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Title: Read This First
Post by: koonschi on March 19, 2013, 04:16:07 PM
You found a bug? Ouch. I'll fix that as soon as possible.

Before you post, you should do the following:

If all these factors are OK, you can post the bug on the board, including whether it was the server or the client that crashed.
A Server Crash looks like this:
A Client Crash looks like this:

Always include the following information in the report:

How to find your logs:
On Windows, you will find them in your %appdata%\AvorionDemo\ folder. Type %appdata% in your windows explorer's address bar to get there.
On Linux, you will find them in your ~/.avoriondemo folder.

The logs for the client are called clientlog XXXX.txt and the logs for the server are in the AvorionDemo\galaxies\[your galaxy name here]\ folder. They're called server XXXX.txt. XXXX is the timestamp of when you started that server. Look at the timestap, take the one where your game crashed or where you had trouble, and post it.

How to add your logs if they are too big for the forum:
Please post the contents of the logs on pastebin.com (http://pastebin.com). Then add the link to your post.
Try to create a new pastepin paste for each log file.

The more information you post in here, the easier you make it for us to fix those bugs!

I know bugs and crashes are annoying, but we're doing our best to keep up with your reports. It might not always be possible to fix everything at once, but we're doing the very best we can.