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on: December 29, 2019, 02:09:16 PM
- Mission
There are some interesting accidents.
Some NPCs have a conversation menu when they enter the sector.
In 0.30. 0 b, they start with the green name "friendly".
But the autofire turret attacks and kills them.
swoks are the most severely damaged.
Players don't choose from a menu.
He can't move during the conversation. They die. It dies with "friendly" .

Spoiler: show

- Chat Bubble
I know there are more chat bubbles that stations talk about with each update. I translated them a lot.
But you can't see them in the game.
The stations and trading ships remain silent.
For the past few months, the universe has been as quiet as a cemetery.
The game hints in the chat bubble are hidden.
(For example, a 10 jump rule that encounters a boss)
Some chat bubbles are normal.
Only ships of several missions use the chat bubble.

- Mod support
The sound effect of the weapon has been restored.
This is very helpful.
But when Modder adds a new weapon, there is no new sound.
When you change the WAV of one of the sound effects, the sound of the vanilla weapon also changes.
Can you provide a blank weapon sound that Modder can use freely?
It is a WAV called "extra1.1" "extra2.1".It needs to be a WAV that is not used by vanilla weapons.
Official example SFX Mod is required.

- Stations that consume goods
There are some unnaturalness. But I love this attempt.
We built several consumer stations.
And the question is:.
Where do consumers live in the station?
Where are the animals in the biotope?
Do they fit in a really small station?

This requires a new block and a very simple new parameter.
a count of the number of consumers and their happiness.
"block of consumer area" like the crew quarters.
A happy giant colony (Casinos and biotopes) yields many benefits.(It needs a lot of goods.)
An unhappy small colony (Casinos and biotopes) has a small profit.(it requires only a few goods)
Very simple things are enough.
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on: January 07, 2020, 04:00:32 PM
-Cannons and Rail Guns at High Difficulties
It's about NPC's AI.
It is an AI called "Enemies try to take full advantage of long-range weaponry".
I was observing this carefully and happily.
The battle between NPC and NPC has become more exciting.
Ships with lasers or volters approach and fight enemies.
We've seen more and more cannon and rail gun NPC shooting at each other over long and medium distances.
It's simpler than human tactics, but it looks like a rational fight.
But Vanilla's Cannon bullet seems slow and weak.
And the number of NPC fighters seems to be small.

-NPC personality
This may already be in a minor update plan.
The way of fighting like a pirate.
The way of fighting like a military ship.
It's a bounty hunter's way of fighting.
I never saw them.
NPC identity needs to be updated.

-gate problem
This is an old problem. "Escort Me" command.
Anyone can play Starfleet now. (the benefits of a great tutorial.)
The vanilla gate is too small for the size of the player's ship.
Large ships stop avoiding collisions with gate frames.
The big ship of the fleet does not enter the gate.
The strike zone of the gate is very small. And it's hard to understand.
A light dot guides the station dock.
A similarly blinking light should assist the strike zone of the gate.

This is also a Persecutors problem.
Small ships that can pass through the gates are attacked by Persecutors.
To avoid that, if you enlarge the ship, the NPC captain can't use the gate.

The Vanilla Gate needs to get bigger.
At least four times.
The strike zone of the gate must be larger.

- Universal Create enhancements
There is an intense discussion in the discussion.
the speed of the ship, the size constraints of the ship, the various balances
I also played a lot of games. Other players are the same.
There was a myriad of the same arguments in those games.
Some people say, "No!" when it's updated to the new balance.
They're arguments that don't answer.
It won't end forever.
It tends to favor a complex balance, a tight balance.
They're not compatible with creative, free imagination.

These are the problems that Mod needs to solve.
The solution is for the player with the idea to create that balancing Mod.
That's the only solution.
But the big balancing Mod is very difficult.
AVorion does not have a construction kit like TES (The Elder Scroll)
How about adding parameters other than difficulty level when creating the universe?
maximum speed of the NPC and the player's ship
hull endurance scale (High durability even in small hulls)
Maximum size of NPC ship to be created (NPC other than the boss)
I think it's good to let the player choose freely.
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