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Bugs / Re: Armed turret using 1 armed and 1 unarmed slot.
« on: July 28, 2019, 10:46:47 PM »
This problem is still happening in 0.24.1

Seems to always happen with small 1-slot Tesla turrets, too

Suggestions / Re: Mechanism to turn Slaves over to Patrol?
« on: April 19, 2019, 07:36:13 PM »
I agree that there should be some mechanism to VOLUNTARILY report or turn over illegal goods.  This would allow you to avoid fines and relations penalties, and perhaps even improve relations in some cases (such as actively freeing slaves).
Maybe something to “flag” illegal cargo, to be reported or turned-in the next time you're in a “civilized” sector, so that if you happen to be scanned by a military ship, they simply see that you have cargo already intended for the authorities, so they can just offer to collect it since they're already near you (instead of practically arresting you for carrying illegal cargo).

A two-fold solution, would be a mechanism to set collection behavior of dangerous / illegal goods.
  • Don't collect cargo above a predefined hazard level at all.
  • Collect cargo below a certain hazard level, but automatically flag it for return to authorities (if applicable).
  • Collect all cargo, regardless of hazard level, and don't worry about flags.

Suggestions / Fighter scaling system for carriers
« on: April 16, 2019, 02:39:22 AM »
I haven't seen/heard of anything planned for the hard-cap on fighter quantity for carriers, so I thought up a system to allow larger and larger carriers to allow for a higher capacity than the current hard-limit of 120 fighters.

The logic to having this scaling system is that it is very easy to get a hanger capacity with a minimum of well over 250 of the largest fighters.  But there is currently no way of ever hitting that capacity, since squadron control only goes up to ten squadrons, and only 12 fighters maximum for each squadron.

Scaling System for Fighter Capacity of Carriers
  • Similar to how the number of upgrades is based on CPU power (actually the total block volume of the ship), the limit of the fighter capacity can be dependent on the volume (CPU power) of the ship as well
  • The limit can scale in a tier-like system, with stages of advancement
  • First-Tier - same as current limit.  Basic carriers start with up to ten squadrons of 12 fighters each.
  • Second-Tier - Large carriers can host/control larger squadrons.  Still limited to ten squadrons, but now each squadron can be up to 24 fighters each.
  • Third-Tier - Massive Supercarriers can host/control up to 20 squadrons of 24 fighters each.

This is just a very basic three-tier system, but I think it's a good start.  It can obviously be much more expansive than this, to allow a more incremental increase to carrier capacity & effectiveness, as well as a much higher top-end limit, as ships scale up in size.

This can also be combined with another suggestion I made, about having turret size affect the resulting size of the fighter made from it (when creating custom fighters at a fighter factory).  That change would result in more people creating/using larger fighters, thus more effectively using all that hanger space.  (the change would also resolve a problem I pointed out in that suggestion, regarding the current system of converting a turrets into fighters)

Finally, this also resolves what I consider a bit of a balancing issue, in that currently even the largest of ships have only a very tiny % of their crew as gunners, miners, or pilots.  This makes things like the XSTN-VI AI upgrade kinda pointless.  My fighter suggestions would make a higher % of a carrier's crew pilots, making that "legendary" and "unique" XSTN upgrade actually mean something for a large supercarrier.

Imagine this scenario…you've spent hours upon hours building up relations with an NPC faction, to finally get it to “Admired” status.  You've just finished fending off attack waves of both Xsotan and pirates from one of their sectors, so you call in your salvaging ship to clean up the mess.  While that's being taken care of, you decide to do some business with some of the shops in the sector.  After all, the faction loves you now, so you can get some good prices.

While perusing the wares, you notice a message that their relations toward you is dropping, FAST.  In literally only a matter of seconds, all those hours of work have been completely destroyed.

This is what happens, frequently, as a result of accidental friendly fire.  It can happen from any long-range weapon shooting at an enemy, and a friendly happens to be in the way.  It can happen from a piece of wreckage that happens to be close-by to a friendly, as your salvage ship or fighters try to get to it…the really frustrating part of that one, is that the salvage lasers don't even do any damage to the friendly, as long as they have shields, so what the heck are they getting so angry about?  On top of that, if the wreckage is so close to the friendly as to be within their shields (such that the salvage lasers couldn't possibly get to it, ever), the AI doesn't know that, and will continue to fire away, angering the NPC faction even more (despite that no damage is actually being done to them).

The frequency of these occurrences, and the amount of time destroyed with every occurrence, make for an absolutely infuriating experience.  Because it is stupid, there's no good reason for it, and there is virtually nothing you can do to prevent it.  Because even if you immediately do know what's causing it (and most often you don't), you still can't react fast enough to prevent a MASSIVE hit to your relations with the NPC faction.

This is so rage-inducing, as to cause people to stop playing entirely.  I for one, on more than one occasion, have quit the game because of this…not permanently, because I still have faith in the future of this game…but when I've come back, I've started a new save-file rather than trying to repair the damage caused by such a stupid incident.  I'm sure many people have actually perma-quit because of it, and you don't hear about it because why would they waste even more of their time coming here to complain about it?

There are such easy ways to fix this.
1.  You can make it so that relations penalties only occur if a shot hits the INTENDED target.  ie., if someone else is caught in the crossfire, they don't get pissed at you for it because you weren't actually shooting at THEM.
2.  Only incur a relations hit if they actually take DAMAGE.  ie., salvage and mining lasers do NOTHING to shields, so why would someone get mad at you for a mining laser doing absolutely nothing to them??  That's like someone getting angry at a declawed cat for swatting furiously at their steel-toed army boot.
3.  I have suggested this SO many times before…improve the targeting AI, so that it checks the firing arc of a weapon BEFORE it fires, to see if the path is blocked by a friendly.  If there's a friendly obstructing your shot, DON'T FIRE.

You have no idea how many times I've considered just not playing anymore, until this gets fixed.

Bugs / Re: Armed turret using 1 armed and 1 unarmed slot.
« on: April 10, 2019, 10:18:47 PM »
And here's the after.
Notice that 1 slot was consumed from both armed and unarmed, despite it only being a single small Tesla turret.

Bugs / Re: Armed turret using 1 armed and 1 unarmed slot.
« on: April 10, 2019, 10:17:45 PM »
Apparently these tiny images are still too large, so I'll just post one at a time.  Here's the before stats:

News / Re: Dev Update: Upcoming Updates
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:48:09 PM »
Awesome!!  Great to see all these things in the works!
On the subject of mods, I love that you're making mods an easy and integrated part of the game, and at the same time I've never felt the need to mod Avorion to be able to enjoy it.  For example, Stellaris is a great game, but I can't really enjoy it without adding at least a dozen mods.  Same thing with Minecraft, to the point that I build my own modpacks - with literally over 100 mods - for it.  I've never felt that need with Avorion, and that's an incredible thing.  Bravo!

Feedback / Re: Allow AI Ships to Use Gates
« on: April 09, 2019, 01:52:03 AM »
I second this.
Additionally, allow us to set a destination for an AI-controlled ship, outside of their normal jump range, and have the ship automatically plot jumps and gate travel according to the fastest time/route.
Obviously it should only use gates that the alliance or ship owner is aware of on the galaxy map.

Feedback / Re: HarvestAI (the 'I' is a real stretch)
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:23:08 PM »
If I may make another suggestion, now that I've seen the developer response.

To me, the most logical way to approach a harvesting AI, is to have the AI check the available firing arcs of all applicable harvesting turrets fitted to the ship, and maneuver the target asteroid into range of as many of those arcs as possible.  Then sit still, and shoot the target.  Only minor adjustments may be necessary, if pieces of the asteroid or wreck drift out of range.
Harvesting does not need to be dancing around at all.  The targets are mostly stationary (admittedly, wrecks may be moving, so that may need a different approach for salvaging), so there is no need to move around once the target has been brought into range of as many firing arcs as possible.  This strategy is suitable for ships of virtually any design, wherever turrets have been placed.
The same mostly goes for salvaging, except that if the wreck is in motion, then it may need to match the trajectory of the target wreck.

From what I've seen, the harvesting AI does manage applicable fighters perfectly fine.  Good job on that.

Feedback / Re: April 2019 Suggestions
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:10:31 PM »
Thanks for the feedback! A lot of those things are planned, we just haven't gotten around to implement them yet.

Some comments on some of your points:
1. This is not true. The collision damage reduction happens only when an AI-Owned ship smashes into you, i.e. collisions that explicitly aren't the player's fault.
2 - 4: Please provide examples and file bug reports in our in-game reporter
5: R-Harvesting lasers DO have a massively increased efficiency
9: Please file a bug report and send us the savegame when this happens, you can send it to
11: Please file a bug report for this, it's mostly an oversight

1.  Okay, I didn't know it only applied to other AI ships running into you.  I do not remember this being mentioned in the patch notes for this change.  Additionally, I have actually tested this by flying very fast into an asteroid (admittedly, it was an accidental test, lol), and saw that I did not take any damage at all.  I assumed this change was the reason for that.
2.  Is easily reproducible and observable.  Just have a salvaging carrier use salvage fighters to salvage a wreck.  Watch the harvesting AI just ignore the loot drops.  Note that this only occurs from salvage fighters, and not from any salvage turrets the ship may have equipped (for the test, should probably have only fighters and no turrets).  It does appear to properly collect loot if the drops are from salvage turrets.  I will use the in-game system to submit a bug report for this.
3.  I'll use the in-game system to submit a bug report for this.
4.  Is actually a suggestion, not a bug (as far as I'm aware).  A new harvesting mode that will also collect ALL loot in the sector, in addition to salvaging wrecks.
5.  Is referring specifically to salvaging turrets, not mining turrets.  R-mining turrets are fine for the most part, but I feel r-salvagers are lacking.  They should either have a bigger efficiency boost, or a bonus to loot drops…or both.
9.  Will do.  Thanks!
11?  Were you talking about 11, or 10?  11 is mostly a suggestion, and 10 was more of a bug report.

Bugs / Re: Armed turret using 1 armed and 1 unarmed slot.
« on: April 08, 2019, 03:36:32 AM »
I've seen this same bug, even in 0.21.3

Feedback / April 2019 Suggestions
« on: April 08, 2019, 03:23:21 AM »
Regarding Beta Branch, v0.21.3

Excellent update, for once I actually have no complaints whatsoever with any of the changes in this patch!
With that said, I still have a few suggestions (I've posted some of these on previous updates):
1.  Taking no damage from collisions when flying above a certain velocity is dumb.  If we don't want collision damage, we can already reduce it or turn it off entirely.  If collision damage is on, then someone flying at 2000+ m/s through a dense asteroid field should die.  End of story.
2.  Harvesting AI is getting better (thank you!), but still needs improvement.  Regarding loot collection, it completely ignores drops from fighters.  For example, I've watched a salvaging carrier completely ignore exotic and legendary loot, because they were dropped from the salvage fighters, rather than from salvage turrets.
3.  Harvesting AI still gets stuck when it runs out of wreckages while salvaging.  For example, trying to tell a salvage ship to salvage wreckages in a sector, and then warp to another sector and refine the raw scraps.  It just stops when there are no more wrecks to be found, and does not continue with any further queued commands.
4.  An addition to #2, would be to add an option to harvesting commands, such as "Salvage and Loot", which will collect ALL loot lying about, in addition to salvaging wreckages.
5.  I still think R-Salvagers should get a bonus to loot drops, if not an increase to overall efficiency.  Or both.
6.  Targeting AI is still dumb.  As recommended previously, please have targeting AI for turrets and fighters take obstructions into consideration.  If the firing arc is blocked by a friendly, DON'T SHOOT.  This of course only applies to turrets with "independent targeting" trait (set to some kind of autofire option), and fighters.
7.  Penalty for firing on friendlies still needs to be reworked, especially if #6 has still not been fixed.  If an AI empire determines that you've been shooting at them too much, the relations to that empire - if it was positive prior to this incident - should be reset to 0 (rather than immediately going to abhorrent), and all military vessels in the sector turn hostile - and that sector ONLY.  Any further shots fired on the empire property (or if the relations were already negative) can affect relations as normal (negative impact per shot).  This allows the player to flee the sector, and attempt to repair the relations (such as if this incident was unintentional).  If relations are subsequently improved, the player should be able to return to that same sector, and all empire ships returned to friendly (non-hostile) status.
8.  An improvement to rockets/missiles...currently, they are basically useless without the "Seeker" trait, and even then, still a poor weapon choice compared to most others.  The Seeker trait can be made more useful, with some simple logic improvements.  If the rocket's target becomes invalid (such as if the target gets destroyed), then re-target to the closest enemy, and continue seeking for the remainder of the flight time.  If there is no enemy within the remaining flight time/distance, or no remaining enemies at all, then self-destruct.  Also, similar to #6, if the flight path becomes obstructed, then it should try to perform some simple maneuvers around the obstacle...and if that obstacle is a friendly, and a path around it cannot be found, then the rocket should self-destruct rather than impact that friendly.  These improvements would greatly increase the desirability of seeker missiles, making them a much more viable weapon choice.
8b. Probably a small oversight, but if a fighter is made from a launcher with the Seeker trait, that trait does not show up in the properties of the resulting fighter, although rockets fired from that fighter do pursue targets (the Seeker trait is obviously applied correctly, despite not showing on the fighter).
9.  I have occasionally seen an issue where a cargo item appears in the cargoholds of my harvesting ships, with no name or description, but does have a volume (so it is taking up space).  The quantity of these unidentified items are often in the THOUSANDS, taking up a LOT of valuable space.  These unknown items do not get consumed when refining, and do not have a trade value, so they are worthless and I end up having to dump them.  Here's where a big problem starts, because the objects DO appear in space when dumped, and when I'm dumping THOUSANDS of them, this creates a MASSIVE lag spike, even when only playing single-player!  PLEASE fix this bug.
10. The size of a turret is very misleading, when trying to create a new fighter.  Currently, it appears as though all the stats of a turret with a larger size (such as 1 or 1.5) get reduced to as though the turret were 0.5 size, when the fighter is created from it.  This can result in mis-judging which turret to use as the base for a fighter, and very unexpected and undesired results (since larger turrets usually have higher DPS, longer range, etc, but if scaled down to as though the turret were 0.5 size, might actually be a worse choice for fighter conversion than another, smaller, turret).  A better system would be to do the stat conversion the same as converting any other 0.5-size turret, and just have the larger turret size also result in a larger fighter (maybe more fighter HP as well).  Thus, the increased stats are offset by having a larger fighter that takes up more hanger space/capacity, or having to spend more points to reduce that size.  Especially large turrets can also result in really big fighters that require more pilots to fly.
11. Finally, there currently does not appear to be any way of creating a new fighter (such as from a turret) with shields.  The only way I've seen to be able to get a fighter with shields, is to purchase a randomly-generated one from a merchant.  99% of the time, random fighters (and turrets) are not as good as a custom-built one.  Please allow us to build fighters with shields.  This can be one of the spec options, to spend points on when designing the new fighter (dependent on the material of the fighter being Naonite or higher, of course).  Higher materials (such as Trinium, Xanion, and Avorion) can have a higher base shield stat too, since those materials produce better shields in ships.

News / Re: Beta Branch Patch 0.21.2 Patchnotes
« on: March 07, 2019, 08:17:06 PM »
If I'm understanding this correctly, this change in the Transporter function means that in order for a carrier miner to make use of raw-mining fighters, the mothership MUST have a Transporter block AND have an "exceptional" or higher Transporter Systems module equipped?  Same thing for salvage fighters, too??
Additionally, any carrier's fighters will no longer pick up loot (such as from a destroyed enemy), unless these same Transporter requirements are met??

I'm sorry, but this is getting pretty restrictive.  Have you at least made cargo shuttles able to automatically collect loot and raw materials like they're supposed to?  That would allow a reasonable workaround for mining carriers in the meantime, until they can manage to jump through all these new hoops you're throwing at them.

News / Re: Beta Branch Patch 0.21 Patchnotes
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:14:22 AM »
1.  I agree with the other suggestions, such as adding a new refinery block that we can build into our ships (such as to create a refinery ship to support mining fleets), ensuring the harvesting AI supports automatic drop off and refining of raw materials, fixing mining fighters not picking up the new raw ore / scraps, and etc.  I also support reversing the removal of collision damage if the AI ship is moving beyond a certain speed, and that the efficiencies of the salvaging lasers combined with the new raw material cargo need together add up to a massive salvaging nerf overall…which I consider a bad thing, in case that wasn't clear.

2.  Refining mining lasers have a MAXIMUM efficiency of only 18%, while the MINIMUM efficiency of raw mining lasers is a whopping 57%.  That gap is downright extreme.  Tone that down, please.

3.  Compared to the above mining lasers, salvaging lasers are the reverse.  Raw and refining salvaging lasers have an overlap that seems a bit…backward.  The minimum efficiency of raw salvagers is 5%, whereas the minimum for refining salvagers is 7%.  I would expect that should be reversed.

4.  I would suggest another way to boost the effectiveness of raw salvaging lasers, would be to give them a bonus to the chance of dropping intact modules/turrets from wreckage.  The rarity of the salvager can affect that bonus.

5.  I'd like to add a new suggestion, to improve the targeting AI.  Right now, it's pretty dumb.  Any human pointing a gun at an enemy can tell if there's something/someone in the way of their target, so why can't the targeting AI see this?  I've had SO many frustrating moments of my guns/ships firing at an enemy ship, hitting friendlies instead, and just continuing to shoot until I manually tell them to stop.  Obviously, those former friendlies are none too pleased with this, sometimes to the point of declaring war on me.  PLEASE give the targeting AI a tiny bit of intelligence, to first check if a friendly is obstructing the firing path to the target, before firing.  This should be a no-brainer, ffs.

6.  Which brings up another issue.  It is so hard to recover standing, once the stupid targeting AI has wrecked that relationship.  The NPC empire goes straight from singing your praises (Admired) to hiding Legos in your bedsheets (Abhorrent).  That seems VERY extreme for a targeting AI accident, and there is currently no realistic way to fix this once it happens.  I can understand any military ships in the current sector turning hostile if you keep firing on their assets for a while, but the whole empire should not immediately hate you with the fires of hell.  I think the empire in general should just turn neutral, unless you CONTINUE to fire on their assets (in which case the attacks should harm standing as normal, per shot).  This would allow you to flee the sector, and try to restore the relationship in another part of their territory.  If you again start firing on their assets in a different sector, the same thing can repeat (but not resetting the relationship to neutral again, unless you've already improved the relationship by a significant margin).  If you improve the relationship somewhat, and return to a sector that had previously turned hostile, they should be considered friendlies again (no longer hostile).

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