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Thank you for confirming, FuryoftheStars. I’ve edited my message.

Here’s exactly what the developers said:
“Players without any saved designs get 5 procedural ship designs of varying size that they can use”
I also received new designs, but I might’ve been in the beta branch.

Perhaps something has changed in this respect to this day.
I will share what I know about the random ships, so you might learn something new.
- You can construct and edit a random ship from a shipyard.
- Pressing F5 in the menu will generate a new random ship. F9 will generate a new background. Some computers require you to press both ‘FN’ + ‘F1-F12’, but you can adjust the computer’s settings.
- You can board and capture spacecraft when the hull HP is >30%, then edit the design. Unfortunately, you can’t repair the spacecraft (broken blocks may not be replaced).
- You’re given a small ship from The Adventurer in a new mission from an update in the past few months.

+ You’re given 5 random ship blueprints if you have none, but FuryoftheStars and I have still received some, haha.

News / Re: Beta Branch Patch 0.33.0 Patchnotes
« on: February 27, 2020, 12:28:36 AM »
Lemons may taste confusing to new players.

Suggestions / Re: End Game Suggestions
« on: February 26, 2020, 12:38:41 AM »
2. Events....

5. End game quests and bosses

Have you heard about the most recent update? It releases tomorrow (26th of February), but you can play it by playing on the beta branch. The instructions and the full description of the update are in this link. I haven’t played in it, and it may have pleasant surprises for you if you haven’t, either.,6253.0.html

“New Endgame Content
We feel that after killing the Wormhole Guardian there should be more to do with your time. With this update we introduce new Xsotan ships, a new server wide post-guardian event and three new bosses. In order to not spoil you too much we'd just say: Go and finish Avorion, and then see what happens.”

News / Re: Our new Public Relations Member
« on: February 25, 2020, 11:40:36 PM »
Hi! Welcome!

I have a question. How many developers there are? Some make many posts here, others very few, so I wonder if there are any I don’t see.

If a sector is only 200km wide, why do we need to travel 100km+ per second...Ludicrous speed has no place in this game, not unless all sectors become one open-space, but this isnt that type of game.
Uh, what goes 100km+ per second in this game? Even players need to be rich and dedicate systems to reach such silly speeds, and gain no advantage. Most fast ships seem to go a couple thousand kps at the high end of the spectrum. Lol, I’d like to see an AI ship go at that speed, hahaha. And give them no brakes!

I don’t think sectors have a size, but everything generates within a distance from the center. There are videos of people traveling (at <10kps) to reach the planets in the background; they actually exist! Oh, maybe you know what I’ve just typed? Oops.

- Auto-aiming turrets being stapled with the 50% damage reduction is just an insult to injury considering that all AI-owned turrets do not have this limitation. They ARE aimed by the AI and do not have a damage reduction applied.
I see both the problem and the solution right there. Do you?
Hint: press 'T'
What does ‘T’ do?

This must be the best recent update; it will be fun to play! But I wonder about the backups. What player progress is saved and could this be a good alternative to resetting servers? Sounds like online players could keep their hard-earned items while having replenished asteroids and faction stations. (But I don’t run servers and I join infrequently.)

Suggestions / Re: Impressions and Suggestions
« on: February 12, 2020, 08:01:05 PM »
Welcome to the forum, Cairo. This is useful feedback so I’ve put your message in ‘Feedback’ for you here:,6223.0.html

Feedback / Cairo1’s Feedback
« on: February 12, 2020, 07:58:00 PM »
This is good feedback from new member Cairo1 in the ‘Suggestions’ section. I’m putting their message here since it is more feedback than suggestions.,6222.0.html
Hello, this is my first post here, I found this game recently and in the last week have ended up dumping all of my free time into it. My friends and myself quickly hosted a server and began playing, Now that we have reached the middle and possess end game equipment I would like to post some thoughts and suggestions in hopes the Development team will take them to heart.

First I would like to say I am dazzled by the game over-all the polishing is great, and most systems are intuitive and straight forward. The building system leaves little to be desired with un-restricted shapes and sizes which is liberating when coming from a game like FTD or Space Engineers. Weapons are diverse and for the most part remain valid until game end, the auto generated turrets look good, and what little more could be wanted those too can be customized.  Though power creep can become an issue enemies in the core still provide a good ass whooping now and again just to remind you don't be complacent. Thank you for making such a great game, the 5 of us are well pleased with our purchase, and frankly at a bargain less then 20$ well worth every penny, and realistically we think a deal more.

Now I will issue some short comings we have all had. Frankly the Tutorials are weak, though they do get the job done for the most part any of them can be explained in a few seconds in person. Many features then lack Tutorials or tool tips that help you understand the builder and various functions. after 2 weeks we have only just found what the view key dose, and again we were impressed with such a convenient tool If only we had known a week earlier while still outside the barrier.  There are a number of Glitches and exploits that still need cleaning up the worst of which are duping of ships, and duping of weapons. Though we still haven't figured out how ships get duplicated the event gives addition materials and weapons that are acquired dishonestly, we have found that if you repeatedly delete a turret during a lag spike the game will acknowledge all those delete actions as an additional turret going into the inventory. To be honest we have done this on purpose to duplicate Point defense turrets from before the recent update. (a 32 dps PD chain gun, and a 8.2 dps PD laser) Frankly even with the difficulty turned all the way up the Combat AI is still rather unsophisticated Both Friendly and Enemy combat ai seem to charge violently yet have difficulty with using weapons intended to fire forward, Likewise Broad sides are not something we see from ships that seem to be oriented in such a manner, and most defiantly not from our own that are given orders to patrol, or attack enemies.

As  for block critiques The Turret lock block dose not also function as a custom turret platform, which would be nice. I feel the Computer core is under powered to a degree, and the System upgrades and small ships suffer for it. Perhaps the system upgrade mechanism could be modified from limited card slots to Processing power, and differing cards taking both reactor power, and processing power, then a computer core could increase processing power as it dose now, but also draw Generator power. Thus a small ship could hold a low power object detector Radar upgrade, and scanner making for a better Survey ship.

Finally on to General Suggestions:
As stated above It would be nice to have Turret Lock blocks also work for custom turrets.
Again as stated above I believe the system upgrades and computer core mechanism could use a rework as it makes small ships inflexible and have diminished non combat potential.
Custom Turret Depth, When i learned that custom turrets were an option i was most pleased, then that i could change shot color i was ecstatic as that's pretty awesome but after a time i though you know what, can we have a custom sound option? like you choose a color from the color pallet there could be a small number of Shot sounds that could be unique to each weapon.
Turret Conversions at a turret factory Any given weapons save point defense can be converted to coaxial with damage and range modifiers based on base size. [Damage/range X (1+Base Size)] Fore example a 200 DPS laser range 8 size .5 would be 200x1.5 8x1.5 for a 300 dps range 12 laser.

And weapon balance suggestions:
Smaller Coaxial Weapons would be nice
Launchers I believe could do with an overhaul My reasoning being most ships are faster then the shot itself making them easily avoidable
Perhaps Launchers could be split into Burst fire mid range (8-14) high shot speed pursuit weapons, and standard fire long range (18-28) high damage bombardment weapons.
Fighters Likewise are too slow to keep up with many enemies or the ship carrying them. Having speeds centered around build material with an over all general buff may make them more viable as for now they seem to be best for mining or scrapping.

Thank you for reading this long Block of text, It was my intent to not read any other posts so that my opinion may come as fresh perspective on the current state of the game.

Gameplay Discussion / Re: Trade Price Bug or Am I Missing Something?
« on: February 11, 2020, 10:24:23 PM »
I’m thinking that this could be an issue from updating an existing world to the recent economy version. One issue the developers warned about was something about prices updating, although I don’t recall it describing this. Ah, I remember it was about prices changing in a previously-visited sector being visited. This must be why you haven’t seen anyone having the same complaints—it’s a new bug affecting now outdated worlds. Has this world been updated to this version?

Mods and the beta branch are known to cause such bugs. Not always, but at times. I got off the beta branch and don’t download mods because of it. Mods often become incompatible after updates and the beta branch showed me some strange stuff, haha.

I’m sorry that you aren’t enjoying trading as much as you want to. I hope you’re still having fun. I’m waiting for 1.0 on March 9th to make a serious galaxy. I’ve been online occasionally to design and experiment until I’m bored. Can’t wait for the improved faction ship generator and end-game content!

Gameplay Discussion / Re: Reconstruction of fleet ships
« on: February 10, 2020, 08:21:34 PM »
When you’re interacting with the repair station, you’ll want to choose the repair option.  In the new window that opens, you should see 3 tabs at the top. I believe it’s the 3rd one that allows reconstruction.

Yes, I know. I´ve seen these options but I can´t pick any of my ships in this dialog field...

Are you sure you bought the tokens before their destruction?

Alright, I see. Apologies for sounding rude, if I was. Just want to say that I don’t recall not having fun after all the pirates got their engines upgraded, haha. That’s all!

So when ships in combat fly 500km away, you find it ''challenging'' that you have to fly all the way over there to join them? I cannot understand how you can even remotely consider or come to the conclusion for one second that this isnt a flaw in the game and somehow a feature. It is simply not defendable and by trying to suggest its a feature you are harming the prospect of a fix to an obvious Problem that you need to admit is a problem.

I’ve not ever seen a ship fly so far away from me, so even if you aren’t exaggerating, it cannot be a “major” issue since it happens rarely and combat is often optional for advancement. I’ve seen them fly 100km for something else, but they return to me when they’re finished or dead.

I have seen slow pirates 50km away, but I’m not required to hunt them, and no personal ship of mine is too slow to reach them within 50 seconds. When I try to flee from a deadly ambush, the speedy ships catch up to fight. Whether I’m weak or strong, it’s always fun to have to dodge and shoot at high speeds in a pirate sector. Both of us—the hunting pirates and I—fly at hundreds or even thousands of meters per second and exchange volleys. I love it.

I spent a few minutes looking for pirates and tried to capture the high-speed chases I sometimes enjoy. I might upload a 30 second video to YouTube when I have the time to check whether the video captured what I wanted it to. Might not be able to, though, (and it’s not necessary).

Maybe you can describe what exactly is unfun about how the pirates use speed? I might not be understanding you.

Gameplay Discussion / Re: Reconstruction of fleet ships
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:37:57 PM »
After I destroyed my ship that had a token, the game highlighted a repair dock and gave a tip on reconstruction. I selected the repair dock and clicked on the ‘Reconstruct a ship’ tab and was given the option to reconstruct my ship.

I’ve read that defeated alliance ships need a player *in an alliance ship* to reconstruct.

I haven’t done this before and this is all the information I know. Hope you can reconstruct them.

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