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News / Re: News: Progress with AI & Map Commands
« Last post by Kamo on Today at 04:28:23 PM »
Yaaay ! Trading ruuuns :D ! And ogonite tier too !
I think most of us are going to say patient because of the latest Windows 10 update badly screwing up virtual memory.
But when the fix will roll, I'm going to play the **** out of Avorion, patch or not :) !
Troubleshooting / Re: Sector loading glitch?
« Last post by Ghost722nd on Today at 03:57:45 PM »
Hmm, sounds for me like your graphics driver bites with the game. Such issues are most of the time related to this after my own experience.  ;)
Troubleshooting / Re: Sector loading glitch?
« Last post by unbekannt1984 on Today at 01:25:59 PM »

I don't think it's my computer,...
I'm sorry to say it, but I think it is your computer.

Avorion is not just one program, it has a server and a client (the server runs in the background on your computer during single-player games). The client is what you can see of Avorion.

Now in single-player games Avorion needs a lot of Ram, both parts (server and client) need to run on high priority, and depending on your OS and other software, there could be some funny-stuff running in the background. An Internet Security Software could do behavior analysis on these (relatively) unknown software, windows could be installing upgrades,...

Well, the easiest test would be playing on a dedicated server, one on the internet or one running on older hardware. It's enough to use an Athlon AM1 5350 with 4gb ram and Debian linux without desktop environment for the server. The same machine with desktop environment and 8gb ram is running Avorion in single-player mode just fine by the way.
Set any Antivirus to gaming-mode, silent-mode, "don't annoy me mode" (or whatever it offers) to reduce its' systemload, too, and you should find the cause for your problems.
News / News: Progress with AI & Map Commands
« Last post by koonschi on Today at 01:23:33 PM »
Hey everybody!

Sadly we didn't manage to meet our self-imposed deadline (surprise...) but we're hard at work with the update. So we want to give you some more infos on what's happening right now, what's giving us trouble and what's done.

So the update took longer than anticipated because we had to add new UI for the galaxy map, which should also be completely scriptable, since that's one of the features that's been missing from the galaxy map for a while. This UI is now in and we're working on the last polish and bug fixing for the galaxy map UI before the update can go live.

This is one of the more exciting things about this update: We've decided to add trade ship commands to the galaxy map, allowing you to order your ships to buy or sell certain goods in a specific sector. These commands can be enchained with the other commands, essentially allowing you to order your ships to fly a certain trade route or to sell its wares while it's headed in a certain direction!

Apart from that we're also fixing issues from the current branch which have been reported by both players and our crash reporter. Fixing those can also take lots of time and is, to us, equally important as new features.

I won't be giving a specific date which we're not going to meet yet again, but I can tell you that at this time all the important features are in and we're working hard towards connecting it all together and releasing it to the beta branch as soon as we can.

Stay tuned and see you soon!
Bugs / Re: Horrible Windows-10 related issues
« Last post by Wanderlust on Today at 10:41:29 AM »
Here is the log for a game session in which I apply a few different colors to 7 of the same turret designs and then equip them all with identical turrets. None of the colors showed up.
Troubleshooting / Sector loading glitch?
« Last post by DM_Dragon on Today at 12:50:31 AM »
hello all, so I've got this problem that happens from every so often to some sector in a row. I'll jump into a sector and I'll get a frozen image of my ship and after a few seconds my screen will flash white then black then another frozen image of my ship just in a different orientation. This will last from 5 seconds to a few minutes and when it image catches up everything jumps around for a split second. Funny part is that the whole game isn't freezing just my screen, I've figured this out by jumping into a yellow blip sector and finding out its a heavily populated pirate sector. Every time I get the frozen image the audio comes through and a chunk of my shields and health are gone, when the image catches up I've only get about 15% hull left and loose a rather expensive ship. I don't think it's my computer, it being a $1,500 gaming rig that plays WoW, EVE, and PS2 on farley high settings. I have all the setting turned down on Avorion. Hope this a a common enough issue to have a know fix thanks everyone.
Creations / Re: Forges of Insanity Avorion Division
« Last post by Cpt. Madman on November 20, 2018, 11:28:31 PM »
Is this the point where I should mention that I have an opssesion for scafholding?

Not much progress from my side this weeks... Warframe: Fortuna was released and X4 Foundations drops end of the months.
Creations / Re: [WIP] Death Star (1:1)
« Last post by Ghost722nd on November 20, 2018, 07:19:56 PM »


I dont know if its the amout of blocks that will lag you out or the size.....
Whats your pc stats?

AMD Phenom II X4 965 ~3.4 Ghz
Gigabyte 970-DS3P
16 GB DDR3-1600
GTX 1050 Ti

Only graphics card and hdd (had a crash) are not older than a year, all other components are going into their 5th year now  ;)
I think a few ideas around here are quite good, may I add a few ideas?

1.) Main problem with combat currently is the leisure function of the engine Boosters.
Would you prefer a system like in Star Trek Online? There you can utilize an ability called Evasive Maneuvers, it boosts your turnrate and speed for 15 seconds (or something like that) and then goes on a 90 second cooldown (well, I don't really remember the numbers).
Full-Impulse (an ability that works almost like our Boosters in Avorion), can be used just while not in combat.

On the other side, Star Trek Online has got a different approach of energy-systems, too. You can choose the energy-levels for different subsystems (Engines - also increases turnrate, Shields - recharge and a little damage-resistance, Weapons - damage of energy-weapons - and Auxilary-Systems - many healing-abilities, hangar-recharge and science-stuff), normal presetting for each system is 50, but you can use sliders to set the system up to 100 or down to 25 (it drains/boosts the energy of other Subsystems).
With a system like the one of STO, you can boost your engine-power to twice the normal to fly faster (well, not twice as fast as normal, throw a little diminishing returns on top).

Another system that I liked was the one of the old Star Wars games (X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter and X-Wing Alliance). You were able to set Shields-, Weapons- and Tractor-Powerlevels, each of those Systems had its' own buffer, the left-over energy was your engine-power... If you were in trouble, you were able to transfer energy from the weapons or tractor to your shields, or the other way around, if you needed firepower.
With this system you were also able to adjust the top-speed of your fighter/ship.

2.)Current DPS rating of weapons seem to scale around the turret size and doesn't care much for the range, accuracy and other important factors...
Like energy-setting (or energy-level like in the X-Wing games) for an energy-weapon? Both systems would make things a little more interesting...

On the other side: You'd need to sacrifice speed, shield-strength or anything else, if you want to increase your firepower.
If you chose to run away from your enemies, you wouldn't mind firepower that much.

3.) Energy drain for most weapons is absolutely irrelevant - it is so small, that its not even a consideration in selection of weapons, not even speaking about introducing additional power generation or storage on a ship to support heavier weapons. On the other hand, energy weapons utilize over-time increase in energy drain, which for all intents and purposes is completely ridiculous. That mechanic makes weapons unpredictable in their upkeep, which makes them unreliable, which in turn makes them useless.
Yes, power-consumption is mostly a joke, except you get a mining-/salvaging-turret with massive power-consumption. I got one of those and made a salvaging-fighter out of it... No need to worry about the power-drain anymore and at least not completely useless.

The power demands in general deserve to be looked at and adjusted, because as of now there's little use for power aside from shield upkeep and booster fuel.
There is little use for batteries at the moment - especially if you think about stations that usually don't move (and don't use boosters). If we were able to transfer energy for example from the battery to the shields (for a quick recharge), this might help to promote different styles of playing the game.
Some more dynamic energy-options would help you to escape (if you need to), tank enemies or increase your firepower (well, at least for energy-weapons).

Weapons are another point. Especially Coaxial Weapons are not as useful as they should, anything except a Coaxial Seeker-Rocket Launcher fires in a straight line forward.
Well, that works in games like X-Wing, but in Avorion the ship doesn't point exactly where you want to shoot at and you can have difficulties to hit a Station with your Coaxial Railguns from 20 or 30km away (yes, such strong weapons should have lower range). Give those weapons a little targeting-angle, something like 45° (22.5° to each side) to the surface they are mounted at (so usually a 45° cone in the front).
This would make small and maneuverable attack-ships (should I name those Escorts?) useful (well, at least to a certain degree). But those Escorts need to be able to escape, too... They need to be faster then bigger ships - that's another point DivineEvil pointed out:
Volume limits are only needed to prevent absurd values and visual bugs from excessively large ships made out of cheap blocks and materials. If there's a need to adjust the balance, that should be provided by the diminishing returns (thrust, maneuverability, shield strength etc.), not hard limits.
But currently we have buffs to bigger ships (scale a ship up and it is faster then the original).
Suggestions / Re: Softcore, Mediumcore, Hardcore
« Last post by cepheni on November 20, 2018, 11:55:02 AM »
That sounds.. evil.. and yet pretty cool, actually.
I guess your name is not just for show, eh?  ;D
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