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Feedback / 0.20 Beta - Feedback and UI Improvements
« on: December 11, 2018, 09:32:55 PM »
*I posted this on the steam forums and saw no feedback, so I want to make sure this gets seen as I feel it's an important suggestion(s) to consider.*

I have been waiting for this patch to be released and so far I am enjoying it. So kudos to the team for a great start to this feature.

There are a few things I have seen while playing with this new patch that I feel need improvement or outright need changes.

1.) Labeling

I know it is one of the last things a developer will think about when designing something, but the labeling in some areas of the game is severely lacking and causes a great deal of confusion sometimes. I listed two in another thread (crew transfer screen - showing crew level somewhere along with agreeing to the authors gripe about what ship is what)

With the new patch comes the ability to select and order your ships from the map... but wait a minute... I have two ships with identical hulls... but I want the miner to jump, not the salvager...

There is no way to discern from the screen what ship you are selecting. In order to solve this issue, it needs to be displayed somewhere on the screen which ship or ships you have selected for orders. Either directly under the icon or in a list on the side of the screen above the orders list (the one you currently have placed in the lower left corner)

2.) Fleet Management Window

This is an amazing addition first and foremost, but again it needs a few tweaks.

I would like to see an overview (in small icons if necessary) of what turrets and modules I have installed on a ship (tooltips included to see stats), along with the cargo in the hold (which I see you have implemented already)

You could probably place the turrets list, with the modules next to it, right above the cargo list below... or with my next suggestion, revamp the screen again to better display these items.

The next thing I would like to see is a way to minimize the fleet list... down to a list format. Scrolling through a massively long list of hundreds of ships (and with this update, you know players will get to that point) is going to become a daunting and annoying task.

If the window was set up in a single line format that displayed basic information like the ship name, turret count, module count, cargo count (in current fill count / total fill count allowed format), map coordinates, and a small pay crew button... then a secondary function that would allow you to click on the ship to expand the details to what the current window is listing (including the turret and modules I recommended adding above) then it will make finding ships in a large fleet easier, and allow for the ability to expand the information provided in the ship window if you chose to change anything at a later date.

You could set this feature so that clicking the ship name expands its details, and clicking it again shrinks this feature. It will give the option to compare similar ships for turrets and modules that are installed.

Thinking about it now... I believe a search function may be needed with long lists of ships, or the ability to filter certain requirements so that a few or multiple ships can be compared for installed modules. The option to search, as you can in the turret and module window now, by the module or turret installed would be an amazing feature.

this may need a bug report thread on its own, but the current fleet window does not update the hull image when you change it through the saved ship designs list unless the game is restarted. This will add an unfortunate check subroutine into the code to update the window at intervals, but with the graphical direction you have taken, it's needed.

As it stands these are my suggestions, for now, I will update this thread if any further changes to this new system come to mind.

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