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Feedback / Independents turret not shooting?
« on: December 09, 2019, 07:26:20 PM »

Returning to the game to see how things are going and to my surprise, my ships that were mining, trading or salvaging do not use anymore their defensive turrets when they are attacked. It's strange cause in older versions of the game i'm pretty sure i had some "field salvagers" going into battle to recycle wrecks while their turrets were shooting at enemies. But now they simply sit around without fighting back.

The point defense still attack torps on the other hand.
Is it something wrong with my game or it's something intended and why?

Bugs / Fighter flying bug
« on: February 08, 2019, 03:50:08 PM »
Heyas, i think it's easy bug to reproduce.

Enter building mode of a ship or station, delete the core block to destroy the ship.
You are transfered to nearest ship instead of being transfered to the drone, if it's a fighter, game is broken with no way to exit it.

Suggestions / Please do something against friendly fire reputation drops.
« on: February 01, 2019, 08:18:25 PM »

I know we should loose some reputation for friendly firing a ship or station in allied systems but this is just absolutely ridiculous at this point.

I was in a system that get under attack, the defender were unable to killed the attackers, they were simply completely destroyed again and again and so i went into fight cause i wanted to keep this sector healthy and friendly.  What a mistake.

On my ship i have 2 point defenses set as defensive 2 plasma guns on the rear and 2 rails on the side to corver from attacks where i'm alreay busy shoting with the main battery and heel i don't know what was the worst.

Railguns and plasma shooting on fighter they will never hit and making tons of friendly fire of the point defense that keep spaming on anything but torpedoes and fighters. I turned of the plasma and rails when i saw they made me loose 40K reputation in only a few seconds, keeping their shot on target even if they were out of reach or with many friendly ships in their target line, but the point defense get me another 80K loss as it fire really fast bullets that do 1-3 damages and barrely hurt anything, but still makes you loose a shit load of reputation. And for this one if you desactivate it then you are target of torpedo spam from enemies.

So i killed the enemies and how geeeez i earn 500 rep for each kill. Are you serious? So for helping a sector that was going to loose it's shipyard from an attack i dropped from green to red while i didn't even killed a single ally ship from my friendly turrets shots.

I would had, the accuracy of turrets is really a joke. I use railguns cause you don't have to make lead from the target you want to hit (Or really a little) and so i was sitting in a system looking at how my automatic railguns would handle a bunch of xotan scouts. They never hit them as long as they move, that's just ridiculous, the turret constantly aim behind the ship while it's supposed to shot ahead ... So yeah of course it will be a ton of friendly fire as they don't even try to hit their target.

To me it really makes the game impossible to play and the worst part is each time you go in a system to resupply you have an attack happen in the 2 minutes you get inside, so you will have this issues show no matter what you do.

Mods / Avorion complementary documentation
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:53:21 PM »
Hi there,

It's a project i tried to launch a few months ago, but had not much support about it, so this time as it was for me a real issue while trying to script for avorion, i've done it by myself and offer it to the community.

What is this? It's basically an online documentation for avorion scripts, and core objects generated partially by a custom LUA parser.
What it does? Basically it run all avorion LUA scripts and generate a doc for every function of object it found, trying to get insights on what they are supposed to do, what are the parameters used and what they return.

So keep in mind it's still heavily WIP and will be updated often (At least as long as i'm developing the project) and will improve with time.

Here is the link hope you will enjoy it.

Future plans:
Make a style-sheet to match the basic avorion documentation.
Add most of the core objects
Work on the menu to have collapse options
Add community libraries in the mod section
Add a search feature by keywords
Improve return reports

Of course suggestions are welcome.

Bugs / [0.20.3 beta] Memory leak
« on: January 19, 2019, 10:43:24 PM »

It's pretty simple i have 16gb ram and the game run alone with windows and my web browser with around 4,5gb used.
However, each time i start editing a station, the memory used rocket jump to over 14gb and make windows panic and close all program with avorion lagging like hell cause no memory left.

That really don't look like a normal behavior and smell like a big memory leak of something that is really wrong.

When i edit a ship in creative i have no issues, it's only with stations.

Bugs / Two strange things on my game.
« on: January 19, 2019, 07:15:37 PM »

well i'm pretty sure one is a bug, but the other one is a strange behavior that completely ruin the game so i post them both here to not multi post.

First i don't know why but my miner simply stop mining at some point if i'm not in the sector, it looks like the sector get frozen as soon as i leave, and thats a bit strange cause this is the only sector i have stuff except my main ship. (2 frigates, one to mine, one to protect, and my destroyer as main ship).
I tried to figure out what is going on but can't find a reason. When i go back in the sector i see tones of xanion being mined and when i leave, nothing anymore.

Secondly it's for boss fights, one in particular, the MAD ship. When you shot the sattelite it make the boss pop and you have some dialogues, nothing wrong with that except that the boss is green and he attacks you while in the dialogues. I try to get out of it but you can't, escape don't work and you have to go through the options as fast as possible to not be blown right away and by time i could get out of it, i was almost dead. And i say that, i was "ready" to face him, i knew what i was doing. This is just silly. First this boss is a bit bugged cause with a stone ship you destroy it easily, but wanted to kill him legally, and with this it's just impossible, you can't try to dodge or run or anything as he will tear you apart while you are stuck in useless dialogues ...

Bugs / All versions : desactivating a script on a server from the client.
« on: February 19, 2017, 11:41:20 AM »

While modding a little bit i came upon an issue i'm actually trying to solve on my mod, but that's not the point.
Upon working around with it, i discovered that this, will lead to simply crashing a script from the server and making it unavaible for everyone until the server reboot.

I won't post the whole process here as it is pretty simple to reproduce and i don't want to have all the avorion servers constantly crashed by people wanting to arm the game. So 'ill complete the post by PM just wanted to catch your attention.

Suggestions / Move galaxies and ships files to my docs/my games.
« on: February 18, 2017, 08:01:11 PM »

I'm asking here, cause it's really a request, to move the game save files to my docs and stop putting them in app data/roaming.
First it's not the place of such files, when you need to make a backup, having save games in a system hidden directory is always a bad idea.

Secondly i have a SDD for my system and avorion is saturating it for nothing here and will end up as i won't be able to play anymore cause of disk saturation. And i don't think i will be alone in this situation in a close futur.

I'll add a point on screenshots that are made twice on windows at least, once they are stored in the steam files and a second time in roaming, again.

Thank you for reading.

Mods / Modder help and ressources.
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:15:52 AM »

Since the game is only at early stages and the documentation is not the main goal of the main developper for now, i feel like it would be interresting to have a place for modders to share their knowledge and ask questions to other on issues and progress they make, be it with scripts, the API or anything that can be helpfull for the game.

I think making all this together here would help a lot to find what we are seeking more easily without having to make huge searchs on the forum and having various request or suggestions showing up in the results.

So as a rule for this topic, please don't do requests and we talk only about technical issues related to ingame modding or documentation.

So here is a few things i came by that could help a lot.

Modding documentation
You can acces it in the folder of avorion "Avorion/Documentation/" in your steam folder and is HTML format. Incomplete but still helpfull.

Utility.lua and stringutility.lua
Those two files are really helpfull for debugging or trying things in the game, specially the printTable function that allows you to look easily what is stored in the game variables.

Don't forget to asign a key to the showconsole in your game options, all the messages made with print as well as runtime errors are displayed in the console.

UI bug
I have reported it already, but it seem that the UI refuse to draw labels on scrollframes. Until a fix or a workaround is found keep that in mind.

Finally if people are using LUA for sometime now i have a question, is it possible to know if a function is present on the server before using invokeServerFunction or at least a way to track the error and prevent the error?

Bugs / UI ScrollFrame : createLabel not working.
« on: February 16, 2017, 09:52:23 AM »

Working a bit on my UI mod and had an issue with making work a label that wasn't displaying at all with my rect information while all the other elements were performing well.
After a lot of debugging i finally replaced the ScrollFrame : createLabel function by the TabbedWindow : createLabel, the exact same function but for the parent of my scrollframe and it worked just fine.

Maybe i am doing something wrong, but i could place pictures, an any element created from the scrollframe at the exact place my label was supposed to be. And it was at the right place using the parent, so it really look like a bug for this particular function for me.

I'll post if i find more about it.

UI upgrade for transfer of goods.

This mod aim at improving the UI for transfers of goods in ship to ship and ship to station configuration.

Upon reading a bit the files of the game and the forum, i tend to put my version to upgrade the UI and specially the transfer part that was a bit tedious to use. And as i was working on it, i wanted too a way to transfer fighters as well as crew and cargo.
As i wasn't alone to look around this features we decided then to unify the projects as only one so it would be easier to maintain and let Lazerswei focus on his other project OOSP, ending in two slightly different branchs for how to transfer the goods.

Compatibility read first

When you use this mod on multiplayer, the UI part will work just fine, but the new features like the transfer of fighters will only work on servers that have BetterTransfer v1.10 or superior installed.
It don't matter which branch is used, as vanilla and convenient are fully compatible with each other.

transfer vanilla version :
transfer crew and cargo by one or by 10 by a single clic.

transfer convenient version :
crew and cargo will be transfered by the number set in the textfield after clicking the attached button.

The fighter transfer tab :
Clic the icon of the fighter you want to transfer.
/!\ You need to have the script installed on the server too for the fighter transfer to work. What version (vanilla or convenient) don't make difference as long as the server have one.

What is next :
A rework of the double scrollframe used on all tabs into a single one
Drag & drop for fighters
Fighter squads management

Known issues :
The transfer fighter tab don't manage more than 7 squads, having more than that will lead to a bug preventing you from any transfer.
The UI always display 7 squads even if there are none.

Thank you to HellkerN for his original post that made me look in this file for something i was looking for some time now
Thank you to Laserswei for the merging of our two projects in a single one. His original mod
And thank you for the HTML documentation, even incomplete, it helped a lot!

Changelogs :

V 1.0
cargo display raised from 9 to 20
added buttons to transfert cargo and crew by 10
added the fighters tab, still not fuctionnal.

V 1.01
cargo display raised to 30 to unify it with the convenient branch
Laserzwei transfer project added as the convenient branch (or modified on github)
original project become the vanilla branch (or master on github)
added the lv of crew while overing the quantity bars

V 1.02
added icons for crews and cargos for both versions
optimized some code, a few elements were repainted twice in a row

V 1.10
Fighter transfer is now working for both convenient and vanilla
Transfer range for fighters set to 0.5 instead of 0.2 for other goods
Upgraded maintainability of the code

V 1.11
Added freespace to the global bar for crew cargo and fighters
Code reworked and unified between the two branches
New tooltip for fighters
Added a function to get server version of BetterTransfer
Code improved in efficiency

V 1.12
Bug fix from convenient version 1.11, transfers being impossible sometime
Freespace for fighters have been rounded
Cargo that are illegal, dangerous or with a special status are displayed and highlighted
Fighter tab don't use anymore the scroll bar.
Fighters squads are displayed on a single line and not 2 anymore.
Cargo on vanilla are now transfered by 25 and not by 10 with the fast transfer button

Get all the releases in archive files from Github here

Mods / [Mod] /disttocore
« on: February 12, 2017, 07:56:47 AM »

I have been looking for the boss lately and was a bit in trouble to make them appear and then having to manualy calculate the distance from the core again and again to be sure i'm in range bored me a bit, so i used Aki's command mods to make my own really simple one that would display it to player.

So thanks to him for the original sethome script i took as model

Files :

Bugs / Cargo bay can't hold more than 15 different goods.
« on: February 10, 2017, 09:08:16 PM »

I'm trying to make the missions in the game and craft a few guns. As it's quite long i went for a large cargo bay on my ship.
Now i'm looking for energy inverter for the smuggler, the only thing i need to complete this part but i can't buy it.
Each time i do from a station, it says i bought it, i get the reputation up, the money go down, but i don't have anything in my ship cargo.

I have plenty of space left (642) but the page is full and there is no scroll bar. When i look at the horizontal bar resuming what takes space, my last few purchases are missing and seem to be lost.

So it seem that you are limited to 15 different goods, but nothing  warn you so it look like a bug.

Gameplay Discussion / Dangerous cargo license?
« on: February 08, 2017, 10:25:10 PM »

It's been a while now i am trying to craft some weapons and get bored again and again by friendly ships asking me to drop my explosives charges, roquets and so on. I looked around for the said license and could find it nowhere.

I know people will say, ignore and jump blabla. That's true and is untrue. I'm trying to craft my turrets on the Church Louokukq and for some reason my reputation droped so that i can't craft the things anymore. So i waited a little bit  for an alien attack and went in to raise my reputation.

In the middle of the fight, a cruiser had better to scan my cargo than actually defending it's system and start to bore me, i ignored him and get -63K reputation ... So i killed as many alien ships as possible to raise it again and in the end i lost more rep than i won, in fact it was /2. Now i'm not even friendly anymore. That's being a bit ridiculous to this point. Stuff are a pain to get and your reputation drop like hell simply for transporting it. It could not be an issue if there was actually a license, i would gladly pay it, but there's not.

So you have things legals but not totally legal to trade, that's really a bit weird.

A small edit :

And i forgot to speak about the little event! So you are fighting an invasion, then, the local ship start to speak to you, spining your ship towards him, making you quite vulnerable, during this time you can't do anything, nor shot nor dodge, have to skip the many dialogs as fast as possible, and then he is locked!! So if you have missiles on your ship that's a total mess cause he will take a salvo, and you have to reselect the enemy.

I don't know if it's intended but at this point, the whole feature to me look totally broken and should be desactivated.

Basically actually, you kill 3 merchants ships in a sector, then you can kill pirates and all will go up again in the friendly state. Transport explosives charges, you will be treated the same but will never be able to bring your reputation back as long as you have the good in your bay. There is something wrong in the priority.

Gameplay Discussion / Missile targeting?
« on: February 03, 2017, 11:16:16 PM »

I finally crafted a few missiles launchers with the seeker feature, and was a bit desapointed of how it was working.
They are independants, cause i was hoping to mount them as side turrets but had a lot of troubles cause they were only shooting at my target and not their own, ending in most of the time friendly fire.

Yes, you select something, like a ship of your fleet to give him order, but the turret shot at an enemy and boom, you lost your allied ship, you clic on a friendly station, same thing. So i was a bit sad about it, cause it took me quite some time to get them and i wanted to recycle them, in strategic defences on my stations/mines.

And here is even worst. In my test i got in my station, tried the thing, all was fine, then i select my ship and get back inside it, waiting for an enemy to show up and. Alright the station fired a volley of missiles blowing my ship and me with it. I imagine it remembered who i selected and shot at me ... Not selecting the enemies at all. I came back, checked nobody was selected and waited again, but this time the station don't even fired at all.

So i don't know what i'm doing wrong, what is wrong and how i'm supposed to use them correctly, but at this point, it's more a pain than anything, it costed quite a lot to get only friendly fires so far >.<

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