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Here's some of the mods I use~

Game-changing mods

The following four mods are now in a workshop-compatible pack !
[0.23.3] Bulk TCS V1.4 - Alternative to Admiralkio's Unbelievable Amount of Turrets. They have three classes/scales in addition to rarity : a common subcapital class for cruisers hungry for omicron, an uncommon capital class to equip million-hp destroyers with, and a rare supercapital class for ships like the CII Bellator, Super Star Destroyers, Death Stars and the like, which'd like hundreds of slots' worth of turrets. Some of them also have civilian turrets to allow for salvager-equipped capital ships.
[0.23.3] Shadok Pumping Array (delta version) - A non-percentile energy generator module. Get mechanics pumping to power the ship ::) ! Warning: if you have the alpha version, uninstall all pumping arrays to avoid imminent catastrophic ship failure by massive lack of mechanics ::)...
[0.23.3] Shadok Hydraulic Rowing Fit - A non-percentile engine upgrade. Get a big percentage (36% to 60%) of your mechanics pumping to make the ship move without an engine. Yup, pretty weird.
[0.23.3] Shadok Mast Lookout Fit - A non-percentile, powerful scanner upgrade that uses captains ! Uses 1 (3/4 chance), 2 (3/16 chance) or 3 (1/16 chance) of them, and can be perma-installed to be boosted with energy. Awesome for pirates ! Somehow boosting goggles and telescopes by cramming energy into them !
(Note: You can just update the modinfo.lua to update the mod, nothing should have changed... except you'll need to remove the "TurretGenerator." on the "add()" in the UpgradeGenerator.lua.)

[0.26] Acuddle's Weapon Balance Mod (Delta 2.0.1 Version) - A mod that rebalances weapon spawn and give weapons fairer attributes: balanced damage (hopefully)... and they are bigger too, especially late-game (but you'll see some cool things even early on :)). There are also rare variants of most weapons~ ::).
There's now new Specialties, new Ramming and Artillery weapons, overhauled Torpedoes, spoilery encyclopedia entries, etc., and it's now on the Workshop (link is a workshop link this time) :D !
Alas, it's now deprecated and unusable (due to the 0.29 changes in the factions.lua). Go to KaneNOD's HET mod instead for cool weapons :D !

The Background Music Script Builder (V2) is alas not yet (easily) makeable, and the Wraparound Fixes too (I'd reckon those would be even harder).

The Two-tiered simulation

Right now Avorion is broken up into four simulation levels
  • Player-active sectors
    • Realtime sim
  • Loaded sectors
    • Almost-realtime sim
    • Ships can attack/be attacked, move precisely around the system, and trade, among other things
  • Unloaded sectors
    • Nothing happens, but at least the sector data is saved
  • Ungenerated sectors
    • Not yet generated
That suggestion would shuffle a little those simulation levels' abilities.
  • Player-active sectors
    • Realtime sim
  • Loaded sectors
    • Almost-realtime sim
    • Ships can attack/be attacked, move precisely around the system, and trade, among other things
  • Unloaded sectors
    • Ships can move abstractly with vector-based movement, allowing action times to be calculated without anything "ticking" or any space be "drawn"
    • Ships can trade and move on a sector per sector basis
    • Ships can mine and scavenge: tally of asteroid resources is precalculated, substracted from, and asteroids/wrecks are destroyed when sector is loaded.
    • AI ships can battle in a crude simulation, though the sector will load with priority. When player ships are engaged, the sector auto-loads.
  • Ungenerated sectors
    • Still not yet generated, but the oldest unloaded sectors may de-generate if not enough disk space is available (a low disk space prompt will appear).
    • Galaxies may also have a savefile size limit, to help people playing on multiple galaxies and games.

Faction differences
Following dynamic economy, some faction traits will have new effects such as:
  • Intelligence
    • Ship plan generation: dumb difficulties making good ships, otl
      • Very Dumb: Will use useless hull/armor blocks.
      • Dumb: Will replace edge blocks by half-sized full blocks.
      • Neither dumb nor smart: Will use edge blocks.
      • Smart: Will "optimize" more than 4-cubic sized edge blocks into two edge armor blocks protecting an additional block (usually a thruster or integrity field).
      • Very Smart: Optimization is increased to 1-cubic sized edge blocks, some ships have stone or reflectors instead of armor to resist electricity and lasers !
    • Other things (number and size of ships due to strategic micromanagement abilities)
      • Very Dumb: Won't use modules, -40% number of ships, +60% size of ships, CIWS and disruptor ships replaced by boarding and ramming ships, -4 Tech Levels.
      • Dumb: 0 to 2 random modules per ship, -20% number of ships, +30% size of ships, CIWS ships replaced by boarding ships, -2 Tech Levels.
      • Neither dumb nor smart: 1 to 4 fitting modules per ship.
      • Smart: Half of slots filled with +1 rarity modules, +20% number of ships, -15% size of ships, and very rare "hero" ships with "Very Smart"-type abilities, +2 Tech Levels.
      • Very Smart: All slots filled with +2 rarity modules, +40% number of ships, -35% size of ships, +4 Tech Levels, some special AI-only advantageous ship roles/abilities like firing when cloaked, passive stealth, transporter bombs, strategic ram ships (enjoying reduced collision damage), etc.
  • Honor: Honorable opponents are fettered but stronger, while opportunistic foes send sneaky raids from unexpected vectors !
    • Very Honorable: +150% ship HP/size, won't use stealth, stealth detection, torpedoes and point defense (hence huge ship HP boost, they'll take those torpedoes to the face while grovelling), will send to you number and composition of their attacker fleets in faction wars.
    • Honorable: +50% ship HP/size, won't use stealth and stealth detection (heace ship HP boost), will warn you in advance of their faction war attacks.
    • Opportunistic: +1 hyperspace range to send attacks from, more stealthed and boarding ships.
    • Very Opportunistic: +3 hyperspace range to send attacks from, more stealthed and boarding ships and "far attacks" will be always stealth-based or boarding-based (or both), may "feint surrender" in faction wars.
  • Aggression: Peaceful factions get defensive, and may invite more allies to defend them in wars.
    • Very Aggressive: As usual, plus 2 additional ship per headhunter squads, some headhunters are sector patrol-sized, sector patrollers may pursue their quarry.
    • Aggressive: As usual, plus 1 additional ship per headhunter squad, headhunters may pursue their quarry.
    • Peaceful: +25% sector patrol ships and 1 additional guard ship per station per station defense squad. Increased chance of defensive pacts against faction wars.
    • Very Peaceful: +25% sector patrol ships and 2 additional guard ships per station defense squad, some station defenders are carriers. Greatly increased chance of defensive pacts against faction wars.
  • Wariness: Brave factions are proud warriors and will punch their enemies instead of firing in ships !
    • Very Paranoid: As usual.
    • Paranoid: As usual.
    • Brave: more boarder ships, more security in stations and flagships, increased ramming behavior.
    • Very Brave: boarder ships come in squad (three for one), stations and flagships have ridiculous amounts of security personnel, greatly increased ramming behavior.
  • Generosity: Greedy factions skimp on nonvital crew to get bigger ships, while Generous factions spend more on smaller ships...
    • Very Greedy: As usual, and +15% ship size but -50% security personnel.
    • Greedy: As usual, and +5% ship size but -20% security personnel.
    • Generous: +20% monetary mission reward, -5% ship size but +10% crew.
    • Very Generous: +40% monetary mission reward, -10% ship size but +30% crew.
  • Activity: Passive factions are slower but have more momentum, while Active factions spread themselves thin in their multiple endeavors. Note: events include faction wars, though the ship amount affected there will be the faction war pool, not the fleets' composition (it would end in endless defeats for active factions otherwise).
    • Very Passive: +35% ship amount (rounded up) per event, +50% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.
    • Passive: +20% ship amount (rounded up) per event, +25% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.
    • Active: -15% ship amount (rounded down) per event, -25% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.
    • Very Active: -30% ship amount (rounded down) per event, -50% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.

Bugs / No true relation change on faction war
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:35:27 AM »
Two Iron Wastes factions are in war with each other in one of my creative mode galaxies, but due to some minor accident (involving a station antenna breaking on collision with a Konno, losing 94% of its hull integrity ::)), the local one is now abhorrent to me >:(.

During a faction war battle, I destroyed many ships of the other faction (which happened to be called "The Raouu Pirates", which may be a usual pirate faction instead of a civilized one), but the local faction (the "Syndicate of Iejauz") is not giving me a single reputation point for those kills :(.
Killing two other hostiles gave me 3000 points with the Syndicate for each of them though.
It's pretty weird, you'd imagine a faction which is a war with another actually hating each other (maybe the second one has some kind of "fixed relations" thing going on and a starting neutral standing, since they're pretty special, and the Syndicate may be a starting faction too)...

Oh well, I'll update my "make people friendly" script for 0.20.2 :-\...

Bugs / Salvaging ships go away when told to attack
« on: December 11, 2018, 09:02:25 PM »
Ships equipped with salvaging lasers, once ordered to devour living enemies, turn their backs on them and boost away, which is very annoying if said enemy's a besieged station.
This nerfes my WAAAGHs considerably (my salvagers actually have the best DPS of my fleet ships ::))
It may also happen to some early-game enemies, annoyingly.

Bugs / Texture not found while map commanding
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:13:06 PM »
Ordering a ship to jump causes a huge yellow and black box to appear, obstructing mouse clicks and order icon view.
Possible hotfix: Changing the 256x256 "notfound.png" texture to include an alpha channel and a 254x254 hole in the square (pretty easy with GIMP) allowed me to interact with the order icons again. :)

Also, bigger problem: how do I do update those damned circle-icons ? All my new ships are showing a circle icon of the first block >:(...

Bugs / Horrible Windows-10 related issues
« on: November 16, 2018, 01:02:30 PM »
Shot color is currently not working for
  • Lasers
  • Teslas
  • (Probably) Lightning Guns
  • Launchers
  • Force Guns
But it's not very prioritary.

Bugs / Tiny (and pretty hard to fix) bug
« on: September 22, 2018, 11:23:59 PM »
Just a tiny bug I encountered while painting the Chiwa's smile ♡.
If you put two blocks at the same place (possible with opposing edge/corner blocks) and try to paint one, both will be painted.
The bug can be avoided by copypasting the block somewhere else then putting it back, or preparing the block's color when placing it.

(Also, the forum does not like the new Unicode 10 emojis. Error is "The message body was left empty." :-X)

Bugs / Relations dropping too fast near the core
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:52:28 PM »
The relations system has a big scaling problem.
Since relations decrease is due to absolute damage and not relative damage, as one gets closer and closer to the core and as ships become bigger and bigger, it gets easier and easier to lose relation points to friendly fire while relation point gain somehow seems to diminish, because weapons do more and more damage.
Right now in my creative mode galaxy I have to kill dozens of faction war encounter to make up for a random civil ship which somehow got destroyed by my fighters as it was on the way of an enemy :(.
It's becoming more and more tempting to become friendly with the local pirates than civilians, even in times of faction war.

Edit: Modified the script to make friends with factions with the "Anything around here?" response. Replace the StoryHints.interactionPossible (in steamapps\common\Avorion\data\scripts\entity\dialogs) by these lines to make the faction admire you if below -15000. Warning, aggro does not break, jumping advised.
It made me work for hours and hours and rage quite a bit :P.

Code: [Select]
function StoryHints.interactionPossible(playerIndex, option)
    if Player(playerIndex).craftIndex == Entity().index then return false end

    local ok, msg = CheckFactionInteraction(playerIndex, -15000)

    if not ok then
        local responses =
            "You're talking to me ? Poor adorable cuddle, let's be friends yet again."%_t,
            "I have nothing to say to you. Aw, you're hurt... How to make up for this... ?"%_t,
            "I don't know why I should *not* talk to you."%_t,
            "Wait, so you *aren't* an enemy ?"%_t,
            "Don't fire into meee ! Let's be friends, ok ?"%_t,
            "Leave me alone, I need some time to process the friendship."%_t,
            "I might know something, but I won't tell you. But we'll be friends instead."%_t,
            "There is nothing that I want to tell you, but let's stop being total narbs~."%_t,

        msg = randomEntry(random(), responses)
-- So "Entity" est the interaction target. So this should work...
local interactingFaction = Faction(Entity(Player().craftIndex).factionIndex).index
-- print("Player Entity FactionIndex: ", interactingFaction)
-- print("Faction Entity FactionIndex: ", Faction(Entity().factionIndex).index)
-- print("Is OnClient (normally TRUE): ", onClient())
invokeServerFunction("doTheDamnThingAlready", interactingFaction, Faction(Entity().factionIndex).index)

    return ok, msg

function StoryHints.doTheDamnThingAlready(interactingFactionIndex, entityFactionIndex)
local interactingFaction = Faction(interactingFactionIndex)
local entityFaction = Faction(entityFactionIndex)
-- Can SOMEONE tell me WHY I have to DO all that whirligig with those factions and indices !!!
    Galaxy():changeFactionRelations(interactingFaction, entityFaction, 200000)

Bugs / Full auto gun ^_^
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:20:35 PM »
Very minor bug. I plopped that PDC on my latest flak ship, then found my gunners sleeping... Apparently, that model I found needs 0 gunner.
Talk about "Independent Targeting" :P ! Take that darkconsole ;)

That weapon has been found looted in my Creative Mode galaxy. I don't remember when I looted it so I won't find the logs ::).

Feedback / Mixed weapon range problem
« on: August 31, 2018, 05:32:03 PM »
It would be kinda cool to allow the AI to fire or not certain weapons by range.
I found out that if I put a pair of 18 range cannons and a pair of 6 range chainguns on a station, the station wouldn't fire at enemies until they approach at 6 km, and removing the chainguns make 'em fire again at 18 km.
It's silly, and even more with ships equipped with the odd 0.6 range Salvage Beam :(.

Suggestions / Freedom for Illegal Slaves
« on: August 29, 2018, 03:29:57 PM »
I'm quite flabbergasted as nobody ever suggested anything about doing anything with the "Illegal Slave" good (except the BN "dark side of avorion" which turns'em into sellable mercenaries :().
Those poor people have to be freed, but not traded (I'd consider any stations selling slaves to be slavers) :-[. So we'd need a neat way of getting them out of the market and of slavery.

My current ideas:
  • A "slaver" trait, which allows them to buy or sell slaves at trading posts. Factions without the trait may not buy and at least won't ever sell slaves, and may have slave-freeing stations instead.
  • A simple station that frees slaves, but needs payment to get the means of their liberation. Alternatively, one which wouldn't need payment as they're financed by the faction (may be influenced by the empathic trait ?).
  • A station similar to an Habitat/Biotope, that also consumes slaves. A rehab housing center ! May have higher hireable crew count than normal ?
  • A recruitment center that converts slaves into any kind of crewmen for the minimal crew price. Three (to balance?) slaves are required for one crewman as the two others go working elsewhere.

Since I'm now using bigger "war scavenger" ships to salvage, I'm getting more and more problems with salvage: despite the recent improvement on AI (they can now back away), my war scavengers keep getting stuck, especially the new naonitegrade Magic Kappa-class (which is star-shaped and has twice as much thrust as brake so she crashes easily into things), so I gave her name to the new "curse", though I've also seen my mighty Hotaru flagship get stuck ???.
The scene is always the same: ship flies towards wreckage cloud, gets a piece but gets around others, then tries to salvage a piece out of her firing arcs, rolling back and forth in total immobility :(. Maybe they should also try turning when stuck, and/or ignoring wreckage that is too small to damage them meaningfully.

I wonder if it's because they do not have backward thrusters so they cannot go backward, causing them to get stuck in a loop of "backing away too slowly".
I may experiment on it tomorrow, and eventually add miniature back thrusters to all war-scavengers if it's the case ::).

Bugs / Memory usage keeps increasing
« on: August 26, 2018, 10:41:45 AM »
For me the AvorionServer memory usage keeps steadily increasing, at roughly 300 K to 1 000 K per second, until it takes hold of all the RAM and bogs down the system.
It's pretty problematic, seems like a memory leak, and last time I played (for 6 hours) the server took like five or six minutes to save, I thought it crashed.
It's apparently ship-size-related, so I only remarked it when I started driving a Hotaru, which is er, 10 times bigger than my previous ship ::).

Suggestions / Cargo runs
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:47:14 PM »
In the whole first ten pages of the Suggestion sub-forum, there is no suggestion for cargo runs, though it's an essential of trading, especially from sector to sector.
Like a lot of ideas it can be implemented in various, more or less complicated ways.

Minimal UI Work-Way: Limited Supply Cargo Run
An order you can give to any ship with cargo, which'll make it similar to a standard NPC cargo runner. Pretty simple (the AI's still there), though it won't be much of a remedy against Supply Failures. Alternatively, the cargo runner will be given an "order" for a random good (like, this farm has 1456/3000 water, so the order is 1544 water), so a tenacious player would get rid a station of Supply Failures by assigning it half a dozen cargo runners. Or at least he could try, which is better than doing nothing :-\.

Easy Way: Automatic Supply Cargo Run
An order you can give to any ship with cargo, which'll make it similar to a standard NPC cargo runner, but this time the player would choose the good to haul. Remedies Supply Failures, though it may cause droughts of the supplied good to other stations ::).

Still Kind of Easy Way: Automatic Cargo Run
Like the previous one, but this time the player would choose either the maximum price of the good, or the percent of the goods to use from the supplier station in relation to its max or current amount, similarly to in the X-series. Remedies Supply Failures while not causing droughts, if used wisely, and allows the player to make nice amount of money by trading at usual player cargo run prices :).

Cool Way: Manual Cargo Run
An order you can give to any ship with cargo, but has to be set beforehand, each ship having a "cargo running manifest" being a series of orders like "buy/sell/take/give x (%?) good, from y station (optional), to z station (also optional)", repeated in a cycle. Needs some serious UI work though ;).

Adorable Way: Smart Cargo Run
Manual Cargo Run with a new order: "supply x station with y good (optional) when station stock lower than z (%?)", allowing Supply Cargo Runs that can take priority over "routine" cargo runs. Will also allow a cargo runner to be specialized in fixing several stations' Supply Failures, definitively ending the problem altogether with the least amount of needed ships :D.

Bugs / Notification background taking UI focus
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:32:53 PM »
...or "Frisky crew/buttons" bug.

I recently came upon infuriating instances of UI buttons not working because a notification popped out >:(.
It seems, interactivity-wise, that the new notification background takes precedence over all other objects so I have to move the window for the button to not overlap anymore with the notification zone so it works again.
It usually happens while crew recruiting and assigning, so it feels the crew is touchy-feely about embarking on my Charlier or future-station-bus :-X and I have to yell at them or kick them in in rage.
It also happens with (all?) other UI objects, even interfering with placing blocks in Build Mode and even tooltips :(.

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