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on: December 04, 2019, 05:02:14 PM
One thing I would love to see that I believe would make the game more engaging and feel alive is having a real impact from faction wars. Right now when two factions are at war it seems like they just randomly jump some ships in and go to town and maybe a factory gets destroyed.  It seems more like raiding than warfare.  There also doesn't seem to be any actual repercussions on the galaxy from factions being at war. This could be helped by possibly including some of the following:

1. Have some sort of faction strength rating depending on the number of systems they own which can in turn determine the number of ships they can warp in to attack or defend a sector. It would also give the player a sense of which factions are truly powerful or not impacting who they decide to ally with or go to war against.

2. Have attacks on sectors be more definitive where enough ships are deployed to actually destroy or board all factories in the sector. The winning faction then actually gets to expand which will make the galaxy map feel more alive as sectors change hands more regularly.

3. Have new factories start to be built in recently conquered sectors. Have factories that were destroyed in a sector be rebuilt after some time has passed.

4. Show on the galaxy map any recent sectors which have swapped ownership or where active battles are taking place.

These suggestions aren't perfect but essentially i just want faction wars to actually mean something. Implementing some of these would help the galaxy to feel more alive as the various factions fight and expand or get killed off.

Love the game, thanks!


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on: December 07, 2019, 09:38:26 PM
I liked reading your ideas. I would also like to see more engaging and purposeful faction wars. Your ideas remind me of a few of mine from September. Here's what I imagined:,5849.0.html
1. Capture pirate or enemy faction's flagship—don't destroy it. This mission would generate a pirate or enemy faction fleet with one exceptionally strong opponent to be boarded.
2. Skilled pilot for hire—participate in a pivotal faction battle. This mission would generate two massive fleets of ships for a fair battle, bigger than the common battles. Some of the ships should be made to be stronger or more powerful than the player. OH! Or, the player would be required to borrow a provided ship! That would make the battle tough! This one would be very fun!
3. Escort a convoy. This convoy would be ambushed 33% of the time along a pre-calculated route. The description could say that the "convoy contains ongoing experiments in a mobile lab," or, "a senior politician requires defense," or it's just for innocent traders.
10. Rescue Prisoners of War. Capture and return a ship carrying prisoners in hostile territory (pirate or mutually hostile territory).
26. Defend a sector long enough for backup to arrive. Pirates are launching a major assault on a sector full of innocent people. You'll have to protect the people from waves of pirates, for many minutes, until the navy arrives.

There are a few others related to faction wars, like sabotaging (eliminating certain vessels), reconnoitering (scouting hostile territory), and more. Faction wars have potential to be transformed into spectacular events!
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