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Feedback / Cairo1’s Feedback
« on: February 12, 2020, 07:58:00 PM »
This is good feedback from new member Cairo1 in the ‘Suggestions’ section. I’m putting their message here since it is more feedback than suggestions.,6222.0.html
Hello, this is my first post here, I found this game recently and in the last week have ended up dumping all of my free time into it. My friends and myself quickly hosted a server and began playing, Now that we have reached the middle and possess end game equipment I would like to post some thoughts and suggestions in hopes the Development team will take them to heart.

First I would like to say I am dazzled by the game over-all the polishing is great, and most systems are intuitive and straight forward. The building system leaves little to be desired with un-restricted shapes and sizes which is liberating when coming from a game like FTD or Space Engineers. Weapons are diverse and for the most part remain valid until game end, the auto generated turrets look good, and what little more could be wanted those too can be customized.  Though power creep can become an issue enemies in the core still provide a good ass whooping now and again just to remind you don't be complacent. Thank you for making such a great game, the 5 of us are well pleased with our purchase, and frankly at a bargain less then 20$ well worth every penny, and realistically we think a deal more.

Now I will issue some short comings we have all had. Frankly the Tutorials are weak, though they do get the job done for the most part any of them can be explained in a few seconds in person. Many features then lack Tutorials or tool tips that help you understand the builder and various functions. after 2 weeks we have only just found what the view key dose, and again we were impressed with such a convenient tool If only we had known a week earlier while still outside the barrier.  There are a number of Glitches and exploits that still need cleaning up the worst of which are duping of ships, and duping of weapons. Though we still haven't figured out how ships get duplicated the event gives addition materials and weapons that are acquired dishonestly, we have found that if you repeatedly delete a turret during a lag spike the game will acknowledge all those delete actions as an additional turret going into the inventory. To be honest we have done this on purpose to duplicate Point defense turrets from before the recent update. (a 32 dps PD chain gun, and a 8.2 dps PD laser) Frankly even with the difficulty turned all the way up the Combat AI is still rather unsophisticated Both Friendly and Enemy combat ai seem to charge violently yet have difficulty with using weapons intended to fire forward, Likewise Broad sides are not something we see from ships that seem to be oriented in such a manner, and most defiantly not from our own that are given orders to patrol, or attack enemies.

As  for block critiques The Turret lock block dose not also function as a custom turret platform, which would be nice. I feel the Computer core is under powered to a degree, and the System upgrades and small ships suffer for it. Perhaps the system upgrade mechanism could be modified from limited card slots to Processing power, and differing cards taking both reactor power, and processing power, then a computer core could increase processing power as it dose now, but also draw Generator power. Thus a small ship could hold a low power object detector Radar upgrade, and scanner making for a better Survey ship.

Finally on to General Suggestions:
As stated above It would be nice to have Turret Lock blocks also work for custom turrets.
Again as stated above I believe the system upgrades and computer core mechanism could use a rework as it makes small ships inflexible and have diminished non combat potential.
Custom Turret Depth, When i learned that custom turrets were an option i was most pleased, then that i could change shot color i was ecstatic as that's pretty awesome but after a time i though you know what, can we have a custom sound option? like you choose a color from the color pallet there could be a small number of Shot sounds that could be unique to each weapon.
Turret Conversions at a turret factory Any given weapons save point defense can be converted to coaxial with damage and range modifiers based on base size. [Damage/range X (1+Base Size)] Fore example a 200 DPS laser range 8 size .5 would be 200x1.5 8x1.5 for a 300 dps range 12 laser.

And weapon balance suggestions:
Smaller Coaxial Weapons would be nice
Launchers I believe could do with an overhaul My reasoning being most ships are faster then the shot itself making them easily avoidable
Perhaps Launchers could be split into Burst fire mid range (8-14) high shot speed pursuit weapons, and standard fire long range (18-28) high damage bombardment weapons.
Fighters Likewise are too slow to keep up with many enemies or the ship carrying them. Having speeds centered around build material with an over all general buff may make them more viable as for now they seem to be best for mining or scrapping.

Thank you for reading this long Block of text, It was my intent to not read any other posts so that my opinion may come as fresh perspective on the current state of the game.

General Discussion / Improvements to Ship Generation are Ongoing!
« on: December 24, 2019, 09:55:13 PM »
These are four ships of the same style/faction, Koonschi says. Someone here said the Avorion's twitter account occasionally posts sneak-peaks. They weren't kidding! It is five days old, though, haha.

Bugs / Mysteriously Chatting Ships
« on: November 14, 2019, 06:59:30 PM »
I’m posting on behalf of forum user Z0N3R, whose following message I have edited to be in my point of view. I suspect this is not a bug, but since we’re clueless, we’re reporting it as a bug here.

In their up-to-date creative vanilla server, one of their ships suddenly started speaking German with bubble text and it appears in the chat as the ‘server' speaking. Neither of us know why. They removed the ship in question, but a different ship began speaking. It's not just a single session issue either; if they close and re-host the server, the problem remains.
They initially blamed an admin of the server, but it continued long after they left. They claimed to have nothing to do with the German-speaking ships.

Anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on?
Screenshots are linked via Imgur below:

Bugs / Forum Bug
« on: November 13, 2019, 07:39:46 PM »
On both my computer and smartphone, the Avorion forum’s new menu isn’t appearing right. And on my smartphone, this text as I type it is unreadable (black text on dark background). I’ll show screenshots.

It’s hard to type without the contrast, haha.

Suggestions / Procedural Generation Variety: Examples
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:41:29 PM »
I love the procedurally generated spacecraft we have now—however quirky they are—which is why I am suggesting to add more variety. Here I've made some things that are simple to make and easy to repeat.

Item 1 description:
of a cargo hauler;
alternating colors on cargo bays;
external grid;
simple-looking body.

Item 2 description:
of a station;
rounded trunk (4 sides and 4 edges);
diagonal branches (4 edges);
branches become enlarged;
branches twist to a normal square;
grid of cargo bays or solar panels at edges.

This last one wasn't made for this post, but it makes a point.
Item 3 description:
of a fighter (fighters really need some upgraded appearances);
minimal parts;
cool-looking engines.

THIS IS A FIGHTER. It is why fighters really need some love.

Feedback / Building UI in 0.28 is Attractive
« on: November 07, 2019, 03:30:07 AM »
In my opinion, the UI from the build menu in this recent version 0.28 feels intuitive, looks clean, and is helpful. Update 0.28 is good! But, know that I'm an experienced player who is used to building in Avorion and in virtual 3D environments, and that I've used this version for less than an hour. I love everything that has changed. I like that pressing 'G' presents the block palette, neatly arranged; 'G' must only be pressed, not held; the palette does not obstruct much of the screen; scrolling one bit changes the palette's material; that the order of blocks is consistent; that buttons are grouped and particulars are hidden; and the rest of your changes.

I did run into an issue, though. When I pressed the 'Control' and 'Z' keys to undo the placement of a block, my game froze. When I clicked afterwards, Windows asked me if I wanted to close the program or wait for it to respond. The block was an iron blank edge hull. Ask me any questions about this and I'll try to answer.

I am concerned that Apple's special mice for the iMacs—the touch mice that are smooth curves—will slide the materials in the palette with great sensitivity, since their mice do not scroll in big steps. I hope you have already considered this possibility.

I have one suggestion related to build mode but not related to any changes in 0.28.
Spoiler: show
I suggest adding the ability to hide specific blocks, which is a tool to be used alongside with the current 'Reveal Certain Blocks' tool. One situation this is handy in is when there is armor obstructing the view inside a ship and I want to put a cargo container inside (behind the armor). In order to do so, I'd have to go through a list of specific block types to find which I will show, then guess the positions of nearby blocks so that I can insert the cargo container in empty space. This process would be simpler and even fun if I could have hidden the armor to see everything inside. But, this suggested feature is not necessary.

Feedback / The Sweet Music
« on: November 04, 2019, 01:57:54 AM »
The peaceful music all sounds very calming in their rhythms, which I like, but I'd love to listen to at least one TUNE while I mine, you know? Something I can hum and whistle to. Something I can remember anywhere that reminds me of Avorion.

Here is a tune from Reassembly I constantly hum when I think of the bass:
The bass I like starts at 3:22.

Here is a tune from Eve Online I constantly hum and whistle everywhere:

Though Avorion is definitely an awesome game, I find myself sometimes choosing to play Reassembly because of the music in the background. It has both a calming effect, like Avorion's, and gives simple tunes.

I'd like to make a similar complaint about the present combat music in Avorion, as well. It does not feel as epic as the last set of combat music did. Also, it's too long. Avorion's combat music gets better the farther into the song you listen into, but fights are too short for music to build.

I want to end this post saying thank you for the game as it is. The current early access version is already very fun. Version 1.0 will be great.

Creations / Some interesting designs and classification rules.
« on: September 21, 2019, 07:02:30 PM »
Hi, I think I’ll remove this post soon, now (it’s Nov. 15). I’ll make a post in the ‘general’ category that will include these helpful links.

I was going to post this is Warrax’s thread because it is related to the thread’s current subject, but I think a few others might find this interesting so I’ll instead post here. My message: Since we’re talking about ship classification, I’ll share this:
Thought it was interesting. I don’t have any classification, myself, yet. I also found this page with a neat fighter design that I might replicate:
Oh, and I just found these cool designs:

Suggestions / A List of More Missions!
« on: September 01, 2019, 07:59:09 PM »
Here I have compiled missions that I've thought of while playing Avorion or taken from the replies.

Mission Objectives
1. Capture pirate or enemy faction's flagship—don't destroy it. This mission would generate a pirate or enemy faction fleet with one exceptionally strong opponent to be boarded.
2. Skilled pilot for hire—participate in a pivotal faction battle. This mission would generate two massive fleets of ships for a fair battle, bigger than the common battles. Some of the ships should be made to be stronger or more powerful than the player. OH! Or, the player would be required to borrow a provided ship! That would make the battle tough! This one would be very fun!
3. Escort a convoy. This convoy would be ambushed 33% of the time along a pre-calculated route. The description could say that the "convoy contains ongoing experiments in a mobile lab," or, "a senior politician requires defense," or it's just for innocent traders.
4(a*). Take a survey. You developers should take surveys in the form of government questionnaires in the mailbox. It would add life to the factions. For example: if you wonder about our play styles, then temporarily add a survey "mission" asking us which mining laser type we prefer to use (refining or not).
4(b*). Participate in a race with asteroids.  Use your spaceship to go through checkpoints in a deadly asteroid field. The description could say that the offerer's original competitor is crippled, so someone must take their place.
5. Construct a ship for a merchant, navy, miner, or transportation purposes. The player is rewarded with credits and extra resources if they submit a ship plan meeting their standards. The submitted ship design is then actually constructed by the faction and lives in the sector. The ship design must have a limit on some aspects, or the player might submit a massive dreadnought for a merchant as a joke, lol. That would be funny, though, hahaha. The ship doesn't have to be constructed by the player because all the player must do is submit a saved plan to the buyer. It might be considered easy cash by some people who will do bare minimum, but others might take more than a minute to slap together the requirements in a pretty way. Requirements may include X number of turret bases, X hull HP + shield HP, suits X number crew and passengers, costs between X and Y credits, has X yaw/pitch/rotation, holds X cargo...
6. Help to salvage ships (hide evidence). If 75% of the targeted ships are salvaged using salvaging lasers, the player is rewarded with credits in relation to the value of the ships salvaged along with whatever upgrades, turrets, and scrap they gather. The story behind this mission could be that the offerer destroyed the wrong ships or murdered people and urgently needs to scrap the unfortunate ships to hide what happened. It should be offered by a ship instead of a factory. It could even be a spoken event, like the traveler is to the early player. Update: apparently, this would make a good boss!
7. A legitimate smuggling deal. The only smuggling mission we have brings us to Bottan. The distance to the drop-off zone should be related to the hyperspace reach their ship has. The item to be smuggled should be confiscated by ships of war, just like Bottan's mysterious thing.

More (3rd of September):
8. Tow a crippled ship. Either (improved) force guns or new tether-like tools would be used to help tow ships with engine failure home.
9. "Progressive"/"Chain" Missions. As 'Anthony AyeDog' below has described, mild missions would lead up to more important and diverse ones. Or, one mission has consequences resulting in a second mission. Here's an example, as Anthony has described: #3 (Escort) unlocks #2 (Pilot for Hire), resulting in #6 (Salvage after Battle), #5 (Construct Ships after Battle Losses), or #1 (Capture an Escaped Ship).
10. Rescue Prisoners of War. Capture and return a ship carrying prisoners in hostile territory (pirate or mutually hostile territory).
11. Repair a ship. Repair a damaged ship nearby. Could be a miner, frigate, factory, habitat, you name it. Note: this might be too time-consuming for stations.
12. Deliver goods. Become a freighter; deliver supplied cargo to a designated station. This is apparently part of the game. I've forgotten.
13. Fighter shortage. Produce and supply fighters that meet expectations.
14. Reconnoiter. Unlike its safe counterpart, 'Scout Sector', this mission requires the player to scout a busy sector. Like the 'Scout Sector' mission, the player must reach certain points of various parts of the sector, but must do so without getting caught by ships of war. Even if the faction is friendly, the player should be fined and ordered to leave for "displaying suspicious activity," if caught.

More(4th of September and onward):
15. Sabotage enemy operations. There would be a few variations of this mission: the player must destroy miners for mining operations; troop transporters for planet, station, or system invasions; civilians for reconnaissance (selected civilians are assumed guilty of spying); or other ships for any other operations. We'd be tasked with destroying X number of a ship type. Credit to Anthony.
16. Locate a hidden base suspected to be nearby. This should be a special mission that pays well, takes time, and is especially interesting. Here is one idea to help you brainstorm for improvements: coded messages, hints in local speech blurbs, suspicious wrecks, and suspicious events would all guide the player to discover the sector that contains a fortified asteroid base.
17. Mediate a treaty between two factions. I like this one! The player would be tasked to negotiate peace, a ceasefire, or an alliance between factions by giving the opposing faction credits, goods, and resources from the other faction. The player would be rewarded according to how successful they are. The fewer credits, goods, and resources (from the faction) I offer in a successful treaty, the more rewards I am given. I do not know how the game would hint at the appropriate balance, though. Like, how would the player know to give 400,000,000 credits and 5,000 luxury food as opposed to 1,100,000,000 credits and 200,000 Naonite?
18. Guide a lost ship home. The ship may be a transporter carrying medicine to a sickly station or just a simple crew of civilians.
19. Hunt smugglers. You'd have to find a local smuggler outpost to either blow them and their supporters up. Or, there could be a random unknown condition that enables them to give themselves up. Works the same as a clearing a sector of pirates.
20 Clear an asteroid field / Harvest all ore-rich asteroids. Similar to the 'Salvage Ships' mission, you'd need to clear, say, 90% of all asteroids in a zone. This could be for sector safety purposes, so that stations won't be smacked by space rocks, or for aggressive purposes, so that an opposing mining company goes out of business. This might take a long time, so it might have to be worth a lot of money. You'd also get to keep all your resources, of course. Credit to Anthony.
21. Rescue hostages. The crazed hostage-takers threaten to immediately blow up a ship and all its unfortunate crew if the player gets within 15 kilometers of them. So, the player would have to snipe them from a distance! The crazed hostage-takers should also have rail guns and be happy to prove their sniping skills.
22. Rescue slaves. I'll be sure to write a sad story for this one! We'd have to liberate the slaves in some way. Maybe by capturing a ship with the enslaved, maybe by liberating an entire sector from pirate scum. Or both! (or neither?) Some slaves will offer to work on your ships, to which you may accept.
23. Defend/Attack wounded pilots in hospital ships. This is a tricky one in my favorite game, Critical Mass. They're so vulnerable. It's a sad mission with a sad briefing.
24. Liberate oppressed asteroids. Those cultists are concerned about the treatment of solar systems. The asteroids are under attack by selfish miners, for example. Among other things, they're offering strangely powerful technology to anyone willing to take out a few miners for their cause. I wonder where they get this stuff? All they do is talk to that asteroid...
25. Crew shortage. A factory is looking for mechanics, gold mine is looking for security guards, military outpost is looking for pilots and qualified captains, and there are more looking for others! I thought this mission might be fitting since we may now clone and train people.
26. Defend a sector long enough for backup to arrive. Pirates are launching a major assault on a sector full of innocent people. You'll have to protect the people from waves of pirates, for many minutes, until the navy arrives.

Mission Details
1. Capture pirate or enemy faction's flagship—don't destroy it.
"We want you to capture the ship that has been spearheading attacks against our navy." <-Credit goes to Anthony.
"We were expecting to see this ship in battle. We want it taken intact, ASAP." <-Credit goes to Anthony.
"Our flagship was recently subtracted from our forces and added to the force of the pirates. We need it back, intact." <-This is like the flawless American mission in 1804.

2. Skilled pilot for hire—participate in a pivotal faction battle.
"We have handily flanked the enemy, but our navy has called for reinforcements. We're short on skilled captains, so we need you to lead our provided ship to battle."
"We have handily flanked the enemy, but our navy has called for reinforcements. Please, lead this ship into battle. If you survive, you may keep it as a gift from us."

3. Escort a convoy.
"A senior politician requires an escort."
"The convoy contains ongoing experiments in a mobile lab."
"Escort hospital ships carrying our wounded pilots. They depend on you."

4(a*). Take a survey.
"[Insert faction name, business name, or random acronym] would like to hear your opinion! Are trained crew more important to you than regular mates?"
"Our survey will reveal what makes a wealthy person wealthy. Will you please participate? [insert options]"
"Our new company wants to know which mining laser type is more popular. Do you prefer to outfit your fleet with raw or refining mining lasers?"
And add whatever else you want to know.

4(b*). Participate in a race with asteroids.
"The team we were planning on sponsoring has had a major collision and is out of the game tonight, so we'd like to sponsor you as you race through an infamous asteroid cluster. It will be broadcast throughout many nearby systems. Good luck!
5. Construct a ship for a merchant, navy, miner, or transportation purposes.
"We lost more than we anticipated and our shipyards are tied up with other production orders. We'll pay if you can source a ship for us." <-Credit goes to Anthony.
"Our staff must have a vessel designed for interstellar transportation. We're interested in your ideas.

6. Help to salvage ships (hide evidence).
Still not sure whether this should be an event like the 'traveler' event or just a mission offered by a ship instead of a factory. I'll write it like I would for an "event."
"Hello, [player ship name], this is the captain of the [random ship name] speaking. There has been a terrible accident here—wreckage all over the place. Uh, I'll give you 80,000 credits if you clean this place up. I wouldn't want for any tourists to have an accident with the debris."
Player says, "Tourists? I haven't seen tourists anywhere."
        "Oh, well, I just wouldn't want anyone to stumble into this dangerous field of debri, you know?"
Player says, "I'll need more money than 90,000 credits."
        "Right. Sorry. I'll give 150,000."
Player says, "Why do you want to clear this desolate sector? It's devoid of everything."
        "I'm afraid I can't say. I just have a feeling that it must be cleaned. Wouldn't want to scare the local people, right? Yeah... and the navy might think a slaughter occurred here. That wouldn't be good."
Player accepts:
        "That's great! We'll just, uh, monitor your progress. We won't fire, don't worry!"
Player finishes salvaging:
        "A deals a deal. Here's your money. But we can't allow any witnesses. Prepare to be boarded!" A flotilla of boarding vessels are released like a flood through a dam. I guess this has become a new boss? Haha.
Player declines:
        "No, please! I'll pay you 150,000 credits! We can't allow witnesses!"
Player declines a second time:
        "This is the captain of [ship name]. Prepare to be boarded. We cannot let you escape!" A flotilla of boarding vessels are released like a flood through a dam. I guess this has become a new boss? Haha.
If the player attempts to jump or attack the ship, the ship reacts as it does directly above.
23. Defend/Attack wounded pilots in hospital ships.
"Our hospital ships are under imminent enemy attack. Rush to their defense. Many of these wounded pilots' lives depend on you."
"Our sensors have detected terrorist squadrons attacking our convoy containing mobile hospitals. Rush to their defense. Many of these wounded people's lives depend on you."
"We cannot allow the enemy's wounded pilots to recover. Ruin all their hospital ships."

I'll add more as I think of them. This was fun to make while playing. I hope we get exciting stuff on the bulletin boards!
*I did not intend to have two number 4s. Whoops! The letters should help in differentiation.

General Off-Topic / Online Users' Unusual Activities
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:38:31 AM »
Does anyone else find the current activities of guest users and members interesting to look at but also very odd or unusual? If you don't know what I'm talking about, first go to the main forum page in order to click on one of the lowest buttons in the page about how many guests and users are online. Then, notice that there are (probably) ONE THIRD of the users viewing other users' profiles. The vast majority of the profiles aren't even active, lol. Some have zero posts--how do they find such users? haha

I didn't even know that there was a 'print' option at the top right of each topic page. I thought it would help me print on paper, but it actually made the text and formatting very plain to be digitally copied and read easily--or whatever else. Another question: does anyone use this feature of the forums?

I'm constructing my fleet of eight ships for the wormhole to the center. I'm brainstorming to describe specialized ships in my notes for each system. This is what I've come up with so far, but I'd love to hear what you all have to suggest for the XSTN-K systems:
A medium-sized, unhasty fighter spacecraft carrier with XSTN-K VI for AI pilots.
A relatively small, nimble, and shield-heavy ship for repairs with XSTN-K IV for 10 unarmed turret slots.
A new flag ship for XSTN-K V and excess XSTN-K sytems. It will have: (I won't paste more)

I think that the merchant's XSTN-K IVs, the 10 unarmed turret slots one,  should also be used for a bunch of miners, but that's not militaristic style I'm going for for these special eight ships. I probably could've thought of more, but I've been setting goals for my new flag ship ever since I wrote that third line, lol.

Here are all the systems and their effects for your reference:
XSTN-K I. A "key".
XSTN-K II. +8 armed or unarmed turret slots.
XSTN-K III. +10 armed turret slots.
XSTN-K IV. +10 unarmed turret slots.
    Generated Energy +30%
    Recharge Rate +25%
    Armed Turret Slots +2
    Armed or Unarmed Turret Slots +1
    Unarmed Turret Slots +2
    Shield Durability +25%
    Jump Range +3
    Hyperspace Cooldown -20%
    Recharge Energy -15%
    Cargo Hold +30%
    Velocity +30%
    Loot Collection Range +0.1 km
    Deep Scan Range +3
    Radar Range +5
XSTN-K VI. Zero pilots, gunners, and miners.
XSTN-K VII. Generated Energy +200% and Recharge Rate +125%
XSTN-K VIII. +10 jump, -90% cooldown, -80% recharge energy.

XSTN-K systems claims this: "unique: can only be installed once", which I understand to mean that if I install one permanently, I will not get it back if I uninstall it within 3km an equipment dock, unlike all other upgrades. However, in my creative galaxy, this is not the case as I can uninstall to reclaim my XSTN-K systems. My question is: is my understanding false in creative galaxies, but true in normal galaxies?

By the way, I recently realized that XSTN is a neat-looking abbreviation for XSoTaN. I thought I would share. If anyone believes they know what the 'K' stands for, then please share!

July 13/14: I just want to check if editing a post brings it to the top of the page and makes the font white for "unread posts" at the main page.

Just something funny that I just experienced: I was playing around with the developer cheat command and I ended up summoning a few dozen military ships of a faction I liked. Then I created a few turret stations to see if I could get lucky. Some of them were natural enemies of this good faction so they died. I had no luck, so I created another resource station so I can split my resources into two giant groups of 30 minute-loads (the new mining is rewarding!).

Eventually, I created a bunch of pirates, raiders, and xsotan ships. Everything became total chaos. I was running at 15 FPS, lol. When the [space] dust cleared a bit, I realized that some stations were being blown to bits and among the unfortunate stations was my cheated resource station that had 1.5 million resources! They must've been hit in the crossfire and in misses so their relations dropped. I couldn't bare to lose so many resources so I cheated-in some repair turrets and swapped some upgrades to smack on 20 turrets each making 700 points of repairs for shield and hull--that's 14000 per second in total! Despite the fact that my nice faction had xsotan, pirates, and other stations to destroy, the dozens they were were savagely obliterating my resource station, lol. I managed to recover my precious loud of resources 10 minutes later with 70% hull strength on that station, but it was intense, haha.

These cheats are fun to spawn "pirate"s, especially, because they group up in the center so I only must point in one spot to wreck 8 at a time! Here it is, but DO NOT RUIN YOUR GAME by making things too easy. You'll might not ever enjoy the game again, and this is coming from someone who has abused cheats in other games. Also be careful with certain suspicious buttons and by that I mean don't actually break your game, too, haha. Other than being able to spawn all bosses, enemies, stations, and ship classes, these can also be summoned: each system, random torpedoes, groups of turrets, all events, rifts, gates (?), asteroids, and each of the hundred or so types of goods.

/run Entity():addScript("lib/entitydbg.lua")
/addcrew     -     This is another useful command, in case you haven't discovered it. It's enabled in creative mode, as far as I know. I don't know how knowledgeable you all are so forgive me if these two are well known among you experienced forum users, lol.

Thanks for reading! : )

General Discussion / Our new music is too loud and quiet.
« on: March 23, 2019, 10:21:32 PM »
Does anyone agree with me when I say that the combat music is too quiet and the regular peaceful music is too loud?

Quick edit: what do you all think of the new combat music? I preferred the other tracks, but what we have now is nice. They were previously tracks that we could hum to or remember, but now we cannot do either; they’ve lost their beats so they are only suspenseful.

Another edit: The music goes from loud peaceful stuff to very quiet tense-ful music.  Then the enemy might fly away for 15 seconds and the music immediately becomes loud and peaceful. There ought to be a delay in the switch and the combat stuff should stay for a while longer because it comes and goes every 10 seconds when I obliterate fast bandits.

A tip to some: try triggering the combat music but pause the game. It won't be inturrupted so you can listen to the whole track!

Gameplay Discussion / How do I use force turrets?
« on: March 23, 2019, 08:58:43 PM »
I can't figure out how they work. I have about 9 of them with forces of 70kN, but they've done nothing to tiny asteroids and large ships. How do I use them? Do they even function? Shouldn't they be moving my targets?

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