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Please add a drop-down menu selection in the game Control Settings, that allow the players to choose between the three modes of Mouse Steering mode:
1.) Free Camera Hold - Current method. Mouse movement directs the ship direction, holding Ctrl (or another binding) allow free camera panning.
2.) Chase Camera Hold - Reverse method. Mouse movement pans the camera, holding Ctrl redirects the ship to current camera reticle.
3.) Camera Mode Toggle - Adaptive method. Pressing Ctrl toggles between the free camera and chase camera behavior.

Suggestions / DivineEvil's Suggestions and Remarks
« on: February 12, 2017, 06:45:32 AM »
Here I will collect my suggestions and observed problems for Avorion after 200 hours of play-trough in Single-Player and Cooperative Multi-Player. This list will be updated periodically when new and old ideas would come into view, until noted otherwise. Naturally some suggestions might have already been brought up before. They might also appear in random order, which will be addressed over time.

- Overhaul of the trade commodities and stations: There are way too many commodities and stations, which creates a lot of confusion. Lots of trading goods are too generic (enveloping many items, including already existing goods), overly Terran-specific, poorly named and described, unnecessary or plainly redundant. This creates a necessity of sectors overpopulated with stations for non-intuitive, extremely long production chains, some of which are naturally avoided. Google Spreadsheet with detailed analysis and suggestions regarding these aspects is work-in-progress and will be provided soon.

- Turrets factories should not produce custom, generic turrets, since it diminishes the value of turrets gained otherwise. Instead, a player may bring a turret found or looted to Turret/Weapon Factory to reverse-engineer it. This action destroys the original, but gives the player a blueprint, which Turret/Weapon Factory can now use to mass-produce that exact turret. Type of a turret determines base Credits cost and components used. Rarity level applies Credit cost multiplier. Base material determines Material cost.  Base parameters as well as weapon modifiers determine the required number of each component. Turret Factory should be renamed to Weapon Factory/Facility/Lab in preparation for alternative armament options, such as fixed-mount weapons.

- Fighters are not only wasteful, but they're also unrealistically small. When you consider the scale of modern atmospheric planes, especially single-pilot fighter jets, and compare their dimensions, its easy to realize that Fighters as they're now are so tiny, that its physically impossible to fit even a person inside. That might be the source of their unforgiving fragility. Combination of realistic proportions (and corresponding increase in durability) combined with improved behavior (including falling back when substantially damaged) and maneuvering might just get them in a better place. Potentially, Fighters also should be able to fire/use their payloads while "orbiting" the target, rather than only flying directly towards it.

- Missile Launchers are also have lots to be desired. They're extremely hard to use effectively without homing capability and pretty overpowered otherwise. Missiles should have their own linear acceleration - this will improve their efficiency in dumb-fire variant, especially while moving, and at the same time will decrease their reliability when they're Seeking, since the combination of increasing velocity and same turning radius will make them less maneuverable. Missiles also should not have Range, but a Lifetime counter, which would define how long they can travel before overheating and exploding. Exhaust flames are way too large in comparison to actual projectile and could use the same material-dependent color overlay.

- Lasers and other DoT weapons and tools cannot overheat unlike any other weapons, meaning they drain more and more energy perpetually. This is especially detrimental for autonomous Mining and Salvage turrets, that can drain energy out of any ship, and it might take dozens of minutes until they'd cool off, which makes them almost unusable.

- Settings for ship Autosave function: ability to change the number of Autosave files per ship name to avoid clutter. Reaching the specified value forces the game to overwrite into the oldest saves. Zero value disables the Autosave.

- Ship Saving Dialog need more convenience fixes, such as collapsing list items into a "folder" based on identical name, removing several saves at once, disabling Autosave for a particular ship or station, refreshing the list when item(s) are removed, sorting by name, date and volume, switching the list to text-only rows, etc.

- Ship building action buttons should be reorganized. Varied selection options first (including selecting by color or by block type), then utility actions (symmetry, focus, etc.), then manipulation of blocks. There should an ability to set hotkeys for quick switching between No/X/Y/Z symmetry, and if possible, symmetry axis setup should be based on flags, not a drop-downs, which would allow to use two or all three of them simultaneously.

- Many of the menus and windows do not have layer filtering, i.e. a window covered by another window is still active, which introduces a lot of unintentional errors in ship building and management. Same is true for mouse cursor - while it becomes invisible during flight, it is still active and can inadvertently interact with UI elements, such as weapon groups.

To be continued...

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