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Suggestions / Static Blocks
« on: May 05, 2020, 05:46:59 PM »
Hi there,
I have a lot of landing pads on my ship designs, and I wonder if there is a possibility for static blocks.
They would act like a hologram-block but when another ship touches it, the ship would/could be static. This would allow for, a sort of, ship to ship docking.
Easy for teleportation and stuff.
Dont know if it is possible by programming but its is just a thought from me I wanted to share.

I know it can be misused for battles (build a large 3x3x3km block outside your ship) but it is not a battle game so...... enough said

Have a Standard hyperspace zone around your ship! That way youre fleet can hyperspace with you at the same distance!
(maybe been discussed before)

MetalLaires Industrial
Imperial Class Ship Catalog

MetalLaires Industrial catalog of the Assari Imperial Class spaceships.
These ship come in many different sizes but all of them have the same "native  Imperial Class" look.
The Imperial Class fleet builds are all about the inside. Its about what to do with that interior space.
The interior is different because of the difference in ship size.
And while your at it, these smaller model ships enter can enter the big ones.

There are 50 pages to be filled, some are for future ships or I have not made pictures yet.

Last update  26.01.2020
Added a "Skywalker" (post #37)picture to the page. This ship is still under construction

Last update  09.09.2019
-Updated the GC Detroyer page with new pictures and also added the 'Secret Service' version of the GC Destroyer
Last update  24.08.2019
-Updated the MXFC page
Last update  19.05.2019
-Updated MXFC page
-Added another video-link for the MXFC
-Added a stats picture for the MXFC
Last update  22.04.2019
-Added main picture for the MXFC
-Added video-link for the MXFC
Last update  23.03.2019
-Added temporarily main pic for the GC Destroyer
-Added Meranda Xirsea Fleet Carrier interior pictures
Last update  12.03.2019
-Added stats picture for the Triplets
-Added Tinker Bell pictures
-Added Frigate One pictures

Ship classes
0 - 50m x 50m Scouts, Fighters and Miniships
50m x 50m - 150m x 150m Corvettes
150m x 150m - 300m x 300m Frigates
300m x 300m - 600m x 600m Destroyers
600m x 600m - 1000m x 1000m Cruisers
900m x 900m - 1600m x 1600m Battleships
1600m x 1600m < Capital ships
Carriers vary in sizes, depending on what they are used for, and so are cargo vessels.

Links page1(1-14) page2(15-29) page3(30-44) page 4(45-50)
1 Random fleet pictures
2 Spacely Speeder DX
3 spacely van
4 Triplets
5 Scout DX
6 medium scout
7 Millennium Scout DX
8 mega scout
9 more triplets

10 chevy corvette
11 Corvette DX Flight
12 stingray corvette

13 Master Miner
14 chibi frigate
15 Frigate One DX
16 force frigate
17 megaminer

18 fuse destroyer
19 Destroyer DX Flight
20 Guardian Class Destroyer DX+
21 Coaxial Destroyer DX
22 devastating destroyer
23 IC Freighter

24 Cruiser 190 SDX
25 cruiser Flight
26 My-T-Cruiser DX
27 Royal Cruiser DX
28 heavy cruiser

29 Fighter Factory Carrier DX
30 Carrier XL+
31 carrier xxl
32 Guppy X Series

33 BattleLaires XX
34 battlelaires II
35 BattleCruiser DX Flight
36 My-T-Commander DX
37 Skywalker series

38 Repair Carrier Supreme+
39 Support Carrier DX

Capital Ships
40 Trypticon City Ship
41 Trypticon II - Odyssey Class
42 Trypticon III - Meranda Class
43 Trypticon IV XTC
44 Meranda Xirsea Fleet Carrier

45 Spacely Station
46 spacely II
47 Odyssey R5 Station
48 Imperial Class Citadel
49 fighters               

Creations / MetalLaires Industrial
« on: November 29, 2017, 12:50:37 PM »
MetalLaires Industrial

the 14-ship-100.000-block picture

Imperial Class
"The Assari" with their IMPERIAL CLASS fleet' (fleetname comes from macross/robotech), they have a base length of 8 units, are 9 units wide and 2 units tall.

New and improved catalog here:,5495.0.html

IC Spacely Speeder DX

"Thats mister Spacely for you!"

1 unit is 0.05x0.05x0.05

LxWxH 4m x 4.5m x 1.5m (1 slot)

IC Triplets

1 unit is 0.2x0.2x0.2 blocks

LxWxH 14m x 14m x 2.5-3m (1 slots)

Spoiler: show

IC Scoutship DX

"Baby Boom!!"

1 unit is 0.2x0.2x0.2

LxWxH 16m x 18m x 4m (1 slot)

Spoiler: show

IC Millennium Scout DX

"Im going Solo!"

1 unit is 0.4x0.4x0.4

LxWxH 28m x 40m x 9m (1 slot)

IC Corvette DX Flight

"The most flexible one"

1 unit is 1x1x1 blocks

LxWxH 80m x 90m x 20m (2 slots)

IC MasterMiner

"Ive got one thing to say, you better work!"

1 unit is 2x2x2 blocks

LxWxH 160m x 160m x 30-40m (x slots)

Spoiler: show

IC Frigate DX

"The Original"

1 unit is 2x2x2 blocks

LxWxH 140m x 180m x 40m (4 slots)

Spoiler: show

IC Freighter DX

"Long haul"

1 unit is 3x3x3 blocks

LxWxH 600m x 300m x 110m (6 slots)

Spoiler: show

IC Destroyer DX Flight

"A magic carpet ride"

1 unit is 4x4x4 blocks

LxWxH 280m x 360m x 80-90m (6 slots)

IC Guardian Class Destroyer DX

"Bad to the bone!"

1 unit is 4x4x4 blocks

LxWxH 280m x 360m x 80-90m (6 slots)

IC Coaxial Destroyer

"Something like a phenomenom"

1 unit is 7x7x7 blocks

LxWxH 420m x 370m x 80m (X slots)

IC My-T-Cruiser DX

"I follow you, deep sea baby"

1 unit is 6x6x6 blocks

LxWxH 540m x 600m x 120m-200m ( 7 slots, will be 8 )

IC Royal Cruiser

"I follow rivers"

1 unit is 6x6x6 blocks

LxWxH 600m x 660m x 100m (7 slots)

IC Fighter Factory Carrier DX

"Show the others how to fight"

1 unit is 8x8x8 blocks

LxWxH 720m x 720m x 160-220m (xx slots)

IC Carrier XL

"The killer whale"

1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks

LxWxH 700m x 900m x 200-240m (11 slots)

Spoiler: show

IC Battleship DX

"Now you're playing with power!"

1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks

LxWxH 800m x 900m x 200-240m (11 slots)

IC Guppy X

"Gotta catch 'm all"

1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks

LxWxH 1000m x 1000m x 500m ( 10 slots)

Spoiler: show

IC BattleCruiser DX Flight

"Got to race the race"

1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks

LxWxH 1100m x 1240m x 300m (13 slots)

IC My-T-Commander DX

"Full barrage, all cannons"

1 unit is 12x12x12 blocks

LxWxH 1350m x 1200m x 240-360m (14 slots)

IC Repair Carrier Supreme

"Sumo subarashii"

1 unit is 16x16x16 blocks

LxWxH 1600m x 1600m x 320-500m (15 slots)

IC Support Carrier DX

"Have a wish, or two, or three"

1 unit is 20x20x20 blocks

LxWxH 2400m x 2400m x 400m-600m (15 slots)

IC Trypticon City Ship

"Trypticon is my kind of town!"

1 unit is 50x50x50 blocks

LxWxH 4500m x 5500m x 1000-1600m (15 slots)

IC Trypticon IV

"Trypticon the battlebase"

1 unit is 80x80x80 blocks

LxWxH 10.4km x 9.6km x 3.2km (15 slots)

IC Meranda Xirsea Fleet Carrier

"All aboard, the nighttrain!"

1 unit is 100x100x100 blocks

LxWxH 15.4km x 15.2km x 5km (15 slots)

Spacely Station

an even nicer home in the stars

LxWxH 170m x 150m x 120m

Spoiler: show


I removed most of the downloads, pm for other ships.

ICDX Blue Series

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