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Gameplay Discussion / Re: Custom Jumpgates?
« Last post by bpleshek on Today at 06:31:09 PM »
I cleared out a sector of all stations and it had a gate owned by that faction.  So, it still costs money to go through it.  I wonder, is there a way I can board the gate to make it mine?  Or destroy it ?
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Mouse window lock issue?
« Last post by bpleshek on Today at 06:29:10 PM »
I've had it "go out" on me a few times.  It was quite confusing.  Usually hitting escape a few times fixed it, but once or twice, I had to go to menu and reload game to fix it.
When you create a ship at a shipyard and do not have the "single block" checked, you can mess with the SEED value and it will create ship designs for you on the fly.  You can play with that until you find one you like.
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Building Fighters with Shields
« Last post by bpleshek on Today at 06:24:51 PM »
My understanding is that the design and/or blocks of a fighter design are ALL for display only.  There is no functionality to any of them.  The only way to assign "properties" to the fighter is by using the point system. 
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Faction Pack Question
« Last post by deep on Today at 06:14:56 PM »
In my saved data, the faction pack of TESL4 is applied.
My faction pack and the faction pack of TESL4 are testing.
The other Mods are the simple ones I made myself.

Please test it.
Make five galaxies with only a factional pack.
I think you can see the faction-packed ships at the start of at least one galaxy.
The home sector at the starting point seems to have the highest probability.

But I have not found my faction pack ship in the galaxy where the faction pack of TESL4 is available.

When the first adventurer appears at the starting point where the faction pack is applied, he uses the ship of the faction pack.
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Alliance Home Sectors
« Last post by bpleshek on Today at 06:14:24 PM »
Have you tried it in space that isn't owned by any faction?  Maybe the button only appears if the sector doesn't belong to another faction already.
I had this problem last night.  Took 6 hours to fix rep.  An evening I could have used to further progress in the game, which I didn't.

I see 3 ways to fix this.

1. As someone said up above a permanent license.
2. A checkbox that "auto-renews."
3. Have AI captains STOP salvaging and either recall or set to defend all fighter salvagers when a license expires.

Perhaps, optionally, a checkbox when ordering an AI to salvage that OVERRIDES the above listed license behavior, in case you don't care if the rep drops.  This would be mutually exclusive with auto-renew, obviously.
Most likely, yes, the shear number of drones is causing/contributing to your problem.  I see similar issues with a station of mine that's fully loaded with salvagers for cleaning up after the battle.

I don't know if you can directly edit like that, but what you can do is setup a station with huge amounts of assembly blocks so that even the most expensive fighters only take a minute, even with 5 productions happening simultaneously.  This should help in speeding up the process.
General Discussion / Re: Are integrity field generators unnecessary?
« Last post by SneakyTacts on Today at 04:46:38 PM »
I enjoyed reading about your methods, but you’re the experienced player that benefits from IFG blocks as they are. That’s good, and I imagine almost all players are like us. An alternative system could benefit those who ignore or don’t yet understand it. Can’t say I know anyone like this, though, so my claim isn’t great, and it’s embarrassing for me to continue.
Troubleshooting / FPS dips troublesolving and editing game files
« Last post by Uzkul on Today at 04:25:42 PM »
Hey there !

I was wondering if there is a way i can edit the game files / inventory for my ships (for my existing single player world), either ingame itself or by editing files.

The reason i'm asking is as follows :
During battles I sometimes get a large dips in FPS.
Normally it's running at 144 fps (vsync on), but sometimes during battles I dip down to 1 fps.
So i'm trying to figure out a bit why this might be happening.

I'm not sure it is tied to my fighter drone squadrons, but it is something I want to look in to.
At the moment I have 3 fighter ships (2 on AI control), filled each with 120 drones. My own stations in the sector also react with drone launch on hostilities. These stations each have somewhere between 60 and 120 drones in them.

After the battle is over, I call in my salvage drone squad, once each 4 ships with 120 salvage drones each.
Meanwhile I have 2 dedicated mining ships out of sector, with .. yes you guessed it 120 drones each. They are each also on a big loop of mining/refining.

Most of these ships have drones that are based on a workshop design (tie fighter), and most of the fighter are tesla fighter (meaning lots of pew pew lasers being fired).

I have noticed that on launch on my main ship, even when it's alone in the sector, there is an fps drop / lag.
In bigger battles where my main ship is also alone (thinking of end boss for example, I'm also getting severe fps drops. But in that case I wasn't even using drones.

So what I want to test a bit is :
- is it the drones design template that might be causing the issue.
- is it just planly the amount of drones that is the issue
- is it because they are tesla drones

But in testing this, and making the drones anew ingame, that will just take to long. Hence my question if it is possible to edit the inventory of ships / spawn them in.

As to my system specs :
During gameplay processor usage sits at around 20-25% (i9-9900KF)
Graphics card at around 40-45% (Geforce RTX 2080 super)
Ram is only 35% used (32GB total DDR4 @3200mhz)
Game is running on a Kingston SSD (not the lastest generation but new enough).

Thank you
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