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Suggestions / User Controlled turrets
« on: August 21, 2019, 07:29:29 PM »
And Players wish for the abillity to zoom for better combat.
I would love to be enabled to take control over one of my turrets, where i could also Zoom and fire very precise shots. 
This would also allow for some monogames as suggested in some casino suggestion I red here lately or for more efficient (and mabye special) mining...
It would also allow for bigger diversity of roles when coop flying a ship in multiplayer.

Troubleshooting / Alliance pirates can not pick up their own loot.
« on: June 16, 2019, 06:31:09 PM »
When I am in an alliance ship trying to be a pirate, the freight dropped by enemy freighters will always be reserved for [player name] and i will be unable to pick it up because i am in an alliance ship.

Hey there!

There are ideas all over the forums on how to give commodities another use than building turrets and becoming rich.
I just had a little idea which i personally do really like:

How about shipyards would have the option to build player designed ships in addition to what they can do now?
I am not talking about the same mechanic as in build mode or for building the random ships at the moment, but the option to build your own ship design from commodities (like gauss rails, computer mainframes etc etc...). The balancing for this would require some thought. Mabye such ships could not be deleted like other ones but only at a shipyard or repair dock or they would cost a very large amount of credits in addition to the trading goods, or mabye the amount of material (Trinium, Xanion, Avorion etc.) needed to build them would just be reduced and not taken away entirely.

I personally think that the first one is a good variant as it will allow for proper fleet building of player designed ships as well as giving commodities a use and will also prevent abusing for ressource generation. With a system like that it would be possible to build up an entire economy that finally leads to the production of ships for the admiral. ;)

I hope this was inspiring.

i am playing on the german localisation. When i request a ship at the shipyard, it says "Ihr Schiff ist in ungefähr 10 seconds fertig".
Certainly not gamebreaking, but ugly.

There is 2 buttons to spawn a sheep ranch, but both will spawn the one that uses wheat.

User Guides / Sir Charles' Guide(s)
« on: June 11, 2019, 07:04:04 PM »
Hey there,
I recently started to help with the Wiki and wrote a guide for new players about the very basic start after spawn in your first galaxy. I plan to extend the collection of guides at the Wiki as well as this thread to give new players a better start with the game.

My Guides:

Getting Started: The first ship

Getting started: I got a ship. What's next?

When playing in creative mode, I want to build or I want to test something. What I do not want tho, is to wait for endless hyperspace cooldown times...

Please add the functionallity to travel to any sector at will while in creative mode.

Title says it.


Suggestions / "Tilesets" for AI-Ships and a unique Xsotan-Design
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:05:49 PM »
I red posts from many people who complain about the randomly generated AI-ships. I think they make a part of the games "flare", but I can not deny that they are weird and non-functional some times.
Wouldn't it be possible to reach out to the dedicated builders in the community and ask them to create some kind of "modules" for ships that would have certain use for the ship? The random generation could then use these predefined shipparts instead of complete random generation that we have at the moment.

I would also like to ask for a more unique ship design for the Xsotan. I think they should be recognized immediately by their ship-style, to make them more outstanding in comparison to the other factions.

Bugs / flying Asteroids?
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:21:34 PM »
I have no idea whether this can even be considered a bug nor how to reproduce it.

In many sectors, when I enter, I see stations pushing asteroids away with their tractor beams, resulting  in asteroids floating around the system. After a short distance of flight, they are reset to their starting postition, but keep their velocitiy and thus start to move again. The whole process continues to repeat itself endlessly.

Suggestions / Button to repair all destroyed blocks but not the ship
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:10:02 PM »
Well... I think the title does say all about this. Add a feature like that please, it is a really usefull quality of life change for everybody who doesnt play with just a flying cube, especially for early game.

Bugs / Scrapping turrets leaves "empty" spots in inventory
« on: June 09, 2019, 03:08:36 PM »

when i tried out the new turret scrap mechanic, everything was working fine, but after a while i went to my inventory and noticed, that the turrets i scrapped had left "empty" spots in the inventory. I will not leave a screenshot here, because the forums won't let me and i got no external cloud ready, but think the issue is kind of obvious.

Btw. I like the turret scrap mechanic! I still would like to be enabled to build turrets like I can with fighters, but this is anyways a great way to make use of trash turrets.

Hey there,

i had a nice idea on how legendary upgrades could be much more unique in comparison to other ones.
I would like them to have the properties of multiple upgrades from tiers before, where that is making sense.
Turret upgrades for example could stay as they are, while the mining upgrade, scanner upgrade, c64 detector (was that the name??) could have their functions united in one new upgrade type only aviable on legendary rarity, while the previous upgrade types would not exist anymore on that "tech tier".
I also think, that legendary turrets should have unique properties in comparison to other rarities, to make them truly special as you cannot build them in a factory....

The other suggestion is rather simple and quality of life:
When i am in a sector, all the ships, stations and gates are displayed at the corners of my screen when i can not directly see them the way i am looking. I would suggest that you can select those by clicking on them with middle mouse button just as usual, cause it is quite annoying to have to turn the camera everytime just to search for that gate i am looking for.

Thx for reading, have a nice day!

Hello there,
its me again, spamming suggestions as usual ;)

How I got here (skip this part if you just clicked for the idea):
I had a cool idea on a new ship, which was supposed to be a moving factory. A Flying Fortress, traveling through space in search of resources, goods and costumers for the produced goods. At the same time I was very unstatisfied with the current state of the galactic core. It should be much more dominated by the Xsotan and much less like the regions outside. I also thought about what the survivors, the inhabitants of the core would look like, how they would have adapted to this envoironment.

So two ideas came into my mind:
1. there should be two types of factions in the core. Insanely heavy armed, very powerful ones with extreme military presence and heavily armed ships and stations on one hand. And Nomade-like factions, traveling from one sector to another avoiding the Xsotan at any cost. And here comes the second idea in.
2. Ships that do the same things as stations. Like „Processor factory ship“ and stuff like that. The Nomade factions would use those and this feature would only be possible with Avorion production blocks (mabye a legendary special upgrade as well that Nomade factions would give you for certain quests). These would allow for the production of one trading good at a time, that can be chosen by the player (mabye a change would have some kind of cost?). Of course this production would be less efficient than at a station in some way.

Why should this be added?
-it fits the lore
-offers great new possibilities for players who don’t like to settle in one sector

Isn’t the clear difference between stations and ships an important aspect of the game?
Yes, it is! That’s why I won’t it to be an Avorion-only feature, so it will offer new possibilities to players who got nothing else to do anyways. Avorion is all about doing what you like and playing how you want to. There is no point in restricting players to stations for production in the end game, where they can easily afford any stations they want anyways...

Another thought I had and that I don’t want to open an extra slot for:
Equipment-Docks at the very Start of the Game are selling fighters... FIGHTERS. Those shiny little thing that you need Trini to use. Please add Titanium and Naonite Hangars, the production  of own fighters should still be limited to Trinium and higher tho.

That’s all for now. I hope the devs share my mind :)

Suggestions / Some more love to keaboard steering and Strategy Mode
« on: June 03, 2019, 05:37:54 PM »
Hi there,
I have been using Keyboard steering a lot recently and I really like it and prefer it over the Arcade Style in most cases. I have also made use of the strategy mode more and more and now I finally decided to make some suggestions here, because certain things have been annoying me for a while now. Please add the following features:

-allow me to steer in other directions than to the front when using keyboard steering, e.g. when I hold Ctrl. I can navigate as usual with WSAD plus Q and E keys. Docking is so easy when you can regulate your ships speed, but why can’t I make little corrections with my thrusters? It’s a necessary feature and I don’t understand why it is not in the game already.

-Allow giving orders to the ship you are in when in strategy mode and allow interactions in strategy mode (with stations, Exodus satellites and so on).

-PLEASE GIVE US A WAY TO ROTATE THE CAMERA IN STRATEGY MODE OR JUST FIX IT TO ONE ANGLE! It would also be great to allow us to move the grid up and down (e.g. by holding Alt or just by the option to move the axis to the height of a selected object) to adjust the height of our ships movement routes (like when I want my ship next to a station and click next to it it will fly like 10km below it because the grid was there...

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