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on: February 15, 2020, 01:20:03 AM
Cross posting as I sometimes feel there are less people who look at the Steam subforums, especially for mods:

Trying to upload a mod I've been working on for the first time and getting "Upload Error: Unknown Error, Code: 2". The mod page seems to exist, but the thumbnail, mod title, and description are all blank. They have also blanked out within the Upload to Workshop screen in the game, but when I look at the modinfo.lua file, the values are there.

What did I do?? lol

EDIT: *sigh*  It's working, now.  Aside from it being a few hours later, I'm also at a different location, now.  I wonder if there was something about the firewall I was behind earlier in the day that was allowing most Steam functions to work, but just not the uploading of a mod?
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