Author Topic: Procedural Generation Variety: Examples  (Read 53 times)


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on: November 10, 2019, 08:41:29 PM
I love the procedurally generated spacecraft we have now—however quirky they are—which is why I am suggesting to add more variety. Here I've made some things that are simple to make and easy to repeat.

Item 1 description:
of a cargo hauler;
alternating colors on cargo bays;
external grid;
simple-looking body;

Item 2 description:
of a station;
rounded trunk (4 sides and 4 edges);
diagonal branches (4 edges);
branches become enlarged;
branches twist to a normal square;
grid of cargo bays or solar panels at edges.

This last one wasn't made for this post, but it makes a point.
Item 3 description:
of a fighter (fighters really need some upgraded appearances);
minimal parts;
cool-looking engines;

THIS IS A FIGHTER. It is why fighters really need some love.
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