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Gameplay Discussion / Fleet AI?
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:51:46 PM »
I haven't seen any mention in recent change logs about fixing the problems with fleet AI.   Are the devs going to put any attention to this?  I have to constantly babysit my ships when we're in friendly space because they will sometimes attack civil ships that are from unfriendly factions and if they destroy them, I get massive rep loss from all factions in the area.  It would be nice to have a behavior setting to have your fleet ignore civil ships.

Another problem I have is my miner or salvaging ships just freeze up and stop doing work.  The only way I know how to get them working again is to ram them (I have collision damage turned off) and once they get straightened out, they'll start working again.  Sometimes I'll tell my ships to escort me so we can get out of the sector and one or two ships will just ignore me and stay frozen in place until I ram them and "wake" them up.

These issues are annoying and really need to be fixed.  Many times I'll just go it alone and leave them in a sector because I get tired of them misbehaving.

Gameplay Discussion / Please Stop Destroying Civil Ships!
« on: July 13, 2018, 06:24:19 PM »
One easy (or I think it would be easy) fix that would solve a major problem for me is if there will be a behavior setting to tell your ships NOT to attack civil ships that way if they're escorting you or your fighters are defending you they don't go off and destroy a civil ship and ruin your rep with a friendly faction.  Kind of like the behavior setting in the inventory tab where you can choose whether or not to pick up stolen goods, but I would probably put the setting in question in the menu where you can see all your ships.

It would also be really nice because you can tell your ships to patrol a sector and not worry about them attacking every transport from an enemy faction and wreck your rep, just attack military ships, Xsotan and pirate ships.  Or maybe even have a third option to only attack Xsotan and pirate ships and not other faction ships. 

Suggestions / Fleet Management Suggestions
« on: February 22, 2017, 08:18:14 PM »
Creating a fleet is a fun aspect of the game.  I came up with a few things that could really help with fleet management, which right now, can be almost like herding cats.

  • Ship List Tab, ship list:  In the list of ships, add a couple more columns.  (1) Current ship orders, (2) Current ship status (idle, attacking, moving, mining, salvaging, etc...), (3) Hyperdrive charge status
  • Ship List Tab, ship details:  Next to each ship, have a small triangle that you could expand the view of that ship to see detailed information about it, pretty much everything that the Ship Info Tab would show you
  • Ship List Tab, hyperspace with me checkbox:  You can put a check mark on all the ships that you would like to hyperspace along with you regardless of what their orders are.  Plus, the ships' orders will remain the same when you arrive to the new sector.  Ships that have hangar bays and have launched fighters will only hyperspace once all fighters have been recalled.
  • Hyperspace Orders:  In the orders menu, there'll be 3 additional options: (1) Recall Fighters (if it has hangar bays and has launched fighters), (2) Emergency hyperspace, will jump as soon as possible regardless of where its fighters are, (3) Hyperspace to me. The ship will immediately hyperspace over to your sector.  This could take some time depending on how many jumps it needs to make and its hyperdrive cooldown

Another thing that would be good is to have your ships reliably follow you through a gate.  Or if you issue them an order to go through (in tactical view), they don't bunch up on each other when they arrive to the other sector.  That could destroy ships because they're constantly hitting each other.

Gameplay Discussion / Inventory Management
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:06:59 PM »
Inventory management needs a lot of work.  The biggest issue is with things missing in my ship's inventory.  I bought about 100 High Capacity Lenses from a factory (over $400,000, btw), and when I went I was looking in my ship's inventory, they were nowhere to be found.  I went back and bought some more HCLs, and again, completely missing from my inventory.  They're neither in the list nor the small graph on top.  I hope I didn't throw that money away, that was a lot of $$!!

Secondly, I noticed that I can't transfer everything in my cargo holds between ships.  When I go into the menu to change items and not everything that's in my cargo holds are listed.  Not sure if there's limitations on what can be transferred or not, or if that's just a bug.  The workaround that I use is that if I can see the items in the cargo list in the ship menu (see 3rd item), you can dump the cargo, quickly move out of the way, and get into the other ship and have it suck up the cargo.

Thirdly, in the ship's cargo menu, this list doesn't show everything there.  I think there's some page navigation controls missing.  However the small graph on the top does show the items that aren't displayed in the list.  But you can't dump cargo that's not on the list.

Fourthly, transferring cargo between ships using the transfer crew/cargo menu is tedious if you're transferring a lot of items.  You can only transfer one thing at a time, which leads to a lot of mouse clicks and time.  I've used the workaround in #2 to help with this too, if I the items are listed in the ship's cargo menu.

I'd welcome any workaround that any of you have thought of.  So far, the biggest problem are the 1st two that I listed.  The 3rd & 4th are not too bad, just a little annoying.

Gameplay Discussion / Bolter Crafting
« on: February 01, 2017, 04:57:04 AM »
I FINALLY got the materials to craft bolter turrets (managed to avoid getting my explosive charges confiscated), and got to the turret factory, and what?!?  No bolter turret listed to craft.  I went to every turret factory (around 6 or 7) in the sectors I've discovered, and none of them have the bolter available to craft.  I know that a couple days ago, it was there.  What's up with that?  Was that removed intentionally or just a bug?  VERY annoying.  If I can find some lead, I could craft chainguns instead, but no luck there.  That's the ONLY ingredient I need for them.

Gameplay Discussion / Dealing With Your AI Fleet
« on: January 30, 2017, 09:22:15 PM »
I'm just starting out with making a fleet for myself.  I'm having two major issues with them right now.

First, I've lost A LOT of diplomacy standing with a couple of factions because of them.  I'd have them escort me into a battle trying to help a friendly faction, all of a sudden, I get a notice that I'm losing diplomacy points with the faction I'm trying to help.  I look around and I see one of my ships ATTACKING a friendly ship and when it destroyed it, I lost over 70,000 points from TWO factions because apparently a ship from another faction I had a good relationship with witnessed that.  My home faction went from admired to good, and the faction I was helping went from admired to neutral.  Another time I had one of my ships attack a fleet of pirates for me and things were going well, gaining diplomacy, and all of a sudden again, 50,000 points lost.  That same faction went from good to mistrusting.  Another time I had 2 of my ships escorting me, I happened to notice that ship #2 was attacking ship #3.  I told it to stand down just before it destroyed it.

So this is how I deal with the situation:  First of all, I lost my 2nd fleet ship, so instead of building a fighting ship I made a "pack mule", or a cargo ship that's unarmed but tough.  When there's a battle, I tell it to chill out away from the action.  I still have 1 fighting ship that I usually have escort me into battle.  However, once friendly reinforcements arrive, I leave the battle and when my fighting ship is away from the battle, I tell him to chill out there (idle) and go back into the fray and finish off the baddies.  The AI is great for helping you in a battle, but apparently it loses track of friend or foe and can really mess up your standing with friendly factions.

My second major problem is if I have 2 fleet AI ships and I go through a gate, almost every time 1 ship will make it through and I'll get a notice that my other ship lost track of me and is just hanging out on the other side of the gate.  I have to tell ship #2 to stay put and go back through the gate, tell ship #3 to escort me and go through the gate again.

To deal with this situation, when I have 2 ships, I don't even use gates anymore, I just jump wherever I need to go instead.  The only exception is if I need to cross a chasm that I can't jump through, I'll go through the gate 3 TIMES to get all my ships through.

I'd like to know how any of you deal with the limitations or use fleet AI ships, other than for mining.  I don't really do any mining.  I made my fortune by scavenging wreckages, which my escorting ship helps out with too.

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