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Mods / Re: [MOD] Carrier Command
« Last post by Gantradies on Today at 12:27:55 PM »
little heads up, minor issue with the new support for repair fighters- if the mothership is damaged, they seem to just aimlessly swarm around it (ignoring all other damaged friendlies)  like they do if you give them a vanilla attack command on their carrier
Thanks for the heads up. It seems the fighter beahaviour has changed. Repair fighters have to "FighterOrders.Defend" their own mothership, while they have to "FighterOrders.Attack" any other ship, to even start repairing.
happy to help!  ^^
Mods / [MOD][Plll6] EVE Online Music
« Last post by DiabloPower on Today at 09:03:46 AM »
EVE Online Musicmod

- this time without mood specific tracks, will be updated in the future (need some time to rehearse all tracks)
- all avorion original background tracks are disabled by default (no need to be deleted by hand)
- avorion original tracks for battle, boss and titlescreen have to be deleted by hand if you only want to listen to EVE tracks
Spoiler: how to delete • show

go to the Directory wherever Steam ist installed --> "Steam\steamapps\common\Avorion\data\music"
go to "/action" --> delete all tracks inside
go to "/menu" --> delete all tracks inside
go to "/special" --> delete all tracks inside

Spoiler: show

- download from below
- from post BETA 0.21 upwards use WinRar 5+ or 7Zip to unpack the archive directly into your "Avorion" directory
- for pre 0.20 use Winrar 5+ or 7zip to unpack the archive into your "Avorion/data/music" directory

Spoiler: show

- go to your "Avorion/data" directory and delete the subdirectoy named: "music"
- let Steam verify data integrity and redownload the deleted original Avorion tracks and "music.lua" script (be warned! it is possible to break other Mods ass well by doing so)

things to know:
This mod will not be compatible with any other music changer mod without editing the Avorion music script "music.lua" by hand!
All Tracks are property by CCP and where only converted to OGG format!

New and updated Version post Avorion BETA 0.21

Old Version pre Avorion 0.20
Suggestions / Re: DPS per slot - sorting option
« Last post by SneakyTacts on Today at 03:08:30 AM »
I agree!
Creations / Ship: Vis Invictus ("Undefeated Force")
« Last post by SneakyTacts on Today at 02:17:45 AM »

Life-sized people included, haha:

I recently made this incredible beast! Thanks, user TESL4, for inspiring me with your modular parts. Your style and methods played a big role.

This is my Vis Invictus ship ("Undefeated Force" in Latin). It has 9 slots and all the other stats that you can see from the screenshots. It's actually "modular" because there are many framework pieces that you can transform into whatever the heck you need them to be so you can make a perfect ship. Although, the one in the pictures is one of my versions after transforming framework pieces. This ship also has 4 torpedo launchers at the top and bottom of the main thing in the center, by the way. And the stats are without the upgrades, except for turrets. A fighter that has a production cost of 4 million will take 12 minutes in my version, sadly, but I guess that's okay.

Tips for transforming framework pieces:
- Merge blocks only when necessary. If you mess up, it's sometimes impossible to make smaller blocks after merging because I have lots of "clipping" blocks inside the ship (blocks inside of blocks).
- The default thrusters that I've added should be enough. Attempting to add any more facing in the correct direction is difficult and a waste of space, in my opinion. I recommend ignoring thrusters. Turning speed is slow (few seconds), but you will wreck everything in front of you so it shouldn't matter.
- There's enough crew space for 100% untrained workers AND pilots. If you use trained crew, you can transform even the giant crew spaces into torpedo storage or whatever.

Download 1 - Modular (Empty Framework) Ship:
634,070 Credits
142,445 Trinium
Download 2 - Decently Transformed Ship:
10,691,671 Credits
104,782 Iron
243,273 Trinium
308,761 Xanion

To download: go into one of your galaxies and into the build menu. Click "Saved Designs" then "Browse". Download the file to the location it brings you to. I haven't done this before, but that should be everything.
Creations / Re: Mothership request
« Last post by SneakyTacts on March 19, 2019, 11:56:12 PM »
1) unlimited resources and money
2) size comparable to Xsotan Wormhole Guardian
3) 15 upgrade slots
4) fast-building carrier
5) can be modified from random ships
6) strong hull and shield?
7) has practical mobility
8 ) symmetrical
9) unique colors - try dark blue and regular (grey/white)
10) inspires greatness
11) generally capable of everything

This is mostly what I need for myself. I'll construct something for the both of us, but mostly for me lol. This is my building style:

I've been meaning to make a new post about this ship I'm showing here, but I'm lazy, haha. Maybe I'll do that now. User TESLA inspired me. My goal is to finish it within two days, but I'll probably finish it in four or five. I'm a bit slow. I'll probably be finished by Sunday/Monday since I haven't started. Here is my recent post of my 9-slot ship in the picture:,5553.0.html you can scale it up if you like it, use those ships that Schiebi linked to you, or wait for me.
Suggestions / DPS per slot - sorting option
« Last post by Crier on March 19, 2019, 11:08:19 PM »
Hi everyone!

Vote for a weapon sort option "DPS per slot"!

The search tells me it is not entirely a new topic, but not a recent at last. :D
Sorting by DPS is fine, but if you compare 6 slot and 2 slot weapons etc., it gets a bit tiring after a while to do head calculation. :P
I imagine it might proof easier than expected to implement this, giving that DPS is already being calculated (and therefore would "only" need to be divided by slot count).

PS: There are no mods for this in the meantime, which are local and work online, right?


General Discussion / Re: Poll: Do you think turret factories need a change?
« Last post by SneakyTacts on March 19, 2019, 10:03:01 PM »
Systems’ stats should remain as they are. Golden, blue, and red systems are worth picking up and I can identify them from a distance. Since the other lower rarities are a hassle to collect, what do you all think about them dropping in greater amounts? I currently spend probably 20 hours between research sessions because I have too few items.
been meaning to check- back around/before custom turrets hit stable, id ran into issues making repair fighters- if you used a dual-purpose repair turret (heals both hull and recharges shields), the resulting fighters would only do one (usually recharge shielding)- anyone have word on if this has been fixed?
General Discussion / Re: Any way to remove rift expansion?
« Last post by SneakyTacts on March 19, 2019, 09:49:04 PM »
Do the rifts actually consume sectors over time? I haven’t noticed that, so I don’t think that’s true. Maybe you worry that the map will become crowded from expansion? Yeah, I don’t believe that happens. But if you don’t like how many rifts already exist, perhaps someone knows how to edit sectors.

I think that you might be confused from the NPC’s dialog. When they claim that the rifts have been expanding, that’s probably only a part of the story over hundreds of years and not happening as you play the game.
General Discussion / Re: Any way to remove rift expansion?
« Last post by TESL4 on March 19, 2019, 07:11:55 PM »
Wait the rifts expand?  How long does it take to envelope the outer regions?  I didn't know this was a thing?
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