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General Discussion / NIGGERS
« Last post by ClockworkHex on Today at 08:07:30 AM »
Hi everybody,

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro X64
CPU: Intel I5-7600K 3.80 GHz
GPU:  Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070

When moving an already installed system upgrade to another empty slot it crashes the server this is reproducable in SP and MP.
Beeing inside or outside equipment dock range does not matter for the problem.
El archivo parece dañado, lo descargo pero me dice Windows que esta en un formato desconocido o dañado :C

Tienes que utilizar WinRAR . Búscalo en Google.
Mods / Re: [MOD] Goods Hauler (Automatically buy/sell/move goods!)
« Last post by bit on Today at 01:55:09 AM »
Thanks! Just turned out I wasn't logged in while I was looking.
Mods / [Mod Manager Development] - Community Data Assistance
« Last post by bit on Today at 01:54:31 AM »
Boring background stuff:
Spoiler: show
Over the last few weeks, I've been working on a project, provisionally (and slightly ostentatiously) monikered AVCMM (Avorion Community Mod Manager).  At its core, it is a cross-platform text-based interface for (theoretically) generalized mod management for both client end users and server providers.  Current development is targeting Python 3.5+ though porting and backwards compatibility (not to 2.x) would be an option per support and interest.  In concert with another developer, AVCMM will additionally be embedded as part of a larger (and slick) graphical framework to greatly enhance the custom Avorion experience (more detail available pending approval from the other developer).

The design is complete and the implementation is also nearing completion.  However, there is a need to concretely characterize how mods are currently modifying data lua files.  In order to properly provide the types of interfaces which mod developers might find useful, it is important to know where in each file changes are made.  While public mods are, as the name suggests, public, classifying each mod, into 'active and updated' versus 'legacy', and then further inspecting them demands more time than I can currently supply.

What I am seeking is for individuals familiar with currently functional and supported mods to respond with a list of changes a particular mod makes to existing files by these mods (any format acceptable although diff format is greatly appreciated).  The goal is to have, over the next two weeks, a final tabulation of all locations in each lua file where moddders have previously made changes.  If there appears to be enough public interest, I will additionally be releasing a package metadata format to help bundle mods in an AVCMM-compatible manner.  Ultimately, the aim is to hit the ground running with a meaningful base of mods already available to end users.
General Discussion / Re: Devs pleas fix this.
« Last post by Kamo on Today at 12:53:55 AM »
Ouch, modifying rescaled ships and especially pasted block groups sure is a bad idea.
When rescaling a block group, the group's size will be rounded by the Scale Size: so if you have seven 1x1x1 blocks in a X-row, and scale the group to 10x1x1, the seven blocks will have individual sizes of 10/7 x1x1, so 1,428571...x1x1.
Multiply that issue with three dimensions and you'll soon get "stranded" on "Match Block" dependency and forced to make imprecise fixes and endure misalignments.

There's also the floating point errors, and I also hate them with a passion...
I don't understand how floating point errors even happen with numbers with no decimals, and even powers of two at that !
It seems the contents of the "block info" dialog are loaded into the block size pointer, then reloaded back to the block info, causing the floating point error to appear.
Of course using numbers who aren't made of additions of powers of two (or fractions thereof) will cause bigger rounding errors due to how floating point variables are stocked (so, for the computer which counts in binary, 0.2 = 0.125 (1/8) + 0.0625 (1/16) + 0.0078125 (1/128) + 0.00390625 (1/256) + 0.00048828125 (1/2048), so happens to be a "real" number with infinite decimals in binary).

There should be a 3-decimal rounding rule to avoid the floating point errors, as 0.999999x1x1 blocks cannot house size-1 turrets and aaagh >:(

Right now, with hardpoints, I try rounding to the desired value when putting the block when there's only one erroneous value, and when both hardpoint sizes are erroneous values, I add .01 to those values to overcompensate from the error.
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Point defense weapons
« Last post by Texmar21 on Today at 12:25:58 AM »
Thank you

I posted my suggestion here. Pretty much same thing as here expect travel while cloaking. I mentioned countered measures as well.
Bugs / Re: [0.19.0] XSTN-V Artifact Has Incorrect Jump Range
« Last post by Kamo on Today at 12:20:01 AM »
Awwwww. :(
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