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Bugs / [API Bug?] FighterTemplate, material, rarity contains nothing
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:48:04 PM »
When attempting to get a FighterTemplate stored in a hangar to show its material and rarity property for a comparison I was doing. I noticed that those two properties only return empty strings. Bug or intentional?

(Kinda need the material to finish the fighter replacement I'm working on =P)

Mods / [API Request] FighterController Component
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:04:07 AM »
After encountering a recent, and fairly frustrating issue involving the defensive stance of the fighters being unable to cope with multiple targets; I decided to finally ask for access to the thing so I can make fighters all they can be.

Of course this is a request, not a demand so I understand if things take time...or if you want me to wait for a while longer. At least I can tell the people who use the mod that its coming =P

Of course this could also be the part where koonschi tells me that I'm an idiot and the FighterController doesn't even manage that aspect =P

Bugs / Fighter targeting/tracking issues
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:19:05 AM »
Currently fighters start firing while out of range of their target. In rare cases they will complete there strafing run with out even getting in range of the target.

I also cant help but notice that fighters, with beams based weapons at least, seem to almost snap to a grid when tracking an object. This is causing them to miss things. Which while not a big issue for combat fighters, mining and salvage fighters have alot of problems with it. In some cases missing a target for awhile, and in rare cases never hit the target.

Mods / Question, yes its about fighter logic..and maybe a component or two
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:09:50 AM »
Now i have been trying to poke around fighters for quite some time now...But there are somethings that...well i have questions about.

1) Cant help but notice that something keeps exerting its control over the fighters, what component is that, and do we have the ability to control it?

2) Fighters seem to be incapable of having a script applied, is that intentional?

Mods / [Mod] Alpha! Carrier commands
« on: January 30, 2017, 06:41:07 AM »
DISCLAMER: When the 1.8 mod update is released, this mod install will be one way only. It will make non-reversable changes to your universe. A more detailed explanation will be added to the post as 1.8 nears

This mod adds a new UI to ships with hangars that will allow you to issue commands to launched fighters. While not perfect, it does aim to solve some of the issues with fighters and their limitations the best that it can. At least until koonchi gets a chance to work on them more.

The mod currently supports mining and salvaging fighters. The mod cant differentiate between the two, so it would be best if you limit your launched fighter type to one at a time. I am attempting to solve this, but its proving difficult. Most likely there is a API limitation preventing me from determining if a fighter is a miner or a salvager.

One thing I should note though, there can be intermittent problems with fighters not obeying commands. Also fighters wont go after loot directly like captained ships can, I tried and am still working on getting that part working. They will still pickup stuff if they get close enough though.

Go to your Avorion installation directory, and drag the data folder into it. It will ask you to overwrite server.lua, do it the server.lua overwrite is needed to apply the new scripts I added.

The script should automatically apply to all ships with a hanger.

How to use:
The menu is only selectable from within the ship, so you must be currently piloting the carrier you wish to issue orders from. When you look in the upper right hand corner of the screen you should now see a second puzzle piece, that second puzzle piece will allow you access to the commands. Currently there are two commands, Salvage and Idle, hitting idle will disable the script. Maybe there will be more in the future =)

(1.7 Update) New command, Mine, fighters will seek out and mine ore rich asteroids only. An option will come later that will allow them to strip a sector.

Launch your fighters in defensive stance, it will only work if they are in this stance.

(1.5 Update) Now the commands will only be issued to fighters of the unarmed type, so miners and salvage. You can mix combat ships with salvage ships now.

Btw, if there is anyone who wants to suggest changes/optimizations to the code I'm all for it.

Go to a close by empty sector before uninstalling, also your ship will most likely vanish after break it down first

Due to the fact I'm binding a script to the player, if you uninstall this script you will need to do a few steps. First download the uninstaller script then install that like you would the mod, and leave the scriptloader.lua in its place. Then run the game once and load up the save, after it loads save and exit. You should now be able to remove scriptloader.lua safely.

If your installing this on a dedicated server, you should only have to run the uninstaller on the server itself.

Known Issues:
Putting fighters into 'attack my target' mode will cause them to stop working, that's an effect of the state, Keep them in defensive.
The salvage command effects all fighters not only salvage ones, working on it.(1.5 Update)Mostly fixed, commands only effect unarmed fighters now, so miners and salvagers.
The menu is available to ships without a hanger equipped.
Fighters wont go after drops directly, they will still pick up stuff they get close enough to, but that's it.

- Added mining Option, it currently only mines asteroids with resources.
- First iteration of a fighter settings menu.
- First set of *possible* fighter settings, at the time of this writing there are two settings being worked on.
    The first setting limits the number of fighters per wreck target -Has too many issues, need more time
    The second setting changes how wrecks are targeted, from the carrier position, to the fighter position. This disables the fighter limit per wreck as fighters will begin to spread out on there own anyways.
NOTICE: Only the menu UI for these options have been made, their programming hasn't been finished yet.
-Added tooltips for each option.
-Redid how the automatic unloader for scriptloader.lua. Instead of iterating through EVERY entity, it only gets those with the scripts attached.
-The salvage script for carriers auto terminates itself now when there is no wreckage left in the sector.

Before installing 1.6, validate your files to remove the changes to defaultscripts.lua
-Removed changes to defaultscripts.lua(they are no longer needed)
-Script is now installed in the ship using onShipChanged rather than onSectorEntered, this means you no longer need to jump to another sector to enable the commands, they auto enable when you start/login to the map since each time you do that you 'enter your ship' so it always applies.
-Script now disables itself after the user logs off the server/world they are on. This is to assist with uninstalling
-Script now will clear itself from NPC ships..which where never meant to have it in the first place.
-Any galaxy created from 1.6 and up should not have any uninstall issues (ships vanishing/sectors being empty etc) so long as instructions are followed.
-Any galaxy created before 1.6 you will need to visit each sector you where in prior to uninstalling to remove the scripts from the NPC ships. If you don't your ship may randomly vanish when entering a sector, as a sector loading error will occur.
-You will notice a delay in logging off due to the script removal, this is normal.

1.5- MAJOR, Managed to get it so only non armed fighters will listen to salvage commands. So you can mix salvage fighters with combat fighters now. But don't mix salvage and mining fighters, as mining fighters count as unarmed.
1.4- Cleaned the script that handles attaching the new script to pre-existing ships. Faction issues should be completely solved with commanding fighters.
1.3- Scripts will now be properly applied to ships when jumping to another sector.
1.1- Cleaned up carriercraftorders.lua, fixed a derp with the code that was preventing the menu from showing up
1.0- Released

Mods / [Mod] Captined ship salvage command
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:18:16 PM »
I originally posted this on the steam forums, thought I would post this here as well, incase anyone else finds it useful.

This is a small mod I made that adds a salvage mode for ships with captains in them.

I should note that as with mining, when told to salvage the ship is literally told to 'attack' the wreck it has targeted. It does this without checking what weapons it has equipped. As such to avoid any issues, it's best to have a dedicated salvaging ship use the commands.

The mod adds two commands, Salvage and Clean Sector.

The Salvage command works as intended, it will only salvage wrecks that have a listed resource content and value. Which not all pieces have so some will be missed.

The Clean sector command no longer cares if the wreckage has a resource content of value. It will mine away ALL wrecks.

Go to your install directory, using steam right click on the game and to go Properties->Local Files->Browse Local files

And place the data folder in the zip file inside that directory that pops up. Then run the game

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