turret
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