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Suggestions / Re: DivineEvil's Suggestions and Remarks
« on: March 31, 2019, 05:45:33 PM »
I +1 all these ideas and I am disappointed that I just saw this now because it seems all my suggestions have been made 2 years ago so I could've saved myself a few hours of typing

Have the core of a planet take like 30 real time days to mine to with a fleet of 1000 avorion mining fighters and be trillions of 1 material

The wording is weird for sure I had the same doubts as yourself. It should say, "One per ship". You can uninstall it safely at an equipment dock.

SIMPLE: You can't use multiple XSTN-V :(

Suggestions / Ganjavinchi's Forum Suggestion Thread
« on: March 28, 2019, 03:21:15 PM »
1. Chat Board

I notice there are usually 10+ guests on this website at all times. Have a chat board for people to talk to eachother instantly on your forum would allow people to communicate more effectively. You could even take your most dedicated avorion player that helps you guys out a lot and make him a moderator of the chat if they want it. A chat would bring your community together, you guys need that. Not even 1,000 players on steam but the game is absolutely amazing... I'm thinking maybe there is a publicity issue. Either way a chat board on your forum at the top above everything would allow players to community instantly on the main spot designated to Avorion.

[bookmarks in my browser]
[Avorion | Home | Help | Search | Profile | My Messages | Members | Logout]
[News | Latest news of Avorion will be posted here.]
[General Discussion | Overall board for all Avorion topics that don't fit into another forum.]


2. Time Stamps in chat board [Utility]


[1:20:24pm] Lord Elron: hey guys what's up
[1:21:36pm] Gimli: Good Day Gandalf
[1:20:40pm] Aragorn: Why are you still yelling that Legolas? That was 12 years ago
[1:20:55pm] Ganjavinchi: Why the hell am I in Middle Earth oh my god
3. Forum Activity [Utility]
edit: I just found the unread topics button but I still would suggest this below

Underneath this information [Forum Stats]:
Total Members: 11231
Total Posts: 29644
Total Topics: 5073
Latest Member: CAValier

put this information [Latest replies][Latest topics][Active threads]

it will make it easier to read what threads are most replied to, where the activity is. as the forum is now it is a bit mangled and clumped together. there's huge gaps of usable space on both sides of the browser.

Bugs / Re: modify entire ship... button + no color = doesn't work
« on: March 28, 2019, 03:15:11 PM »
I have made a few thousands of changes to this design I am working on. Its original design is by a guy called Arakiss on the steam community he's a genius (I wasn't planning on it but he gave me permission to even upload the finished version when I am done changing it).

I would go back to the original workshop design for the colours... but I shouldn't need to. The default colour of a block should be working, I should not have to use the saved design from the workshop, I should be able to undye all 50k pieces lol. I know I have like 8 selectable colours that are named 'no colour' and they work when I try individual pieces, but modify entire ship + no color doesn't work.

this is in the beta branch by the way I was hoping an admin would see this and move to the beta branch bug section but I guess this forum isn't very active :/

this post is reserved for when an admin comes online and can move my post in the bugs section of the regular game to here in the beta branch bugs section

Suggestions / Ganjavinchi's Avorion Suggestion Thread
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:24:52 PM »
This will be one post about all my suggestions to keep things tidy in the forum.
1. Directional Engine [Block]

Allow engines to be rotated to ascend, descend, left, right, forward and backward, all axis', just like the directional thruster. Then, allow each of those "directional engines" to boost.

the boost would apply to the single direction

the purpose of this would be to make a more mobile ship at the cost of much more energy use. instead of having to considering the energy reserves for boosting in one direction, you're now able to consistently and continously boost.

you'll get used to that level of maneuverable, causing you to run out of power more often or making you adjust your energy tab more often
2.Modify All Blocks / Modify All Selected Blocks [Buttons]

Modify All Parts [Button]
Like the modify ship button, this button would modify every specific block to another block. Or every specific block to another color.

short example:


Let's say you have two or three hundred outer armor pieces that coat your entire ship.

You want to edit all that armor from trinium to xanion, you don't want to change every single piece yourself. Using both the block selector and the x axis copier, you might be able to change them all in 5 minutes... IF your PC can handle a ship that has 300 pieces of armor covering everything else. My PC bogs down to about 10 fps after 20 minutes in build mode.

The progenitor class star destroyer has 50k blocks, a few hundred of almost everything, symmetrically placed from the inside out, to make a ship that is fully customizable depending on what you want it to be for.

This button would save me a lot of time if I could press it, change all 300 pieces [of a single TYPE OF BLOCK] from trinium to xanion or whatever

Modify All Selected Blocks [Button

like the Modify Entire Ship button except it modifies all the blocks you have selected
3. Rotation Locked Turret Base [Block]

I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to use a custom turret skin on a turret rotation lock block

I haven't been able to find out if it is possible. I don't think so.

If not, this block would make it possible to put a custom turret design down on this block and not allow it to rotate around.

More useful for railguns
4. Time Stamps in chat [Utility]
I have a lot of resources in limbo because I forget when I started processing them and then go exploring and have to spend 10 minutes going back to pick them up wherever they were. Time stamps on the messages would be great for staying updated. on top of my empire like a hawk


[1:20:24pm] Lord Elron: hey guys what's up
[1:21:36pm] Gimli: Good Day Gandalf
[1:20:40pm] Aragorn: Why are you still yelling that Legolas? That was 12 years ago
5. Limited Ship Autosave option[Utility]

My RAM spikes to 8GB and my game takes almost a minute to stop being 1 fps. it's a real big issue, when I open 'saved designs' it's extremely noticable but even without it open just having the ships folder get larger and larger with no limit is a big issue. It almost was 2.5gb when I finally opened it and figured out it was causing my pc to bottleneck on loading all those hundreds of autosaves
6. Mouse locked to Avorion.exe client[Utility]
When I play with the game in window mode,
   because my PC sucks and I need to go into window mode to build on my ship without my game
my mouse isn't locked in and when I try to turn sharply my mouse drags off the client and into the background.

Bugs / modify entire ship... button + no color = doesn't work
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:21:51 PM »
Hello, is anybody here familiar with issues regarding the modify entire ship button?


modify entire ship + default color (no color) = doesn't work
modify entire ship + any other color = does work

I am using the progenitor class star destroyer available on the steam workshop.

My issue is when I press the modify entire ship button and choose a color everything works fine. I dyed everything to black, worked a little on it... but the ship is 48k blocks.

I would rather not dye every single piece of hologram and glow to a colour I like, I don't want them to all be black anymore, when I try pressing the modify entire ship button + 'NO COLOR' options, the ship stays all whatever color it is .

I'm able to modify entire ship + ANY other of the hundreds of colours perfectly fine but when I try to undye my ship... it does not work.

now I am stuck with thousands of pieces of my ship that aren't the way I wanted them to look and I can't undo any of it. I could start with 48k white pieces I guess and dye everything the way I want it to be down to the smallest piece but... I would rather just go with the default colours.... but I can't.

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