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General Off-Topic / Podcasts
« on: April 19, 2017, 02:00:00 PM »
Title seems fairly obvious, but here is my question:

What podcasts do you listen to?

I am personally trying to catch up with the following podcasts:

The Dollop
  • American History Podcast
  • Comedy
  • Dave Antony, Gareth Reynolds

Hello Internet
  • Varying Topics
  • CGP Grey
  • Brady Haran (Numberphile)

General Discussion / [FIXED] Steam vulnerability through profile links
« on: February 07, 2017, 05:26:13 PM »
UPDATE: Everything seems fixed

Currently, there is a risk (i.e. phishing, malicious script execution, etc.) involved when viewing or simply opening PROFILE pages of other steam users as well as your OWN activity feed (both desktop and mobile versions on all browsers including steam browser/chromium). I would advise against viewing suspicious profiles until further notice and disable JavaScript in your browser options. Do NOT click suspicious (real) steam profile links and Disable JavaScript on Browser. Appropriate information has been forward to Valve and this issue should be resolved soon, sorry for any inconvenience.


Change your Steam Account password, enable Mobile Authenticator if it's not on already (otherwise deauthorize other computers on Steam Guard on all systems from settings) then restart your modem/change IP. You might want to also consider scanning your system with a malware scanner/anti-virus.

This is copied from the following thread on reddit:

Please don't click any Steam profile links you find on this forum, or anywhere else, until Valve has fixed the issue! It's for the safety of your account.

I will try to update here if there is new information. If any of you know more earlier, feel free to reply with a source here.

Bugs / Read this before posting.
« on: February 04, 2017, 11:57:22 PM »
Before you post, you should do the following:
  • Check if the problem is not yet answered in the FAQ
  • Make sure in the forum that it has not been reported yet and that your version of the game is actually the latest version.
  • Is it really a bug?
  • Is it reproducable? Can you repeat the steps that led to the unwanted behaviour or crash?
  • Use a separate thread for each bug.

If all these factors are OK, you can post the bug on the board, including whether it was the server or the client that crashed.
A Server Crash looks like this:
  • Connection Closed: Some Error on your screen
  • AvorionServer has stopped working
A Client Crash looks like this:
  • Avorion just closes
  • Command windows pop up
  • Avorion has stopped working

Always include the following information in the report:
  • The revision of the the game you are playing. You can find it in the main menu in the form rXXXX behind the version number.
  • A clear description of what happened.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug.
  • Your client and server log. Follow the instructions below on where to find them on your system.
  • Your system specs:
    • Operating System
    • CPU
    • GPU (if multiple GPUs, then all of them)

How to find your logs:
On Windows, you will find them in your %appdata%\AvorionDemo\ folder. Type %appdata% in your windows explorer's address bar to get there.
On Linux, you will find them in your ~/.avoriondemo folder.

The logs for the client are called clientlog XXXX.txt and the logs for the server are in the AvorionDemo\galaxies\[your galaxy name here]\ folder. They're called server XXXX.txt. XXXX is the timestamp of when you started that server. Look at the timestap, take the one where your game crashed or where you had trouble, and post it.

How to add your logs if they are too big for the forum:
Please post the contents of the logs on Then add the link to your post.
Try to create a new pastepin paste for each log file.

The more information you post in here, the easier you make it for us to fix those bugs!

I know bugs and crashes are annoying, but we're doing our best to keep up with your reports. It might not always be possible to fix everything at once, but we're doing the very best we can.

Creations / Read this before posting.
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:54:37 PM »
Hey everyone,

it's amazing that you want to post your creations on this forum. We love your creations :)

But now that more and more people are posting their creations, I am going to limit them to one thread per user. I want to give more space on the first page(s) to more users.
There are already a lot of "xyz's Shipyard" threads, where user xyz posts all of his submissions. This is style I am looking for :)

Don't worry about visibility, you can edit the first posts of your thread and the edits should show a notification on the board, as do updates through new replies, of course.
Also, you don't have to repost all of your stuff, I am going to merge your posts soon.

If you have anything to add/remark about this, please let me know.

TL;DR: One thread per user for visibility. Merging threads soon.

Creations / MOVED: Tips for ship building
« on: January 30, 2017, 07:53:27 PM »

General Discussion / FAQ - Discussion
« on: January 28, 2017, 09:58:11 AM »
If you feel like there is something missing from the FAQ please post it to this thread. Adding answers to the questions is very much appreciated. :)

General Discussion / Frequently Asked Questions
« on: January 28, 2017, 09:56:31 AM »
Welcome to the FAQ thread. Here you should find answers to some of the most common questions.
Please check if there are some questions missing and post them to this thread.
Also check out the wiki. It is still very much in progress but you already find a lot of answers there.

Q: Is there a discord server for Avorion?
Yes! Avorion Community Discord Server:

Q: The game says that I have a Intel Integrated graphics card, but I also have a dedicated Nvidia/AMD GPU? How do I get the game to run on the dedicated GPU?

  • Open Nvidia Control Panel
  • Select Manage 3D-Settings from the list on the left
  • Select Program Settings
  • Pick Avorion from the list of programs or select the executable from your steam install directory: <Steam install>/SteamApps/common/Avorion/bin/Aviorion.exe
  • Select it to always use the dedicated graphics card from the dropdown menu

  • Open Catalyst Control Center
  • Click “Power” and select “Switchable Graphics.”
  • Choose Avorion(.exe) from the list or browse to the installation directory of the game and select it there. Then assign the AMD GPU to the game.
You will find Avorion.exe in the installation folder: <steam folder>/SteamApps/common/Avorion/bin/

Q: My game and server are crashing on loading the game on version 0.11

A: This is a bug and you can add your report to this thread.
This is very likely related to the change on the influence of hyperspace cores on available upgrade slots.
Your best possible actions right now are to monitor the thread for a workaround, start a new galaxy for a while, and wait for a fix, which should hopefully come soon.

Q: My game won't start and there are a lot of windows with the title System32 cmd popping up. How do I fix it?

A: It is very likely that your settings file is broken. Delete the client.ini and settings.ini files in your %appdata%\Avorion folder on Windows and ~/.avorion folder on Linux.

My ship won't fly through gates/wormholes any more even though it appears small enough

A: Your ship is very likely too big to fit through the gate with the current checks for the size of the ship.

Q: Server/Multiplayer problems

A: Multiplayer issues are being worked on at the moment. Please make sure to use Steam networking if you do not already do so. Check out the Wiki for instructions on setting up a server with Steam networking.
Also check out the bugs and troubleshooting forums.

Q: I am using a 4k monitor and now my UI off center. Is there a way to fix this?

A: You have probably set your windows UI scaling above 100%. If you reset it to 100% it should work fine.
Alternatively, you might be able to disable DPI scaling in the properties for the Avorion.exe. You can find it at <Steam installation directory>/SteamApps/common/Avorion/bin/

Q: My ship disappeared. How do I get it back?

A: It might be gone for good, but you can try to retrace your steps and visit the sectors you have been to before the ship disappeared. You might find your ship there.

Q: How do I send resources to another player?

A: Use the mail system. You can open your mailbox using the envelope button in the row on the top right.
Then drag the turrets you want to send from your inventory into the boxes on the right and enter the amount of credits/resources you want to send in the appropriate fields.

Q: After rejoining a server I spawned in a ship which was not the one I was in when I left the server

A: The server does not remember the ship you were in when you logged out.

Q: How do research stations work?

A: The research station takes modules or turrets and produces a new turret or module as output.
If you only put turrets/modules of the same type in the five slots at the top, then that give you a turret/module of the same type as output. Mixing different types randomizes the result.
Also the amount of input matters for the output. Input 3 turrets and there is an 60% chance to get a higher rarity one, 80% for 4 turrets as input and 100% if you input 5 turrets.
The properties and stats of the output turrets/modules are most likely completely randomly generated like normal turret drops.

Q: There is a console open. How do I close it?

A: You have openend the developer console and you can close it by pressing the apostrophe key (').

Q: My ship got destroyed during a loading screen. How do I prevent this in the future?

A: You can disable the 'Press spacebar to continue' messages in the options. This will take you directly back to the game, as the game is still running with the loading screen overlay.
One reason for the destruction of your ship might be that the velocity controls are sometimes not reset to 0 correctly. One way to circumvent this problem might be to let go of any buttons, which accelerate your ship in any direction before entering a loading screen.
In the future there will probably be a safety feature to tackle this problem.

Q: Can I change my home sector?

A: Not right now. You might try the script from this thread by Aki.

Q: Can I import ships from other players?

A: To import a ship you have to place the .xml file in the %appdata%/Avorion/ships folder.
Under Linux, it's /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/.avorion/ships/
If you cannot see the .avorion folder (with a dot before the name), be sure you've enabled hidden folders in the settings of your file explorer.

In the build menu you can then import the ship using the 'Saved ships button' in the bottom right corner of the building options menu. The menu is located on the left side of the screen.

If you want you can check out this video by Kane Hart. He explains a lot about turrets.

Q: How do I set the automatic turrets to fire on their own?

A: There is a small icon on every turret group, which contains automatic turrets, above your health bar at the bottom of the screen. Hold shift to use you mouse and click the groups with an icon. Then you can set your preferred firing mode. The mouse stands for manual control and the reticule for automatic aiming and firing.
After jumping to another sector your settings will be reset, but this is a bug which will be fixed.

Q: I can't get my some of my turrets to fire on their own. How do I enable it for all of them?

A: Only turrets which have the property 'Independent targeting, but deals less damage' are able to fire on their own.

Q: How do I unequip turrets?

A: In the build menu you have to select the turret on your ship using middle mouse button and press the red 'X' on the left side menu or by pressing 'Del' on your keyboard.

Q: I can't equip more than 3 turrets. How do I add more turrets?

A: To add more turrets your ship needs more turret capacity. To achieve that you have to add the turret control system upgrades in the systems tab of the player menu (Shortcut 'P'). You can see the amount of available slots for turrets in the statistics on the right side of the building menu.
If you have added a system upgrade that increases the capacity for 'All' turrets, then the added capacity will be divided to the categories depending on how many turrets you add from each.


Q: How do I upgrade my ship to better materials?

A: You have to select the block type you want to update other blocks to from the bar at the bottom or the '+'/spacebar menu. Then you have to press the upgrade button on the top right of the building options menu on the left side of the screen. Now you can left-click the blocks which you want to change to the previously selected type.

Q: How can I place engines in other directions?

A: You can only place engines to face backwards. You have to add thrusters to get acceleration/deceleration in other directions.

General Off-Topic / Website/Forum/Wiki Issues
« on: January 24, 2017, 11:36:38 PM »
I have been noticing for some time now that there are some hiccups(?) on the host of the forums/website/wiki, where the site appears unavailable for a few (15-30) seconds and then is available again. I've had this happen when previewing posts or changes on the wiki and it nearly cost me a post on here. Although it also happened if I just try to access the domain.

Is there some kind of DDoS protection which cuts connections from some IPs after a certain amount of requests with an attached cooldown? Or are there other kinds of bugs which could cause this?

General Discussion / Scott Manley made a video about Avorion!
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:55:35 PM »
Title says it all basically. Nice to see him giving Avorion some time in the spotlight :D

Here is the video:

Bugs / Broken Achievements
« on: January 04, 2017, 08:11:28 PM »
This is not strictly an in-game thing, but somehow the achievements are broken for me.
I am not getting any more of them other than the six ones I have already and I can not look at them in my steam profile. Clicking on the "View all Achievements" button in the library entry also just redirects me to the my profile after trying to load the link to the games achievements.

Is this related to the fact that Avorion is not yet officially released on Steam? And if it is, why did I get these six achievements (which i have highlighted on my profile as 'proof') but no more, even if I did some of the easier things like killing 5 xsotan ships?

Suggestions / Block outlines and face highlighting
« on: January 03, 2017, 03:02:43 PM »
Some small suggestions for the building editor:

1. Option to enable the outlines of all the blocks on the ship, not just the selected one.

2. Option to enable the highlighting of the face you are currently hovering over with your mouse. This is to see which block you are attaching a new one to. This could also help with getting offsets right when adding a bigger block to a smaller one.

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