Author Topic: Nerf manoeuvrability please. This will fix major issues with the game.  (Read 137 times)


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Hi there, old gamer here who has fallen in love with Avorion.

I am calling for a rollback on the changes to ship speeds and agility.
I was enjoying the game for many years up until our manoeuvrability got given a huge buff a few patches ago. Now we can turn fast and boost away at insane speeds without velocity modifications.

These changes have obliterated any form of balance in the combat of your game.
 What does this mean?
1. Out-running or out-manoeuvring high speedtorpedo's is easy peasy.
2. All projectile based weapons (Machine guns, plasma, etc) are difficult to use on Ai or players in combat, rendering them useless.
3. All missile systems fire rockets at very slow speeds making it impossible to hit moving targets, even Seeker missiles will never find or catch up with their targets. rendering them useless.
4. All fighters can easily be outrun making them impracticle in most situations unless they have rail/lightning.
5. All bosses in the game cannot catch up to you or get within proper distance to pose any kind of threat to you, nullifying their threat.
6. Even AI becomes broken, as battles start to lead you over 250km+ from the center of the sector as you play cat-and-mouse, rather than proper dogfighting.
7. Boosting away from ships which block your ability to jump, takes seconds, no problem.
Thats just a small handfull of the major issues. Your AI is not going to compete with humans, if they cannot even succeed to get into range.

This forces players down a familiar....and at this point extremely boring path:
The only valid weapons now are Rail / Lightning. Every single game, it's the same end result.

How to fix this in one realistic stone? Get rid of these extremely exaggerated speed changes, revert them back and slow players down even further to force them into accepting the combat engagements and making them less escapeable. Slower ship speeds allow the tactical and statistical aspects of your combat to shine.
It's not a fight if the opponent cannot fight back.
It's not a fight if you can escape in 3 seconds flat.
It's not an ambush if you can get into warp distance in 5 seconds flat. The whole point of an ambush is THE NET thrown over you, the restriction of movement.
It's just not a fight anymore! This has killed the game for me, i hate to say that because Avorion is my baby.

When you are engaged with an enemy ship, that enemy must be allowed to fight back in the exact same ranges. Every battle right now feels like the end of the last star wars movie...that was a baaad movie.
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I have discussed this very same thing so I agree. It is covered in my comprehensive analysis post.,5977.0.html

Yes it's way to long, but comes to the same conclusion about the hit scan weapons (rails, lightning etc)  being superior due to the speed of ships.

Not a big deal if you had heavy hitter battleships mixed with picket ships, but when all ships come at you and after burn around in different directions, it also takes way from enjoyment of the game. However they did post in latest patch that long range ships will stay at range so I need to test it out.