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Mods / Re: Acuddle's minimods (Now with a Weapon Balance Mod !)
« on: August 14, 2019, 01:30:26 PM »
My balance mod has been uploaded to the workshot, after many, many updates and frustrations :).

(Image has link for direct download in case you liked the direct downloads.)

P.S.: Sorry, apparently my post about it was deleted or something, but that mod is of course deprecated, it doesn't work anymore due to the changes to factions.lua~  :(.

Mods / Re: Acuddle's minimods (Now with a Weapon Balance Mod !)
« on: June 24, 2019, 10:14:20 PM »
I removed the Wraparound since it should have much less use now, and the Music file Builder is down since you need er... a better thing... er, anyway, we need a better modder to do it in my place.
But I made a pack with my four old mods "rewritten" to accomodate to the new Workshop Mod standard, and there's a new, bigger one: a Weapon Balance Mod ! Here be spoilers, details are supposed to be a surprise~ ! If you like big weapons, you'll be there for a treat, especially as you advance :).

Spoiler: show
- All weapons (but point defense) have a 15% chance to be generated Coaxial
- All weapons types have been buffed/nerfed according to a pros and cons listing of their secondary attributes.
- Chainguns, Bolters, Cannons and Point Defense Lasers have been buffed.
- Teslas do more damage and Lightning Guns less (since they're long range) and both use 5 times as much energy
- Railguns have been nerfed to normal-looking damage levels (they are still kinda strong though)
- Launchers are now either seeker and very weak, or non-seeker and much stronger but imprecise: they are now danmaku emitters :smiley: ! May cause a lot of friendly fire between NPC factions though :acud_mustbeayukionna:.
- Force Guns have 100 times more force. They're now usable without having to look at the HUD for 1 m/s changes :grinning:.
- Mining and Salvaging lasers and their Raw counterparts have their beams extended by 50% to reduce chance of getting stuck with roids at the edge of their theoretical range.
- Most weapons have different sizes, but it'd be too long to do the listing, I must go to work
- There are now rare variants of weapons, such as the chainbolter(Bolters fire slower, but chainguns can be chainbolters who are rapid-fire bolters, yay !), the pseudotorpedo launcher (big coax launcher with precise and damaging but very slow rockets for capship/station bombing), freon lasers that break rock, milspec (R-)salvagers that break shields, heavy-duty R-miners ("Holy shit! It pierces asteroids !"), low-yield miners (who mine slowly and efficiently at a pretty long range), pulse giminy crickets (:misi_sayori_ehehe:), impulse force cannons (slow-charging cannons that whack enemies with tremendous force), automatic railguns (that burst fire, may penetrate more and have more chance of simutaneous firing).

Weapon core distances in the mod: Bolter, Anti-Fighter Gun, R-Mining, R-Salvaging: 700 (everywhere)
Chainguns, Point Defense Chainguns: 500 (plain iron)
Cannon, Mining, Salvaging: 475 (very early tita)
Point Defense Laser: 450 (early tita)
Pulse Cannon, Laser: 425 (middle tita)
Repair Turret: 400 (late tita)
Force Turret, Launcher: 375 (very late tita)
Plasma: 350 (early nao)
Tesla: 325 (late nao)
Lightning: 275 (early-to-middle tri)
Railgun: 250 (middle tri)

and beware very slow big red rockets, those are Pseudotorpedoes and do a lot of damage. Don't drive into 'em :D !

Mods / Re: Acuddle's minimods (NPC wraparound hotfix here!)
« on: May 08, 2019, 12:15:46 PM »
Today I updated the Bulk TCS because I forgot to show in the tooltip that it had to be perma-installed to function :).

Mods / Re: Acuddle's minimods (NPC wraparound hotfix here!)
« on: April 02, 2019, 06:09:36 PM »
Today I updated the Bulk TCS mod to have more capital class (30% instead of 20%) and supercapital class (10% instead of 2%) modules popping up. At least you'll have things to research !
The Shadok Pumping Array also has been upgraded with a nice description text, and a typo on the B-TCS one has been corrected.

Here's some of the mods I use~

Game-changing mods

The following four mods are now in a workshop-compatible pack !
[0.23.3] Bulk TCS V1.4 - Alternative to Admiralkio's Unbelievable Amount of Turrets. They have three classes/scales in addition to rarity : a common subcapital class for cruisers hungry for omicron, an uncommon capital class to equip million-hp destroyers with, and a rare supercapital class for ships like the CII Bellator, Super Star Destroyers, Death Stars and the like, which'd like hundreds of slots' worth of turrets. Some of them also have civilian turrets to allow for salvager-equipped capital ships.
[0.23.3] Shadok Pumping Array (delta version) - A non-percentile energy generator module. Get mechanics pumping to power the ship ::) ! Warning: if you have the alpha version, uninstall all pumping arrays to avoid imminent catastrophic ship failure by massive lack of mechanics ::)...
[0.23.3] Shadok Hydraulic Rowing Fit - A non-percentile engine upgrade. Get a big percentage (36% to 60%) of your mechanics pumping to make the ship move without an engine. Yup, pretty weird.
[0.23.3] Shadok Mast Lookout Fit - A non-percentile, powerful scanner upgrade that uses captains ! Uses 1 (3/4 chance), 2 (3/16 chance) or 3 (1/16 chance) of them, and can be perma-installed to be boosted with energy. Awesome for pirates ! Somehow boosting goggles and telescopes by cramming energy into them !
(Note: You can just update the modinfo.lua to update the mod, nothing should have changed... except you'll need to remove the "TurretGenerator." on the "add()" in the UpgradeGenerator.lua.)

[0.26] Acuddle's Weapon Balance Mod (Delta 2.0.1 Version) - A mod that rebalances weapon spawn and give weapons fairer attributes: balanced damage (hopefully)... and they are bigger too, especially late-game (but you'll see some cool things even early on :)). There are also rare variants of most weapons~ ::).
There's now new Specialties, new Ramming and Artillery weapons, overhauled Torpedoes, spoilery encyclopedia entries, etc., and it's now on the Workshop (link is a workshop link this time) :D !
Alas, it's now deprecated and unusable (due to the 0.29 changes in the factions.lua). Go to KaneNOD's HET mod instead for cool weapons :D !

The Background Music Script Builder (V2) is alas not yet (easily) makeable, and the Wraparound Fixes too (I'd reckon those would be even harder).

Creations / Re: CII Shipyard (Discontinued)
« on: February 26, 2019, 08:17:11 PM »
Due to the drastic changes brought by the 0.21 patch making small ships and maintaining a realistic amount of fleet power around stations impossible, I will not be making ships anymore, or playing the game, for that matter :( (unless to test my next gaming rig because Avorion was the most demanding one).

I understand the real reason why those changes were put in place (it isn't a "balance" issue at all, but due to the engine and how it loads and unloads sectors and how it would have needed great changes to make it possible for thousands of captained ships to patrol and trade around), and I respect that decision :-[.

That game was pretty good when it lasted and I hope someone would have the idea of making a 4X game with similar ship construction, but designed to allow widescale galactic conquest ::).

Edit: Due to those tweets from koonschi~
The game engine also isn't laid out for those massive amounts of ships moving and being simulated in dozens of sectors (hence the configurable cap in MP), and it will simply result in bad performance (no more CPU) or crashes (no more RAM).
And we've got our hands full already with improving performance, which then in turn leads to players building more ships, filling those performance gains until it crashes again. Making the game look bad to uninformed people.
So yeah, instead of just making a hard cap of, say, 20 or 50 ships, we're doing a moddable soft cap suggesting that at some point maybe you should stop building more and new ships, simply because the engine WILL break at some point.
I may still play this game after all, depending on how the game will evolve, as maybe one day the engine would be reworked. But I probably won't work a tenth as much on CII designs (hoping for a "empire-building" update that might never come :-\) and focus on other things (Boarding-based campaign? Solitary fleet campaign?).

The Two-tiered simulation

Right now Avorion is broken up into four simulation levels
  • Player-active sectors
    • Realtime sim
  • Loaded sectors
    • Almost-realtime sim
    • Ships can attack/be attacked, move precisely around the system, and trade, among other things
  • Unloaded sectors
    • Nothing happens, but at least the sector data is saved
  • Ungenerated sectors
    • Not yet generated
That suggestion would shuffle a little those simulation levels' abilities.
  • Player-active sectors
    • Realtime sim
  • Loaded sectors
    • Almost-realtime sim
    • Ships can attack/be attacked, move precisely around the system, and trade, among other things
  • Unloaded sectors
    • Ships can move abstractly with vector-based movement, allowing action times to be calculated without anything "ticking" or any space be "drawn"
    • Ships can trade and move on a sector per sector basis
    • Ships can mine and scavenge: tally of asteroid resources is precalculated, substracted from, and asteroids/wrecks are destroyed when sector is loaded.
    • AI ships can battle in a crude simulation, though the sector will load with priority. When player ships are engaged, the sector auto-loads.
  • Ungenerated sectors
    • Still not yet generated, but the oldest unloaded sectors may de-generate if not enough disk space is available (a low disk space prompt will appear).
    • Galaxies may also have a savefile size limit, to help people playing on multiple galaxies and games.

Faction differences
Following dynamic economy, some faction traits will have new effects such as:
  • Intelligence
    • Ship plan generation: dumb difficulties making good ships, otl
      • Very Dumb: Will use useless hull/armor blocks.
      • Dumb: Will replace edge blocks by half-sized full blocks.
      • Neither dumb nor smart: Will use edge blocks.
      • Smart: Will "optimize" more than 4-cubic sized edge blocks into two edge armor blocks protecting an additional block (usually a thruster or integrity field).
      • Very Smart: Optimization is increased to 1-cubic sized edge blocks, some ships have stone or reflectors instead of armor to resist electricity and lasers !
    • Other things (number and size of ships due to strategic micromanagement abilities)
      • Very Dumb: Won't use modules, -40% number of ships, +60% size of ships, CIWS and disruptor ships replaced by boarding and ramming ships, -4 Tech Levels.
      • Dumb: 0 to 2 random modules per ship, -20% number of ships, +30% size of ships, CIWS ships replaced by boarding ships, -2 Tech Levels.
      • Neither dumb nor smart: 1 to 4 fitting modules per ship.
      • Smart: Half of slots filled with +1 rarity modules, +20% number of ships, -15% size of ships, and very rare "hero" ships with "Very Smart"-type abilities, +2 Tech Levels.
      • Very Smart: All slots filled with +2 rarity modules, +40% number of ships, -35% size of ships, +4 Tech Levels, some special AI-only advantageous ship roles/abilities like firing when cloaked, passive stealth, transporter bombs, strategic ram ships (enjoying reduced collision damage), etc.
  • Honor: Honorable opponents are fettered but stronger, while opportunistic foes send sneaky raids from unexpected vectors !
    • Very Honorable: +150% ship HP/size, won't use stealth, stealth detection, torpedoes and point defense (hence huge ship HP boost, they'll take those torpedoes to the face while grovelling), will send to you number and composition of their attacker fleets in faction wars.
    • Honorable: +50% ship HP/size, won't use stealth and stealth detection (heace ship HP boost), will warn you in advance of their faction war attacks.
    • Opportunistic: +1 hyperspace range to send attacks from, more stealthed and boarding ships.
    • Very Opportunistic: +3 hyperspace range to send attacks from, more stealthed and boarding ships and "far attacks" will be always stealth-based or boarding-based (or both), may "feint surrender" in faction wars.
  • Aggression: Peaceful factions get defensive, and may invite more allies to defend them in wars.
    • Very Aggressive: As usual, plus 2 additional ship per headhunter squads, some headhunters are sector patrol-sized, sector patrollers may pursue their quarry.
    • Aggressive: As usual, plus 1 additional ship per headhunter squad, headhunters may pursue their quarry.
    • Peaceful: +25% sector patrol ships and 1 additional guard ship per station per station defense squad. Increased chance of defensive pacts against faction wars.
    • Very Peaceful: +25% sector patrol ships and 2 additional guard ships per station defense squad, some station defenders are carriers. Greatly increased chance of defensive pacts against faction wars.
  • Wariness: Brave factions are proud warriors and will punch their enemies instead of firing in ships !
    • Very Paranoid: As usual.
    • Paranoid: As usual.
    • Brave: more boarder ships, more security in stations and flagships, increased ramming behavior.
    • Very Brave: boarder ships come in squad (three for one), stations and flagships have ridiculous amounts of security personnel, greatly increased ramming behavior.
  • Generosity: Greedy factions skimp on nonvital crew to get bigger ships, while Generous factions spend more on smaller ships...
    • Very Greedy: As usual, and +15% ship size but -50% security personnel.
    • Greedy: As usual, and +5% ship size but -20% security personnel.
    • Generous: +20% monetary mission reward, -5% ship size but +10% crew.
    • Very Generous: +40% monetary mission reward, -10% ship size but +30% crew.
  • Activity: Passive factions are slower but have more momentum, while Active factions spread themselves thin in their multiple endeavors. Note: events include faction wars, though the ship amount affected there will be the faction war pool, not the fleets' composition (it would end in endless defeats for active factions otherwise).
    • Very Passive: +35% ship amount (rounded up) per event, +50% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.
    • Passive: +20% ship amount (rounded up) per event, +25% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.
    • Active: -15% ship amount (rounded down) per event, -25% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.
    • Very Active: -30% ship amount (rounded down) per event, -50% delay per galactic simulation turn and per station defense proc.

Yes. It would cause a stupid rush to Trinium. It'd be like every sector behind the Trinium Reaches is useless :( !
Quote from: Sir Charles
Each player has a number of slots in the game. He would start with 1 slot, which would mean he could have one ship at a time [...] mabye an idea for the price ratio is they double everytime you buy one? e. g. first slot 12,5k, second one 25k, third one 50k, fourth one 100k i guess you get what i want...
That would kill empire building altogether even more :'( !

Suggestions / Re: Ship/Weapon Balance Suggestion
« on: February 16, 2019, 06:18:21 PM »
Quote from: Sir Charles
Now about the actual topic: I don’t like your idea at all. The very essence of it is limitation and one of the amazing features that make Avorion different from other space games is the fact that there are few limitations.
Balancing is clearly an issue, but it should not be solved by limits (or at least only by few limits only) but the introduction of certain advantages for smaller crafts. E. g. if the devs introduce cloaking, it should scale its energy and resource cost with the ships size exponentially, making it impossible for big ships. Also turning speed and acceleration (but not max speed and mabye also not braking) should be much worse for big ships and also much better than now for small ones.
These are just some suggestions for balancing, please don’t just limit everything. An op battleship is an op battleship that’s ok.
Yeah, it's one of the main cool things about Avorion ! No limits :D !

Effectively, big ships are all the rage because small ships have no reason to exist: the few advantages they have (turning speed and acceleration, and price) are piddly compared to big ships who have everything (but price, of course).
  • Torpedoes, which are supposed to be an anti-big ship weapon, is used and abused against small ships because they're too fast and too easy to fire at any ship.
  • Cloaking, which would allow anti-capital stealth bombers, isn't implemented yet.
  • Boarding, which would allow the capture of big ships to shift the power balance, isn't implemented yet either.
So multiplayer PvP became boring because there's no balance outside of houseruled competition and roleplay. Ludicrously fast behemoths throwing seeker rockets became the effortless cubic masters of the core :-\.

But we just need a little more patience. Once cloaking and boarding will appear and the torpedo balance issue addressed with, capital ships will need their escorts and subcapital ships to fight, whether they're 60K "carriers" or 1000K-volume super-titans, and finding a solo PvP balance will get tricky :) ! We want to build glorious and unlimited death stars and mile-long ships at the top of our fleets 8).

Troubleshooting / Re: Quitting the game due to mining bug
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:59:04 AM »
It's not the "mining bug", it's the lack of galactic simulation/passive sector simulation.
It's also the thing blocking me in Survival. I guess it's the usual fare of beta games, though it may be soon entering the "perfectly playable perpetual beta" stage once it gets galactic simulation/passive sector simulation working, but it's also the most difficult update yet :-\...
Please be patient and get other cool games when you get bored of Creative, the next "age" of Avorion Survival will be coming one day.

Multiplayer / Re: Local Co-Op options.
« on: February 08, 2019, 10:11:32 AM »
Nope :(... unless you turn your galaxy into a dedicated server one and have another computer for him.

General Discussion / Re: Poll: Do You Use Independent Targeting?
« on: February 06, 2019, 02:52:46 PM »
+310% damage ! That's what's called a godroll :).
Though there's a lot of them on screen, but it's kinda logical with the amount of turrets you made. That must have taken ages to research :o !

Suggestions / Re: Did Shuttles ever get updated?
« on: January 31, 2019, 10:14:23 AM »
Nope :-\
Map orders were introduced to make autofreighters though !

Suggestions / Re: Quality of life/balance suggestions
« on: January 24, 2019, 10:37:43 AM »
Quote from: storm6436
Would also point out that if a faction takes a turret factory, wouldn't that adjust the random seed for that factory?
Actually, not even that. The turrets at turret factories have no relation to the factions turrets, because when a faction has several turret factories, they have different seeds so no reason to change turret seed upon boarding :).

Suggestions / Re: Quality of life/balance suggestions
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:34:08 PM »
  • Bulk clean-up tractor beams are cool. Easily gets rid of the salvaging beam targeting issue on tiny things (especially those due to custom turrets).
  • Long distance Aiming: A zoom is needed, like in Mechwarrior 3 and up. Also, now that's became fairly important, pointing anywhere with a ship targeted should focus the turrets according to target distance (right now it only happens when the mouse is on the ship, which forces the player to either wait for the ship movement to align to the front or back, or fire haphazardly with unfocused turrets, hopefully hitting the enemy.
  • Mining: Resource asteroid size needs to increase according to core distance, relative to ship size increase. Having Titanium/Naonite get rare when making more and more huge ships to invade the Inner Sphere is silly.
  • Constant faction wars: Diplomacy missions, or paying for peace. It's very bad to have trading and stations in both factions engaged in a war, as I have to build back the stations as they get destroyed to restore the economies I assisted :(. Not only that but something as innocuous as a pirate/xsotan attack ending in collateral damage against a war fleet may cause horrible mayhem and sudden war against one of the factions.
    Also, Faction Wars need to have objectives that need to be done to finish them.
  • Trading interface: Yay, Buy/Sell all button to give the 9 button some rest ::) !

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