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on: January 30, 2019, 07:53:21 PM
Hi there,

It's a project i tried to launch a few months ago, but had not much support about it, so this time as it was for me a real issue while trying to script for avorion, i've done it by myself and offer it to the community.

What is this? It's basically an online documentation for avorion scripts, and core objects generated partially by a custom LUA parser.
What it does? Basically it run all avorion LUA scripts and generate a doc for every function of object it found, trying to get insights on what they are supposed to do, what are the parameters used and what they return.

So keep in mind it's still heavily WIP and will be updated often (At least as long as i'm developing the project) and will improve with time.

Here is the link hope you will enjoy it.

Future plans:
Make a style-sheet to match the basic avorion documentation.
Add most of the core objects
Work on the menu to have collapse options
Add community libraries in the mod section
Add a search feature by keywords
Improve return reports

Of course suggestions are welcome.
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