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I must say that I first took a bit of time and tried to figure out a way to add more turrets to stations and did hit a wall
by not finding any information that could help me. If anyone could point me to a list of the variables in stations that
I could mess with I would be very thankful.

But if those are too 'complicated' arcane for my small modding abilities, I would also ask if anyone has already
though about adding systems to the stations, as it would solve the problem I have actually on the server I use
with friends, as the usual 1 armed, 1 all around and 1 unarmed turret limit is not enough.

So is it possible possible to do a flat increase of a Station number of Armed, Unarmed, and those 'All Turret Type' numbers,
or even possibly add a number of turrets depending on the station Volume perhaps mirroring the way upgrades
change with the volume ?

If the volume idea could be done, it would be nice to have a range of  3 to 15 turrets, so the stations would be able
to defend themselves and fend off normal waves of attackers, but still need some help when having bigger
waves coming.

Pushing the idea a bit further, those turret slots added should be of the "any turret type" that way a player would
be free to set the station with various turrets depending on it's job.

A military station would be all guns (except for the basic unarmed turret), and a repair dock could get a few armed
turret to cover it's various arcs and concentrate a couple of Hull repair turrets in it's "repair dock".

Any way to accomplish this easily ?

And I just though, if we could do that for player owned stations, why not add it to pirates stations out there ? As
pirate shipyard and such stations are surely not going to be left 'defenseless' against potential raids, and that could
add a bit more of challenge to those pirate sectors, when all the ships are destroyed and not make the "station"
fights being a "boring afk shooting contest".

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