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I am probably the wrong person to answer this as I have no clue of modding at all, but if you "just" want your ships to look cool, I would recommend you to "coat" them with Naonite. As far as I know, blocks are not opened up to modding tho...
Since I don't know how much you played the game, I will  explain further, if you know what I want you can skip what comes now! ;)

In your building menu you have the option to change your scale size to a very low value (was it 0.1? I don't remember). Like that, you can create a very thin plate of e. g. a Naonite generator which will cost you almost nothing  and will effectively make any block below look like it is a Naonite generator...
Ofc you could even make your armour look like a Naonite generator if you want. ^^
The blue look of the hangar field can not be changed by that i guess, but even a theoretical naonite hangar would still have a blue field so that does not matter I guess...
Hope this was helpfull :)

Thanks for the suggestion and for many purposes this was what I already did as tedious and time consuming as it is.
I was hoping for something a bit easier/smoother though.
On the Steam forums someone suggested this is an underlying issue with the paint system, and more control over the paint system including a secondary colour for the details would solve this too.

Mods / [Mod Request] Swap Avorion and Naonite Colours or Naonite Hangars
« on: January 07, 2019, 05:05:10 AM »

to some this may sound like an odd request, but to me it makes perfect sense and I would love for the strongest material in the game Avorion to have the colour scheme of the glowing green Naonite.
Or alternatively if there would be Naonite Hangars, I could use those visually instead and coat the outside of my ship in Naonite so even the small details, features and engine glows are green.
I'm not sure if this has been requested or already released, or if there is an easy way for me to modify this myself or any other easier way to have my lategame ship be completely green , if this is the case please let me know it's been a while since I really dove into Avorion.

thank you in advance,

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