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General Discussion / Re: Question about fighter Blue Prints
« Last post by Kamo on November 16, 2018, 11:49:11 PM »
DPS is normally that of the original weapon, but divided by the number of slots then divided again by three.
So a 4-slot weapon's damage is replicated by a full 12-squad.
Damage and fire rate may however vary: when too low or too high the fire rate is increased or decreased, inversely affecting the damage. Damage and/or fire rate are also decreased in relation to overheating (so a weapon that overheats half the time will make a fighter based on half the damage, so the DPS is the same since fighters never overheat).

I have no idea on how to add shields to a fighter. Adding shield gens to the model does not work (Tateddles have it bad :() and so far none of my designs have shields. It's kind of very rare these times, I wonder if they were dummied out !

There is kind of no guide for fighter production: just try to have less than 200 blocks for the model (which should be saved at the root folder).
Production Value is the amount of assembly power required to make the fighter: a fighter with 60k production value is made in one minute with 1000 assembly power.
It varies exponentially by rarity, since rarity increases the stats of the weapon, but also increases the amount of allocatable points, which by itself increases the production value, and allocating points also increases the fighter's production value, so you may skimp on some points if the stats feel ok to you.
Since producing fighters needs so much assembly power, even compared to ordinary factory-stations, special fighter-factory craft may be necessary to produce them at a palatable speed.

Fighters have four stats
  • Size: Size in hangar. I think the decimals are rounded up, so 5.9 is 6, etc.
  • Health: Amount of hitpoints of the fighter. Its importance may be pretty negligible, since anything that can reliably attack fighters (point defense, other fighters, seeker missiles) grossly outdamage fighter hitpoints.
  • Maneuverability: I think this is a multiplier to the amount of dodges the fighter has (in addition to its turning speed). Goes from 1 to something like 4.9 if I remember it correctly.
  • Speed: The fighter's speed in m/s. Goes from 150 m/s to 450 m/s by increments of 25. Vital in PvP, less so in PvE. Fighters that are too fast for their prey will make passes at it, reducing the time spent firing at them, and NPC enemies usually does not flee or try to outrange so fighters that are too slow... just increases time spent approaching and thus, firing. But fast fighters can return faster to their carrier.
The amount of stat points is 10, + 5 per rarity level above common.

A turret's material determines a fighter's material, which comes with bonus stat points depending on which material it is. Yay for that reddit post !
  • Iron has +4 size, so Iron fighters are at most size-5 (actually size-4.1).
  • Titanium has +1 health, +1 maneuvrability, +2 speed
  • Naonite has +2 health, +1 maneuvrability, +1 speed.
  • Trinium has +1 speed and +3 maneuvrability.
  • Xanion has +1 health and +3 speed.
  • Ogonite has +5 health. (Nice material, gives 5 stat points instead of 4.)
  • Avorion has +2 to every stat. (Gives 8 stat points instead of 4, yaay !)
Some fighters have cool perks:
  • Cannon fighters: Cannon shots hits with recoil, so cannon fighters can push enemies away.
  • Seeker Launcher fighters: Seeker missiles never give up ! This makes them ideal anti-fighter interceptors.
Fighter mysteries:
  • Coaxial weapon fighters: how do they work ? Are they normal ? Do they fire all the time like coax-armed NPCs ?
  • Independant Targeting: Is a fighter's damage multiplied by 3 when made of an Independant Targeting weapon because Independant Targeting weapons have their damage divided by 3 ? Not yet tested.
  • Invalid fighter stats: Error message usually found with Common rarity fighters but may be encountered elsewhere.
General Discussion / Re: Question about fighter Blue Prints
« Last post by Cecell on November 16, 2018, 10:51:38 PM »
Uhh, so what's this about shields on a fighter?  How can a player add that to a manufactured fighter?

I found some fighters that have shield and durability in stats. Also they have shield effect in space. But it was fighter I bought from fighter assembly.

Have other questions about fighetrs:
1. What determines the DMG and DPS on fighters? - I used cannon with over 2200dmg and get fighter with 180dmg. I have examples that the DMG or DPS output on fighter is less than 10 times from input item.
2. Is there any guide about fighter production?

Thanks for reply.
Bugs / Re: [Echo from Steam]Not so much a bug as something overlooked...
« Last post by BenWinston on November 16, 2018, 10:02:39 PM »
Noted, thanks for reporting.

My pleasure. It's the least I can do for such a great game that has held my interest for so long. I love this game; yes it still needs work, and some bugs need exterminated, but this game is so versatile and fun, that I doubt I'll be moving on any time soon. I do wish for more information from the devs, but working on the game is priority. Again GREAT work, and I look forward to the next as well as each and every update/improvement that drops.

Okay, I know that sounded like I was sucking up or brown-nosing, BUT, it is how I actually and honestly feel, so is it still considered sucking up?
Suggestions / Exclude Xsotan breeders from enemy target selection
« Last post by Wanderlust on November 16, 2018, 07:30:47 PM »
This is really just a QoL change, but pressing X essentially becomes pointless in Xsotan sectors inside the barrier because the only things it selects are the infected asteroids.
Bugs / Re: Shot color not working for certain weapons
« Last post by Kamo on November 16, 2018, 02:39:26 PM »
Thanks for the fast reply ! I tested teslas and lightning guns and they displayed the correct shot color, my bad.
Force guns and lasers seems to not vary though. Maybe something in the turret's shot color is overriding the turret base's color.

Also, there is another problem: Superfetch and Windows Update do not seem to identify the Avorion Server as a game, so they continue working "in the background". This causes all available disk usage to be shunted from Avorion Server, causing it to suspend all activity (without disconnecting).

Edit: That's a serious problem. Avorion is not making my computer lag, the System is causing the lag, to the point the server is now starting to disconnect me after a few minutes of play.
Bugs / Re: Shot color not working for certain weapons
« Last post by cepheni on November 16, 2018, 01:27:22 PM »
I tried to reproduce it, but couldn't. I'll describe my steps here, maybe you did something differently?

I build a ship with turret bases, went on each of them into the turret building mode and applied a saved design. To better see the difference I used two of the same turrets and designs and gave them different colors. I then went out of the turret building mode, applied turrets to the designs.

After leaving the building mode all of the turrets showed the expected color. Only one not showing the color was the rocket launcher.
Bugs / Shot color not working, and background issues
« Last post by Kamo on November 16, 2018, 01:02:30 PM »
Shot color is currently not working for
  • Lasers
  • Teslas
  • (Probably) Lightning Guns
  • Launchers
  • Force Guns
But it's not very prioritary.
Creations / Re: [WIP] Death Star (1:1)
« Last post by Ghost722nd on November 16, 2018, 10:58:57 AM »
The amount of blocks is currently not a problem (45k+) since i've had the head of the statue of liberty converted (which took around half an hour or more, dunno, was cooking in my kitchen in the meantime) which had ~147k! Tried to build the mega maid from spaceballs since the devs put this nice easteregg name "Weltraumputze" in the game and I've thought: "Why not!" ;D

Mods / Re: [MOD][Systems] Not Enough Turrets 1.0b
« Last post by TinchoX on November 16, 2018, 03:46:53 AM »
Would it be easy/possible to upgrade this mod to also take advantage of the new permenant install system to allow more benefits ?
That'd be great.
Creations / Re: [WIP] Death Star (1:1)
« Last post by Warrax on November 16, 2018, 03:18:21 AM »
This is fantastic work, Ghost !!   ;D
Detailing it up would be a huge undertaking, but I am sure it will look great in the end.

And yeah,  once you get to a certain level of parts, i am guessing your machine will begin to lag out.  The most I have gotten to is 26000+.
I could not really push past that on my machine, cuz the lagginess was intolerable.

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