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Yeah, I'm currently dead, sorry for inconvenience. I'm awaiting for some necromancer to raise my corpse or something.

How does one change maxheat/overheat/cooldown or whatever it is on weapons? (Talking script here)

Using this mod you can't as of now. But overall it is possible: you need to create Weapon, then create TurretTemplate and add weapons to it. From TurretTemplate you can create InventoryTurret and then, finally, add it to your inventory.

Mods / Re: [question] server Vs. client?
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:21:00 PM »
What you can look for are keywords and server/client-only objects (e.g. GUI Elements for Client, onServer() or onClient() statements, updateClient(), updateServer(), invoking functions on client/server, using server-only methods on common objects and so on). Check API documentation to find those. Another thing is to check what script is attached to: Entity, Player, Upgrade, command script etc. Actually I would risk saying that most of the scripts you will find are server-side, but you really need to watch for invoking and GUI/display related stuff (so, it's not actually most of them, kek). Spend some time with docs and read some scripts you should get it in no time.

Mods / Re: (Question) Localization - what is %_t and how it works?
« on: April 08, 2017, 12:57:57 PM »
one thing i need to be clarified for localization is:
where does the localization aka translation actually take place? in theory only the clients should be "able" to translate into correct player language, but i donĀ“t see evidence for this in the scripts at first glance...

Localization happens in GetLocalizedString global function

_t is nil.

Mods / Re: (Question) Localization - what is %_t and how it works?
« on: April 08, 2017, 03:12:22 AM »
Localization files are in /data/localization/ (from Avorion's root dir). They use PO file format.

Magic behind %_t is made true in /data/scripts/lib/stringutility.lua. Lines from 17 to 46 inclusive. Additionally there are comments with explanation.

Pretty much: __mod (modulo, hence %) of Strings' metatable is set to interp from stringutility. Localization happens in GetLocalizedString global function (see docs).

It is a valid lua code.

Mods / Re: List of mods
« on: March 31, 2017, 01:27:55 AM »
I can't maintain list in this thread by myself. I can't give someone permissions to edit original post either. But I can do this and then see what happens next:
Code: [Select]
[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]MineCorp[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] So what does this mod do? Well, it adds an abandoned station into the game, which when you refurbish it gives you free resources for life.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] NexusNull
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,1607.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]BETTER SHIPYARD![/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This Mod removes the glitchy 160 Credits Captain from the Shipyard and addet a new checkbox for it.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Tarantel
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,1103.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Spawn changer[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] To do so, you need to go to a sector with a shipyard, where you need to have 60k+ reputation, interact with it and choose the "Set Homeworld" option.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Theoman02
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,781.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Pirate warlord
[/color][color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This one adds a new mission to military outposts, "Eliminate pirate warlord", which tells you to kill a pirate miniboss/warlord in a pirate asteroid field. He drops a guaranteed exceptional item (there's a chance it could be exotic!) on top of what a standard pirate would drop.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Theoman02
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,781.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Dock building[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] Makes station founders able to construct equipment docks, repair docks, research stations and turret factories.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Theoman02
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,781.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Casino "Gambling"[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod makes you able to "gamble" at casinos, which is basicly generating a random turret or system each time you press the button, at the cost of sector tech level * 8k. The odds are the same as a mob dropping items, but the benefit here is being able to do quickly (provided you got the cash). Comes with a very basic GUI, too!
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Theoman02
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,781.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Avorion Commands Package[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] Provides set of server-side commands for use of administrators and players. Contains inter alia: /sethome, /price, /inventory and /crew.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] [i]collective[/i]
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,830.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]CivilShipCapture[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] Take over ships such as freighters or miners
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Albert_Eichel
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,1074.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Carrier commands[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This is an alpha release of my Carrier commands mod, its mainly meant to address the glaring problems with the salvage fighters. And later, maybe even improve the other fighters to some extent. This mod adds a command window to your piloted ship that allows you to issue commands to your deployed fighters.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Nexus
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,1032.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]"Mining System/Module" Balance Changes. - Increases The Distance[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] (Mod name has all Infos)
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Kane Hart
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,845.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Wreckage Cleanup[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] What does it do & how it works?
When a player leaves a sector, wich is empty then, he will automatic trigger the cleanup.
You can set a cooldown time, until the sector gets cleared, from that, what you defined. ( default: loot & wreckages )
The cleanup is getting corrupted, when another player HP-J in the sector and the cooldown isnt finished.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] ThunderDodge
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,1034.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Captined ship salvage command[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This is a small mod I made that adds a salvage mode for ships with captains in them.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Nexus
[color=white][b]Link -[/b][/color] [url=,840.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Allow Multi Delivery in Organize Goods missions[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] So I made this little mod. And for you guys that have started such a mission and went back with half the cargo expecting to do it it 2 trips and the station just said to you "There must have been a misunderstanding, you don't have the cargo". Well,you can install this mod right now and interact again with the station.It won't do any bad stuff if installed in the middle of a mission. It won't change the time left. It will just allow you to go back and forth and deliver the goods little by little. You'll only get the reward at the end of course.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] guiohm
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1008.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]New faction the Federation of Engineers and new station the Clone Bank[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This release includes a new faction and station.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] TheSilentOracle
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,854.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Extended trading reach[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod changes it so that you can interact with a station when you are 0.3 km away, even if not docked.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] NexusNull
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1114.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Highlight other players in sector[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod adds indicator arrows around your ship to show you when other players are in the same sector.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] TheSilentOracle
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1286.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]All Turret Auto-Targeting[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] So! After fiddling about in the files, I have something that, while not the most elegant of solutions, works. This mod modifies the factions.lua file under ..scripts/server, and the turretgenerator.lua file under ..scripts/lib - So the mod will probably conflict with anything that modifies those files.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] RebCom1807
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1120.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]out of sector Production(In testingphase!)[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod emulates the productioncycles of Factories while you are not in the same sector. It does so by catching-up the production process as soon as you re-enter a sector.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Laserzwei
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1322.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Hiring Pool Scaling[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] Mod makes a change to the way the hiring pool is generated at stations to [nonlinearly] scale for the distance from the center.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] bit
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1241.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Ohm/DPS calculation display[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] I couldn't find a way to display DPS/Ohms at a glance so I made this.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] kuro11
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1626.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]
[color=white][b]Incompatible with:[/b][/color] Detailed Turret Tooltips

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Detailed Turret Tooltips[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] Alters the turret tooltips to give much more information to the player, aiming to make weapon comparisons easy. No German translation available.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] lyravega
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1635.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]
[color=white][b]Incompatible with:[/b][/color] Ohm/DPS calculation display

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Sector Overview and Players on Galaxy map[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod will give you a menu with the list of station around you.
It is showing the type of the station and the name next to it.
When you click on one of the entry it will target it.
I mainly created this mod because I needed a way to quickly find entities around me. (Like in X3)
New : You can also have a list of players and pin point them on the galaxy map. (the list is not persistent for the moment)
For now you can add any player (not good for PvP servers). I will add some kind of grouping soon.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] shulrak
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1559.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]AutoResearch[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] As the name suggests this mod adds the option to do automated research for both System Upgrades & Turrets. This is easily done by selecting the rarities in the Research Station window and selecting Automatic
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Cypher
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1728.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Turret Factory Seed Entry[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] With this mod, you can manually set the seed used to generate turret schematics at turret factories the same way you can when building a ship at a shipyard.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Alopix
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1776.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Add goods command[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This first dabbling in Avorion modding. These scripts adds an 'add goods' command. Heavily based on Aki's work
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Zoltan
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1784.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]/disttocore[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] I have been looking for the boss lately and was a bit in trouble to make them appear and then having to manualy calculate the distance from the core again and again to be sure i'm in range bored me a bit, so i used Aki's command mods to make my own really simple one that would display it to player.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Salminar
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1803.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Compass-like Gate Pixel Icons[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] Compass-like gate icons. Aimed to help you by saving time - instead of targeting gates one by one, you can just check their icons to see the direction they are going.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] lyravega
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1851.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]Pirate Attack wave spawer[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod gives you a command to spawn waves of enemies to attack the sector you are currently in.  As of now there are 10 waves of pirate difficulties, ranging from the equivalent of fighting an asteroid to fighting a solo faction battle. There is a bonus difficulty of 11 that should be equivalent to fighting multiple bosses at once, depending on the RNG.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] douglasg14b
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1808.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]/wormhole [/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod adds a /wormhole command to your game.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Cypher
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1903.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]convenient Cargo and Personel transfer[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod is based on HellkerN's coding snippets:,1846.0.html
But it goes further, as it modifies the UI to just feel right
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Laserzwei
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1880.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]UI upgrade : Transfer cargo/crew/fighters [/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] There are a few threads and small mods recently to upgrade the transfert of cargo and crew between ships and between stations.
Here is my version, adding another button to every line, allowing to transfert each item by 1 or by 10.
It also display more different cargos so you will be more likely to have less invisible cargo while transfering things.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] Salminar
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,1895.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]/showdist command[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] This mod delivers you two commands which can be used to display the distance of the player to certain locations, measured in sectors.
Those locations can either be the center/core of the galaxy, the home sector of the player or a user-defined sector.
This may be usefull for different things like finding Boss Swoks ;) or planning some trading- and jump-routes...
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] w00zla
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,2318.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

[color=white][b]Server Mod:[/b][/color] [color=green]/findstation command[/color]
[color=white][b]Desc:[/b][/color] With this command you can search for all stations in every found/created sector in your galaxy.
[color=white][b]Author:[/b][/color] w00zla
[color=white][b]Link - [/b][/color][url=,2665.0.html]FORUM POST[/url]

Mods / Re: List of mods
« on: March 25, 2017, 01:21:17 PM »
Unpinning due to lack of activity.

Mods / Re: Linux Server Guide/Script
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:55:45 PM »
-------------Edit: I'm an idiot--------------------
Issue is fixed. ./manager update did the trick. So for anyone installing through the same method. Don't update through steamcmd, just use ./manager update

First of all, great work with the script it.

However I'm having an issue which I'm unable to resolve as of yet.
My client has been updated to 0.11, but I'm unable to do the same for the server edition, and it stays stuck at version 0.10.2.

When I login to steamcmd and update "app_update 565060 -beta beta validate" it states I'm already up to date. It makes no difference if I'm logged in anonymously or with my steam account.

Does anyone have the same issue or is this just me?

I've posted a similar question at:
but I don't know whether the fault is due to installing via this script or something else.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
If you want to access beta version and use manager at the same time it would be the best to change line 83 from:
Code: [Select]
$STEAM_DIR/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ${INSTALL_DIR} +app_update ${APPID} validate +quitto:
Code: [Select]
$STEAM_DIR/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ${INSTALL_DIR} +app_update ${APPID} -beta beta validate +quit
I'm planning to finally add that to config section but I still don't have time to do it the way I want.

Mods / Re: [QUESTION/HELP] Scoping with invokeServer/ClientFunction
« on: March 02, 2017, 07:33:36 PM »
The problem is pretty simple and it lays in the dot and the way the functions are selected. They are selected by name - you give function name that should be invoked to invokeServerFunction.

You can use wrapper to use it:
Code: [Select]
-- lib/cmd/foo.lua
local M = {}
function M.request (script)

function M.print ()

return M
Code: [Select]
-- player/cmd/foo.lua
m = require ""
wrapped = m.print

function initialize ()
if onClient() then

It should be also possible to unpack module into wrapper functions, or just set global functions in required file (what's the point of module then, though, heh), or some other, similar, solutions.

If we could get the function that is called when the invoke request comes, then it would be pretty simple to change its behaviour to properly follow tables. Not suggesting anything, cough.

While these are all nice scripts, I have no interest in installing all of them. Indeed, certain multiplayer servers will ban players for cheating and I'd rather not take the chance of having some of these installed.

Mostly, I'm interested in /price /whereis and /crew, with the latter only to avoid the headaches of a lack of crew in my creative galaxy when designing ships.
It is impossible for players to use command without having permissions for them set in admin.xml. At least it was the case the last time I checked (week or so).

If you really want to use selected ones: copy lib/cmd/* (everything), commands/?.lua (selected), player/cmd/?.lua (selected if exists; for /whereis -> whereis.lua AND tellposition.lua). Getting everything from lib will make it easier and you won't worry that you will break commands.

Mods / Re: [QUESTION]Hostile start?
« on: February 22, 2017, 07:58:51 PM »
I'm not sure what are you asking about but it goes pretty much the same way. First you need to get players or factions you want to edit relations, then you modify them.
Code: [Select]
local a = Player(1) -- or faction
local b = Faction(2) -- or player
-- You can get these object in any way you want! Just make sure they are at least of Faction type.
Galaxy():setFactionRelations(a, b, 11111)
-- or one liner:
Galaxy():setFactionRelations(Faction(5), Faction(6), 42)
Write function that does that or put it wherever you like - in command script, entity, sector script etc. Then just call it.

Mods / Re: [QUESTION]Hostile start?
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:15:33 PM »
This relation is set in scripts/server/factions.lua in function initializePlayer, lines 104-108:

Code: [Select]
    -- make sure the player has an early ally
    local faction = Galaxy():getNearestFaction(home.x, home.y)
    faction:setValue("enemy_faction", -1) -- this faction doesn't participate in faction wars
    Galaxy():setFactionRelations(faction, player, 75000)
    player:setValue("start_ally", faction.index)

Mods / Re: [script] add resources at player creation
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:10:00 PM »
I know it is solved, but I would like to add one more thing:

Default start resources are handled by scripts/server/factions.lua (lines 112-118):
Code: [Select]
    if server.difficulty == Difficulty.Beginner then
        player:receive(40000, 5000)
    elseif server.difficulty == Difficulty.Easy then
        player:receive(20000, 2000)

Mods / Re: /inventory for the 8 alien modules
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:33:24 PM »
Fairly new to this and I'm mainly having a piss-about until my friends get it then we will play serious, but I've been researching and gettin the 8 "keys" to reach the center seems like such an endeavour, was hoping you could add it to the /inventory mod, if you haven't already? (on the phone so going thru all 7 pages isn't so easy for me right now)
It is possible if you modify lib/cmd/upgrades.lua. I didn't add it on default because they are lore items.

Side note is there a way to see a grid on the blocks ur placing onto? Sick of having to re-place blocks that are out by 0.25 on the snapping (generators are great for placing against tho, nice symmetrical patter on them :P )
I'm not sure if this is a good place for this?

Hey I have a question about the /sethome script. I am wondering if it is possible that every time some one types /sethome that it charges them credits depending on how close to the center they are. I like /sethome but I do not like that it can be macroed every time someone jumps looking for a little balance to the command.,830.msg8203.html#msg8203
Sorry for just linking it. It should be changed a little bit now because of the new version of /sethome, but the template (if statement and price) for paying is the same.

However, why "repair" for Mechanics? Wouldn't it be easier to remember with "mech"?
Repair is their internal name. It has been changed in the new release - now it is possible to use both "Mechanic" (mec, mecha, Mech etc.) or "Repair" (or variation).

New commands added:
/fighter and /agoods, more in first post.

Mods / Re: Linux Server Guide/Script
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:04:46 PM »
Thanks for your awesome script! It helped me alot!
Is there a way to include access to the "beta" Channel?

Change line 83 from:
$STEAM_DIR/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ${INSTALL_DIR} +app_update ${APPID} validate +quit
$STEAM_DIR/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ${INSTALL_DIR} +app_update ${APPID} -beta beta validate +quit

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