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Gameplay Discussion / Situational fire mode?
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:28:55 PM »
autofire, fires at anything in range
attack target, locks onto the current target and opens fire, regardless of range, until it's no longer a valid target
situational, does??

I have not found an explanation for this fire mode

Feedback / GUI scaling
« on: March 25, 2017, 09:39:42 PM »
Is it possible to get some form of UI scaling?

It doesn't need to be a sliding scale, just a smaller option for those of us who are on lower res monitors or who want it.

I'm on a 1680x1050 monitor and I find the GUI at that res is too big, esp after seeing it at 2560×1440 that's  the size I want my GUI

just to see what I mean

The GUI elements are the same size just on the higher res they take up far less space.
It'd need a smaller font and icons, just trying to place turrets can be a bit awkward some times as the windows get in the way on lower resolutions.

Minecraft and it's GUI scale options are a good example to look at for what I mean.

Suggestions / Ideas to make the galaxy more "alive"?
« on: March 25, 2017, 05:14:43 PM »
Personally I'd like to see some more variation, a larger pool of different encounters & events.
Especially thing that make the galaxy seem more "alive"

By this I don't just mean more variation is the pirate attack waves but more variation in the types of encounters/events 

Let's make a list of ideas for the dev's to borrow/steal/use

here's a couple of ideas and I'd like to throw out to get this started and I'd encourage others to add to this.

1 - NPC faction wars, at the moment if two NPC factions are at war then any time you are in a sector controlled by faction X, then you might get an attack wave by faction Z, this seems to occure at any time in any controlled sector even if it's on the far side of the faction or deep inside the faction territory.
This generates a 2nd event where X sends in reinforcements, Z forces are defeated (I've never seen them win) and that's the end until the next attack.
I'd like to see this changed/expanded, limit the events to a battle front, draw circles around controlled sectors  in the same way territory is done, all sectors controlled by the opposing faction inside the circle become the battle front/area.
Give the NPC's a way to conquer sectors so that the war can progress and one side can slowly consume the other.

Players can help in the war in different ways, war effort missions from station bulletin boards
- Shipyards can request materials that would give an increase in the number of ships in attack/defence waves
- Military Outpost can ask the player to be a mercenary and go help in an attack or defence of a sector
- Equipment Dock can request materials that would give an increase in the weapons of ships in attack/defence waves
Other effects
- cost of armed turrets increase, both selling and buying
- mark battle zones on the map
- let the player know the war is going on

2 - stranded ship distress call, this is a variation of the under attack by pirates, if it's not an ambush then a ship that's stranded by equipment malfunction and needs extra crew to repair, you'll need to transfer Mechanics or Engineers (not generic crew) to get a reward

Feedback / 0.11 r7767 Use as Reconstruction site is a bit pricey
« on: March 25, 2017, 12:44:31 AM »
As the title says, I've got into the Naonite area
I'm at a factions home sector, co-ordinates 7, 312, tech level 20
My rep with the faction is 84,109
The cost to set my reconstruction site is $7,762,000

That's rather excessive in my opinion.

Gameplay Discussion / Thruster some testing 0.11.7767
« on: March 20, 2017, 06:45:37 PM »
I've just done a clean install to do some testing in the beta branch 0.11.7767

I founded a ship, a stick size 2x2x10 made of Iron Stone, this gives it some mass
mass = 8.16kt
now I stick a 2x2x2 cube of standard thrusters on the front and see what difference Material makes to the thruster.
Break Thrust4.
Energy Required36.0034.3632.4030.4128.5927.0025.66

Let's start with break thrust, all pretty much the same, only difference is Trinium and it's minor
Yaw/Pitch scales directly with Mass. (I'll come back to this)
Energy require is a direct scale with material

Looking at this we can say a couple of things
1- Material has no effect on thruster force, this is shown
2- Position/Distance from the centre of mass has an effect of the Yaw/Pitch remembering to take into account the mass of the thruster, this is shown as break thrust remains constant while Yaw/Pitch changes with mass.
The Yaw/Pitch changes as the mass of the thruster shifts the centre of mass, shown by adding mass to the other end of the stick to equal out the total mass causes the Yaw/Pitch numbers to flatten out.
3- The best material for Thrusters vs manoeuvrability is Trinium, because it has the lowest mass, Xanium is a very close 2nd, it maybe 1st, for the reason of lower power draw which means less energy to support them that in turn means less total mass. Avorion is 3rd, while titanium is lighter the lower power draw puts Avorion is solid 3rd

For everyone building ships I say this, Mass and Position over material when building thrusters

Gameplay Discussion / Fighter bays
« on: March 11, 2017, 05:18:28 AM »
I've had a look and I cannot find any specific details on fighter and hanger mechanics, lots of stuff about the 1hp issue, how to assign them and how they are weak/costly to run.

I'm currently trying to build/design a carrier and trying to figure out the mechanics and what the numbers actually mean?

Stick a hanger on a ship and it give you two numbers, what are they relevant to?

Now I understand that you cannot block both the open faces of a hanger in any way or the fighters cannot launch.
However can you have a small exposed hanger and the a much larger one that's covered?
It'll still push the numbers up, would small fighters be able to use the small open hanger but large fighters not be able too?  or will they all be able to use the small hanger?

It's important to my build for looks, as hangers use the same volume minus a fixed layer system that cargo containers use so cubes are most efficient but I want lots of little individual hanger bays for my design. 

Bugs / I got into the centre region without unlocking it.
« on: March 10, 2017, 01:20:16 AM »
I've already sent in a bug report, here's what I think has happened.
A normally spawning rift intersected the circle rift protecting in centre area and at the intersection a normal jump gate was spawned crossing the normal rift at the intersecting point which meant it also crossed the circle rift.

Pretty random and will be hard to have the same situation to reproduce it.

A change to the rift generation so that no rift crosses the ring rift should stop this from occurring.

Creations / Pob Heavy Industries
« on: March 04, 2017, 03:43:16 AM »
These are some of the ships I've made so far, I think the biggest issue I have with ships is coming up with names for them  :-[

Note: All ships loaded with minimum crews

update: here's a link to all the xml's
All ships have the version number at the end of the file name

The Multi-Function Frigate, designed as both a general combat ship and with space to add on cargo containers to turn it into a hauler, armour blocks only on the front facing blocks to reduce weight.
Naonite core systems with Titanium thrusters and hull skin, with 4 Naonite weapon points on the nose.
Cost $142,960
Iron 5
Titanium 7,356
Naonite 10,254
Spoiler: show

The 2nd generation Multi-Function Frigate, with increased manoeuvrability and shielding over the original model.   
Naonite core systems with Titanium engines, thrusters and hull skin, with Naonite weapon points on the nose.
Cost $211,975
Iron 4,800
Titanium 5,511
Naonite 16,309
Spoiler: show

A combat variant of the 2nd generation Multi-Function Frigate, fully clad in armour, with additional hard points under the nose and the addition of a hyperspace core to increase functionality.
Although the added weight does reduce the manoeuvrability.
Still uses Naonite core systems and hard points on the nose, with Titanium engines, thrusters and Armoured skin
Cost $237,465
Iron 4,800
Titanium 5,969
Naonite 19,687
Spoiler: show

I originally designed the Bee as a mining ship, with a small Trinium nose allowing 4-8 weapons to be mounted, although I've found it a decent combat ship in it's own right.
Trinium core systems, with a Naonite hull and a few Titanium details.
Cost$ 111,109
Iron 1,200
Titanium 494
Naonite 3,254
Trinium 7,275
Spoiler: show

Bee-201 - aka the MegaBee
After active testing of the Mule we discovered that while it looked nice, it is not that functional, the Bee however is very functional, so to make a better cargo freighter?
Make a bigger Bee, stick a cargo hold in the middle and we have the new MegaBee.
Spoiler: animated gif • show

With Xanion internals and Trinium outer hull the Bee-201 is not just a functional cargo hauler but also a fine general purpose ship, good for exploring, salvaging, mining and light combat duties.
Cost$ 630,472
Iron 7,200
Naonite 1,916
Trinium 34,643
Xanion 32,600

Bee-301 aka the GigaBee
Spoiler: show
details to be confirmed, however the xml of the experimental version is available for user testing.

A combat Heavy Frigate, Xanion core systems and Trinium thrusters and armour
Cost $ 356,745
Iron 1,200
Naonite 1,260
Trinium 14,497
Xanion 11,840
Spoiler: show

Combat destroyer, a mix of Xanion and Trinium core systems covered by Xanion hull and Trinium armour details.
Cost $1,590,348
Iron 10,080
Titanium 2,174
Naonite 11,986
Trinium 35,067
Xanion 75,931
Spoiler: show

Need something small? On a budget? Don't have all those fancy materials?  Don't worry we here at Pob Heavy Industries have you covered.
Introducing the all new Gnat, it comes with full integrity fields, 4 Titanium points for weapon mounting and pre-painted in colours any starting out captain has access to, all for less than 1,500 Iron and 2,000 Titanium.
Cost $15,228
Iron 1,456
Titanium 1,976
Spoiler: animated gif • show

For those for who the Gnat is just a little too weak and have that little extra to spend we present the Gnat-103
Fully upgraded to Titanium, with armour plating on the nose and thruster pods to greatly increase the durability and combat potential.
We've tweaked the engine and thrusters to get more out of it and it's still in colours any starting captain can enjoy.
Cost $19,799
Iron 780
Titanium 3,534
Spoiler: images • show

StarStrider Series, The latest generation of combat enforcers from Pob Heavy Industries, designed around manoeuvrability with weapon hard points to give both 360 degree fire arc and maximise forward firepower.

StarStrider 100
A smaller craft built for patrol, short distance exploration or with the correct load out a competent miner/salvager.
Naonite internals with a Trinium skin and 6 designated size 1 hard points spaced for 360 fire patterns.
Cost $28,084
Iron 900
Titanium 324
Naonite  15,204
Trinium 8,890
Spoiler: images • show

StarStrider 200
The bigger sister of the 100, built for patrol, defence, exploration and the addition of a small cargo hold for the transport of low volume high importance goods.
Naonite internals with a Trinium skin and 6 designated size 1 hard points spaced for 360 fire patterns, 3 designated size 1 hard points frontal fire cone and 6 double size 0.5 hard points in frontal fire cones.
Cost $1,620,338
Iron 9,600
Titanium 1,781
Naonite  137,560
Trinium 28,572
Spoiler: images • show

Here's some of the turret hard points with a mix of szie 0.5 and 0.3 turrets in them, sorry I've not got any size 1 turrets to show.

Close up of a double 0.5 size mount, 0.5 size gun on the left and a 0.3 sized gun on the right
It's two separate 0.5x0.5x0.5 blocks on purpose, so you can easily snap a turret on if you've got "block middle" selected


The latest in Cruiser from Pob Heavy Industries, she may not win any beauty contests but what she does do is combine high levels of controllability, survivability, fire power and a fighter compliment to be a really solid ship for any roll in any hostile environment.
Xanion internals with Trinium engines, thrusters and skin. Now comes with one free coffee--o-matic 3000tm, the coffee machine loved by fighter pilots everywhere, in the forward crew rest lounge. Pob Heavy Industries does not bare any responsibility for damages caused by excess use of the coffee--o-matic 3000 by fighter pilots
Cost $5,719,287
Iron 84,000
Titanium 4,050
Trinium 233,270
Xanion 284,800
Spoiler: images • show

StarStrider 300
The StarStrider 300 is a light Carrier with design that diverts from the other ships of the StarStrider series.
It's asymmetrical design is still focused on manoeuvrability however it sacrifices some turning ability in favour of breaking and strafing.
Cost $1,274,477
Iron 21,600
Titanium 1,706
Trinium 42,684
Xanion 80,574
Spoiler: Animated gif, watch it spin • show

I still think it's a bit small, however I'm very happy with the design and how it came out that I'm putting it up.

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