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Mods / Re: [Mod] Extended Turret Factory
« on: May 10, 2019, 10:19:53 PM »
Thanks for the answer and I must say I'm also waiting  a lot on the Workshop mod support to come in 0.22.

There are things I know I can do myself but the whole UI stuff is a bit out of my regular knowledges.

And don't worry, as the next game update  should come soon I was not asking for any updates as  I can
easily understand that people don't want to do the work twice.

In fact it was  more of a feasibility question and if you had any advice on how to do it and would have turned
in a suggestion in case it was  too complex for my own limited scripting knowledge  ;)

Mods / Re: [Mod] Extended Turret Factory
« on: May 09, 2019, 06:08:08 PM »
Hello hello.

I really enjoy the job you did on this extended turret factory.

I was curious if there is a way to add a way to add a turret Slot size factor to the search ?
Just though that the range could be usefull too

Would be usefull for those ships with smaller turrets slots or just being smaller and using smaller turrets. And finding
those long range salvage and other turrets

Thanks for any tip on how to do it.

Mods / Re: [MOD] MoveUI v2.2.1
« on: May 07, 2019, 07:39:51 PM »

Hello, I must thanks you for that mod, it's really something usefull and that my friends enjoy on our private server.

I wanted to signal 2 tiny bits of troubles with the ScrapyardLicenses.lua  that I had to resolve.

At line 150 :

        if player.index ~= Entity(player.craftIndex).factionIndex then
          InAllianceShip = true

Seems it should be

        if player.craftIndex ~= Entity(player.craftIndex).factionIndex then
          InAllianceShip = true

And a couple of lines later  you used  AllinaceLicensesSize but I think you were meaning AllianceLicensesSize at lines 160, 162, 173 and 175.

In hope that can provide a bit of help.

Thanks a lot again for your great job for that QoL mod

Actually we would perhaps not need the whole formula, but we should at least have some moddable constants
so servers owner could set how much impact a grazing shot on a shield has, or the fact that a weapon that is
unable to damage a shield do 'graze' it for crazy reputation loss when no damage was done (salvager beams).

Actually I would also like to see something added that if there is a fight and you help a faction did not end up
with a reputation loss for having a few round of anti torpedo guns spraying a massive cruiser when you destroyed
10+ ships in the system (and saved the cruiser at the same time by pouring Repair hull beams into it).

Another thing that would be good too, is to add a brain to the AI gunners (we pay them enough for that).

Right now it's even more frustrating to see an AI auto gunner trying to hit some hidden target when there
is another closer and fully exposed to his/her weapons.  We really need a way to tell our gunners to be cautious and not try
to hit something they can't.  Having a rudimentary sight check up linked with an additional "Cautious Autofire"
option in the weapon groups would go pretty far in avoiding some of the most frustrating moment in game.

Troubleshooting / Re: POS location messed up after asteroid respawn
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:37:21 PM »
Having the same exact issue with my friend and our stations.

The issue get even dirtier as the the various player stations do 'disappear' until the player
who built them jump in system.

To add to the problem, all the squads, fighters and blueprint in the stations are wiped and

Ah one thing. When the game 'respawn' the station (when a player jump in the system), the game
seem to decide that some station "are missing parts", like my shipyard getting some extra 'iron shipyard frame' sticking to one side of it without any explanation of the reason the station would receive such

Mods / Re: [MOD] Regenerative Asteroid Fields [Update 1.4.3]
« on: December 16, 2017, 07:55:26 PM »
The mod uses another mod of mine Loglevels, use command /consolelevel debug
to see all hidden console messages. you can open the console with the ' key
I havent had any issues with the mod in a very long time and we activaly use the mod on the Rusty Servers,

If your stil having issues, i would need to see an error from the console or a copy of the server log which can be found in %appdata%/avorion/galaxies/ if on windows or /home/user/.avorion/galaxies  if on linux.

Hope this helps for now, you can contact me through here or on my discord aswell:

Thanks a lot.  I was remembering the messages appearing in the chat box, and did not know you had
moved the answers to the console log.
My bad, I have missed that information while seeking the solution to solve things.

For the absence of spawning field in systems I guess we will have to wait, and I also changed
the setting in the configuration so everytime a player jump in a regenerating system
it will be displayed.

All is supposed to work fine now. Time to try it fully.

Again thanks a lot for that great mod, and thanks a lot for the help.

Mods / Re: [MOD] Regenerative Asteroid Fields [Update 1.4.3]
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:25:46 PM »
Hello there,

I wanted to thanks you for that mod, as I used it previously.

Right now I'm having an issue. I installed the mod on my new server, and it
look like it's recognized by the game as I can use the /help regen command
and get an answer with the correct writing for it.

But when I use the /regen now or any other command to force a regen field
or to set the numbers of asteroids, I don't get any messages indicating that
the mod is working. And I have not seen any field being created since I installed

I checked the files, even added the mod as the last to insure that what was needing to
be overwritten was written over by the mods files only.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Mods / Re: [MOD][FIX] AI-Ship salvages now all wreckages
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:31:05 AM »
Thanks for the change in the salvage AI.

I did use your work to modify the Mining AI.  So far it work perfectly. And with the Regenerative Asteroid Fields,
it's a good way to have someone reset a whole mining area without having the others from your server forced to
come back to order their ships around.

Yes I saw that.

But strangely if I do add the 2 methods (update and the get update interval) that's when the Research and the
Equipment Dock start to act strangely and lose their menus. So I must do some testing to see why it act that
way. Still can't understand why something added in the update would remove the Research menu in the
Research station and the System sell/buy option in the equipment dock.

Thanks a lot Laserzwei.

With your help I managed to add turrets to most of the factories I need to get
armed in the game.

Your example and code were perfect, but the game store the volume in a way that
needed a bit of tweaking of the volumeStep divider you provided. Thanks to
darkconsole and his event balancer, I had read about that tiny bit of
information while tweaking his mod for our server.

So the 'shipyard' code look like this

Code: [Select]

local station = Entity()
local key = 6789          -- The blockID that should not be in use.
local turretNum = 0
local volumeStep = 1.75e4  -- 15000 that translate in 15M m^3
local maxTurret = 18      -- Making 20 armed turret at 315M m^3.
turretNum = math.min(station.volume / volumeStep, maxTurret)
if turretNum > 0 then
Entity():addKeyedAbsoluteBias(StatsBonuses.ArbitraryTurrets, key, turretNum)

and I insert that code in the various stations
Code: [Select]
function update(timeStep)
methods and I change the values of the volumestep and maxturret depending on the
station job.

Like for the Repair Dock that get a fixed number of unarmed turrets slot, and a
variable amount of "all turret type" slot.

Code: [Select]

local station = Entity()
local key = 6789          -- The blockID that should not be in use.
local turretNum = 0
local volumeStep = 7.5e3  -- Smaller steps
local maxTurret = 8       -- Up to 10 armed turrets should be enough in a repair dock.
turretNum = math.min(station.volume / volumeStep, maxTurret)
if turretNum > 0 then
Entity():addKeyedAbsoluteBias(StatsBonuses.ArbitraryTurrets, key, turretNum)

-- Being a Repair Dock, it get some extra unarmed turret slot for repair equipement
local repairDockExtraUnarmedTurrets = 6
local repairDockKey = 67899    -- The blockID that should not be in use.
Entity():addKeyedAbsoluteBias(StatsBonuses.UnarmedTurrets, repairDockKey, repairDockExtraUnarmedTurrets)

The only 2 stations that I have to left out of that for now are the Research
station and equipment dock. Both are missing the update method, and when I tried
to add the code in various areas, or write a new update method with the
ggetUpdateInterval() I both those stations started to lose some of their Menus
(the research one and the Systems sell and buy one). So for now and until I
figure a way to add those turrets, we will keep with what we already have and
that will help our team survive better in the core, as we upped the difficulty

So thanks a lot again Laserzwei, as you really pointed me in the right direction
and helped me achieve that change. I'm so 'rusty' with modding and coding, that
I really needed and appreciated the help.

Mods / Re: [MOD] Hostile Factions
« on: May 18, 2017, 11:19:31 AM »
As far as I have played, I found out it's clearly easy to grind the reputation, and that's perhaps 'too easy',
but at the same time, it's really 'too easy' to lose faction too. Especially with the AI of the ships flying
really 'stupidly' sometimes.

Is there a way to diminish the loss of reputation when hitting an allied ship ?
Any clue on what part of the codes do the calculation ?

As I must say I would enjoy using the 'hostile faction' mod, but I also would like to be sure I would not
end up losing the few factions I nurse if their pilots are of the suicidal kind and jumping in front
of my auto targeting "hail of death".

Things are even worse when you start losing faction because one of their salesman decide to park his ship
next to your ship while you are salvaging/mining, and your lasers hit the guy....

Thanks Laserzwei,

Took a look at your complex system, and found the addition in the update method.

Not sure if I did understood how you do the whole thing.

If you don't mind correcting me, but if I do understand right, I will have
to add something like

if onServer() == true then

to the update(timestep) method of each kind of Stations I want to see having an additional
3 "all turret" bonus ? And have a different block ID for every stations file I modify of course ?

And if that's right, I then can start to look how to get the volume value of a station and
find a math formula to add a turret for every 10 millions cubic meter with a max addition
of 12 turret to reach the 15 I though would be an 'not too op' value for the max amount
of turrets on a station.

Thanks in advance

I must say that I first took a bit of time and tried to figure out a way to add more turrets to stations and did hit a wall
by not finding any information that could help me. If anyone could point me to a list of the variables in stations that
I could mess with I would be very thankful.

But if those are too 'complicated' arcane for my small modding abilities, I would also ask if anyone has already
though about adding systems to the stations, as it would solve the problem I have actually on the server I use
with friends, as the usual 1 armed, 1 all around and 1 unarmed turret limit is not enough.

So is it possible possible to do a flat increase of a Station number of Armed, Unarmed, and those 'All Turret Type' numbers,
or even possibly add a number of turrets depending on the station Volume perhaps mirroring the way upgrades
change with the volume ?

If the volume idea could be done, it would be nice to have a range of  3 to 15 turrets, so the stations would be able
to defend themselves and fend off normal waves of attackers, but still need some help when having bigger
waves coming.

Pushing the idea a bit further, those turret slots added should be of the "any turret type" that way a player would
be free to set the station with various turrets depending on it's job.

A military station would be all guns (except for the basic unarmed turret), and a repair dock could get a few armed
turret to cover it's various arcs and concentrate a couple of Hull repair turrets in it's "repair dock".

Any way to accomplish this easily ?

And I just though, if we could do that for player owned stations, why not add it to pirates stations out there ? As
pirate shipyard and such stations are surely not going to be left 'defenseless' against potential raids, and that could
add a bit more of challenge to those pirate sectors, when all the ships are destroyed and not make the "station"
fights being a "boring afk shooting contest".

Mods / Re: [MOD] Goods Hauler (Automatically buy/sell/move goods!)
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:41:14 PM »


your mod is a great idea and really hope it will be added in the game in a way.

Right now I have a bit of a problem, when entering a sector that was set as a regenerative
I end up having a couple of issues with the ship commands in Keyboard-mouse playing.

Like for example the inability to toggle on-off the turrets groups

or suddenly having the 'invert speed' getting all crazy and unable to be stopped

Suggestions / Re: Allow strafing in keyboard mode
« on: April 28, 2017, 11:09:29 PM »
Hope I'm not necroing something here, but hope for the addition of the straffing in Keyboard mode
too. Really need that when salvage, or just moving around a station to dock and so on.

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