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Mods / [MOD] [Stable 0.21.4] Avorion Multiverse Beta 1.31
« on: June 11, 2018, 06:50:17 PM »
Hallo everyone here are the current state of "Avorion Multiverse":

At this Version there are 12 new Races to replace the most ingame Factions. A hand full of Factions are the
original but all others are converted into one of the following below.

   - This Mod replaces the most ingame Factions like "The Asholes of Qqqquuuakulum" ;)
     into new ones. There are 12 Factions at this time:
      Algatonisches Imperium, Catalon, Legion Aerospace Corporation, MHM, Noca Corp, SeaFox Incorporated,
      Templar of Brankor,  Void Brotherhood, Star Trek - Federation, Star Wars - Galactic Empire,
      Star Wars - Rebels, Warhammer 40k - The Empire
   - All Ship Types are turned into new if that Faction is replaced.
   - Change the spawns of the standard "Defender Ships" of any Sector, because the game spawns 3-5 Ships
     in every Sector. Now it is much more different but the volume of all Ship are the same!!
   - Change spawned fleets in faction war. There are more different fleets and it is possible for a
     huge flagship to spawn!!

100% savegame compatibility for all previous Versions to 1.3 !!

date of last update: 12.05.2019
Its recommended to delete the old "...\Avorion\data\Mods\AvorionMultiverse" folder before installing this version.
For Avorion Stable Version 0.21.4 r15002 (Avorion Multiverse 1.31)

How to install:
   - Put all the folders found in the *.zip file at "Avorion\Data\" folder and override all.
   - Start the game and change the language to "AM_*" because the factionnames do not match with standard language.

How to quick uninstall:
   - Delete the "Avorion\Data\scrips" folder.
   - Make a gamerepair over Steam by "right click" on game and "click" on properties, "click" on "local data"
     "click" on "verify integrity of game cache", done
   - Start the game and change the language into you normal language.

How to 100% uninstall:
   - Delete the "Avorion\Data\Mods\Avorion Multiverse" folder.
   - Delete the "Avorion\Data\scrips" folder.
   - Delete following files at "Avorion\Data\localization\": AM_English.xml, AM_English.po, AM_German.xml, AM_German.po
   - Make a gamerepair over Steam by "right click" on game and "click" on properties, "click" on "local data"
     "click" on "verify integrity of game cache", done.
   - Start the game and change the language into you normal language.

Changes from Beta 1.3 to Beta 1.31:
      - Correct the mod call to get better run on linux.
         - Thx for Halfton for this report :)

Changes from Beta 1.21 to Beta 1.3:
   Key Features
      - Honor system:
         - Now you can buy rare ships and flagships from the shipyard but you need additional honor.
           To earn honor you need to get 95000 or more relation and to finish one of some pirate attack events
           or search and rescue mission. Good luck :)
      - Settings system:
         - Now you can find the "AvorionMultiverseSettings.lua" in your "...\Avorion\data\Mods\AvorionMultiverse" folder.
            - There you can set the following settings (little explanation are there):
            DefenderFleetVanilla (true/false), DefenderVolumeMultiplier, FactionWarOnlyVanillaFleet (true/false),
            FactionWarFleetVolumeMultiplier, FactionWarFlagShipVolumeMultiplier, FactionWarChance, CargoShuttleCapacity,
            CargoShuttleNoPlayerMultiplier, ShipRequiredHonorMultiplier, ShipRequiredRelationMultiplier, ShipRequiredRelationMax
            - More settings comming with next version of Avorion Multiverse.
   Additional Features:
      - Stronger homesector:
         - Now there is one flagship in every homesector, be careful if you want to attack.
      - 1 new Ship for Star Wars Galactic Empire from BlazeTheFox.
         - Victory-2 Frigate (Artemis, Wasp)
      - Renamed some file names to get an shorter search string for workshop.
         - Its recommended to delete the "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Avorion\data\Mods\AvorionMultiverse"
           folder before installing this version to clean the unused files.
      - The amount of fighters for npc carrier depends on the size of the ship, limited to 40 because
        of the performance.
      - Update localization AM-German and AM_English
      - The changed Nova Corp faction for older savegames.
      - In some cases the MHM ships and stations do not changed.
      - The new shipyard interface was too small.
      - Some Carrier ships do not spawn fighters.

Changes from Beta 1.2 to Beta 1.21:
      - Repaired the broken shipyard since 1.2 for standard (old) factions.
         - Thanks goes to xVALERAx from discord
Changes from Beta 1.11 to Beta 1.2:
   Key Features:
      - All shipyards in game creates now the new ships from there faction depending on your relation to it.
             If you use this feature plz give the ship creator a like and a subscription (instrucions ingame), thx :)
             Hint: If you want to spawn a Stardestroyer for your own fleet, so do a lot of jobs for The Galactic Empire.   
   Additional Features:
      - Added some more ship types to be exchanged:
         MilitaryShip, TorpedoShip, DisruptorShip, CIWSShip, PersecutorShip, BlockerShip
      - Change Sentient Nova Corp to Nova Corp (N.C.)
         - Removed all Ships from "Winterdragon" because he wants.
         - Replaced them with the following Ships:
            N.C. Samson, N.C. Memphis, N.C. Miuna, N.C. Tristan,
            N.C. Ausra (Flagship) from Two-Hands
            Gunworks Scabbard Corvette from Martin Rayleigh
            SSV Helvetia from Panda
            Elefant from [BKNE] McKillerroy
            Rusty Betsy from EchoSON
            Legion Heavy Transport from Patman3035
            Eclipse from Murcielago
            SCE Desert Lily from 樱桃派✧
      - 1 new Ship from "Korial" for Warhammer 40k Faction
         - Flagship
      - 1 new Ship from "SivCorp" for Star Wars - Rebels Faction
         - Crusader Corvette

      - Update localization AM-German and AM_English
      - Repaired broken "pirategenerator.lua" thx goes to LordXaosa   

Changes from Beta 1.1 to Beta 1.11:
      - Repaired broken Language Files "AM_English" and "AM_German"
      - 1 new Ship from "Tactical Nuclear Coffee" for MHM Faction
         - Athos (Flagship)

Changes from Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.1:
      - Factions they are not changed called "The ..." are shown wrong.
      - Add the lost EquipmentDock and the ship "Monarch" back to MHM.

   - 7 new ships from "Tactical Nuclear Coffee" for MHM Faction
      - Odyssey Mk1, Odyssey Mk2, Odyssey Mk3, Razorback, Tigon (Flagship), Crab, Mayflower (Flagship)
   - A Hole new Coloring of all Ships for MHM Faction by "Tactical Nuclear Coffee"

   - New Faction "Void Brotherhood" as Pirates
      Ships by BNS Thorrider (1), Ebbi Gebbi (1), har81ng3r (1), Hraad (4),
      IncredibleHolt (1), Nokta  (6), R3m1D4R (1), Thasrion (9), wildskunk (1)
      Stations by BNS Thorrider, Breakerwolf,
      Buir, Keptora, Siewca, suprememb, warpSpeedNyanCat();
   - With Beta 1.0 only Stations with type of Shipyard, EquipmentDock, RepairDock,
      MilitaryBase, ResearchStation, TurretFactory, FighterFactory are changed.
      Now all other Stations like Trading Station or some Factories are changed too.

   - Removed the standard attachments for Repairdock and Shipyard for some Stations
   - Added up to two favored Weapons for some Factions. For example The Star Wars
     Galactic Empire only use PluseCannons and Railguns. The Star Wars Rebels use
     to 50% the PlasmaGun and to 50% everything else.

Factions (12):

1. Algatonisches Imperium: Mainly by Brummbear

2. Catalon: Mainly by Alonfire, catalysm and some other creators

3. Legion Aerospace Corporation: Mainly by DerpSuperb++

4. MHM: Mainly by Tactical Nuclear Coffee

5. Nova Corp: Mainly by Two-Hands

6. SeaFox Incorporated: Only by Fox and SeaFalcon

7. Templar of Brankor: Mainly by Mighty Brankor
and some by Arakiss and MagnusEffect

8. Void Brotherhood: Mainly Thasrion and Nokta
and some by Hraad

9. Star Trek - Federation: Mainly by Anubitfire

10. Star Wars - Galactic Empire: by many different Creators

11. Star Wars - Rebels: by many different Creators

12. Warhammer - Empire: Mainly by Kapto and Kenpachi

Big BIG thx to all the creators of ships and stations they put their work to public steam workshop :)

Special thanks goes to Tactical Nuclear Coffee, Two-Hands and BlazeTheFox
they gives me new ships and new version from existings ships :)

Additional thanks to Fox and Two-Hands for that very nice station modules

And also a additional thanks to some other creators:
[BKNE] McKillerroy, {C.S.A} Misfit_1995, 1Bondi1, AdmJDL/H3tz, Ahroxes, Alchilion, Articevel, Ashreign, Aveax, Barffart , Black_Disciple, Blackwool, Blade_Blackburn, bluesky2011, BlueWyvern, BNS Thorrider, Breakerwolf, Buir, bullexu, bunbun, Cazaalmas (Eliomar), codeeagle4000, Codename_Wolf, Commander Aramix 5803, CPTsmirnov, Daniledman, DarkaceVids, deep, Desmondward2080, Dewtus, Digitgidgit, DingusOverlord, DODIDA (überflieger), Doomtra1n85, Dougulus, duty, Ebbi Gebbi, EchoSON, El Documente, Flowjob, FlyingRare, Folklore, Forest, G-Giant99, Gilad Pellaeon, Gizola, Gmech, GTVADeimos, har81ng3r, Helmsgod, -HoK- Dalix Khan, hOLDtHEdOOR, Howpat, Illyria, Impervious, IncredibleHolt, Jack, JangoXIII, Jayslider [GB], Jedi Porg, Joak Jabele, K1NG HULKZ, Kadian11C, KeksWolf, Keptora, Khillmarr, kireas, Korial, Lemming, lmss1994, LoneWulf, Lord Clang, Lord Zen'Zynan, Lostkeeper(KOJ), luisedgm, Manzo05, Martin Rayleigh, Master Spy Lake Walker, Mattyboy0066, Maverick , Murcielago, Obiwan, Panda,, Patman3035, R3m1D4R, razake, ribera1945e, Sabrebravo, ShadowHeart, siegemode, Siewca, SivCorp, Skyguy , Spartanjackwar, Star Chaser, Stone, suprememb, Sychin, Tzaot, Ugandan Chicken, warpSpeedNyanCat();, wildskunk, wizard76, wizgsy, Wossogsd, xXChaosXx, Zebra DeliShine, Zoey, 樱桃派✧

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