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Title: [0.24. 1 b] Missing Localization
Post by: deep on July 25, 2019, 09:40:59 AM

There are some items in the game that do not display translations.
Also, it seems that some sentences are not included in PO.FILE
It's the same in German and other languages.

1: $variable for headquarters "${faction} Headquarters"

2: $variable for station name * * * * ${size}
goods _ template.xml:

3: TIPS of "* * * * * * Cargo License", "in ${actionName} 's sectors" and the name when sold at the station

4: Function name of Xsotan ship (Xsotan Frigate.etc...) in the core world of galaxies.
I like this function name Xsotan in every language X (

Spoiler: show


${size} is also a prefix for Japanese language localizations
Example:$(size)${good} 工場(Factory)
Localization of Japanese and Chinese languages is similar in some grammar and fonts.